Clock ticking for Damascus

How long before Damascus is a “heap of ruins”?

Syria ‘Moving Sarin, Cyanide Out of Storage’

U.S. alarmed that Assad is preparing to use stockpiles of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide.
Update 7/16/2012:
Fighting in Damascus is intensifying-
Update 7/18/2012
The regime is pulling troops from the Israeli border in a desperate attempt to hold the city
The Defense minister and a number of other military officials are killed in a suicide bombing in Damascus.
How long now before someone unleashes something much worse on the city if they find the can’t hold it?
Update 7/19/2012
Assad may be forced to abandon Damascus at some point – and a western force is likely to be largely Turkish troops.
A CNN report in February said the US military estimated that it would require 75,000 ground troops to secure the weapons. Such a mission would likely be filled by the US, NATO, or Turkish troops.
A CNN report in February said the US military estimated that it would require 75,000 ground troops to secure the weapons. Such a mission would likely be filled by the US, NATO, or Turkish troops.
I found the above very interesting – it supports my view that the eventual stabilization force brought into syria will be largely Turkish and Iranian (at the request of the Russians I’m sure). It puts the main Ezekiel 38 powers right on Israel’s northern frontier.
 The hooks that continue to draw Russia into the role of mediator in Syria:  – Putin needs an ally in the region to shore up his influence, and allow them to protect their interests in the Persian Gulf  and Eastern Mediterranean. – the Russians also have problems with a growing muslim extremism around the periphery, and in the former Soviet Republics. They need to maintain strong ties to the muslim world in order to send that right kind of message to their own muslim minority, and to keep it from becoming even more militant.
Update 7/20/2012
The battle for Damascus seems to still be heating up
My wife read this headline to me this morning as I was driving to work:

Huge explosion in Damascus, Wi-Fi and 3G cut-off – RT reporter

We were both thinking, is this it for Damascus? It’s hard today to look at what’s going on there and not be thinking about Isaiah 17- I’m sort of surprised more people aren’t talking about this in our churches.



10 thoughts on “Clock ticking for Damascus

  1. how long?….it seems not long at all……….praying for hearts to come to know Jesus Christ in the old city damascus….Lord You know the who-the when-the how-the why-and the what of it all…….


  2. Syrian President Bashar Assad, has already shown an incredible disregard for human life, as evidenced by the thousands of dead Syrian civilians under the 16 month crackdown. He does not care who dies under his orders. What is unknown is if He will order or allow an attack of chemical/biological weapons on Israel. It sure appears that we are very close to the fullfillment of Is 17. My guess is that the Assad regime wont wait much longer to use them, via either the Syrin Defense Forces or its Shia proxy, Hezzbolah either in Syria or Lebanon. A nuclear retaliation on Damascus would unite the Arab/Muslim world in a jihad against Israel, thus fullfilling the phrophecy outlined in Ezekial 38,39 and the rise of the Anti-Christ.


  3. Here is a thought…as we all know Damascus becomes a ruinous heap and thinks that Israel will do it. More than likely this is the case, but it is possible that Syria does it to itself…


  4. you know agie95 i have had the exact same thought….but israel will always be the target for blame. whatever brings that on we know it is in the works because God said so. watching….and praying too.


  5. Ever since the Arab spring spread to Syria I’ve been thinking that either Assad or the rebels would do it. If Assad loses the capital – he has plenty of resources to lay waste to the city with chemical and possibly other WMD. If Assad loses (or has already lost) control of any components of that WMD arsenal it would be reasonable to think they would use it against Damascus should their momentum slip and they are desperate for a decisive blow against the regime.

    I also think this is the perfect catalyst to stage the powers that will comprise the Ezekiel 38 invasion. If WMD are employed by either side – there will be a mad rush to establish a coalition to restore order, and externally enforce a ceasefire. The Russians have already made it quite clear that Europe and US are undesireable in contributing to that effort. I expect the lionshare of the forces will come from Turkey and Iran – the two rising regional powers and Syria’s largest neighbors. It makes sense to have other Arab league nations contribute forces as well – though some may be hesitant to send troops alongside Iran (which is how I think you get Libyan and Sudanese forces there). The destruction of Damascus is the hook that draws them all to Israel’s northern border.


  6. the suspense is mounting–very very heavy for damascus……………………so very much on the prophecy scene has taken shape and continues toward fulfillment. seems rapidly now much is appearing right before our eyes amen?


  7. Rev 9:11…..war in heaven….pit opened…all *** breaks loose on earth….start of the 42 months trib…Jews flee…..Damascus a heap….USA is judged….the rest of the world in horror…?

    Just can’t shake the nausea I feel.

    Been in my prayer closet….the Lord is purging.

    You are all in my prayers and heart- daily.


  8. thank you sweet friend Hisown. yes i have thought of you and others here too–and prayed. these are hard days in which we live…….but we look up……………our eyes are on You Lord.


  9. Yes Hisown you are Exactly right, I feel the nausea too my friend. I long for the day when all of this has passed…


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