The perfect storm, a fatal wound

ROUBINI: Next Year Could Be A Global Perfect Storm—Much Worse Than 2008

This story is popping up all over today. Nouriel Roubini, an economist that predicted the 2008 housing crash is piping up again about his predictions for next year. It’s all the same things we’ve been watching for a while now, so I won’t re-hash it all.

I really think most of the mainstream analysts are not saying yet how large and how quickly the Middle East could explode into a much larger war than any we’ve seen there so far. With the continued instability amongst many governments, the civil war in Syria and the ambitions of Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt to lead a broader pan-islamic revolution it’s a bone dry field filled with little boys playing with matches.

When the european economy finally collapses it appears more and more it’s going to plunge the entire world into global depression. The perfect set-up for the man of sin to ride in on his white horse acting like he’s going to save the day.


4 thoughts on “The perfect storm, a fatal wound

  1. America is going to collapse first more than likely.. But probably after the election and I reckon more likely next year.
    They are holding out on the Eurozone collapse so the US can go first then replace the US dollar with Special Drawing Rights.
    Thats what the likely scenario is but cant really say 100%. But if the US goes first then EU can blame the US rather than the EU taking all the heat.


  2. That could be, you are right that it is so hard to say since there is so much deception, piling lie upon lie, and people refusing to take responsibility for things it’s hard to know when it will be too much for the system to bear. It will happen suddenly though, when investors get to the point where they start to panic all the greedy will try to jump of the ship at the same time and it will all collapse.


  3. glad you brought this forward justasheep. i am glad for everyone’s input as we delve into this stuff….that is good insight (imo) lafreak because the whole banking system for the world needs a proper “order” to come from the disorder to put it’s new system (from which the mark of the beast may come) into place. “they” are calculating how far yet they can kick the can down the road until the “new can” is operational. america needs to be on board for this and the economy of obama (and before actually) is lending itself to this. then the eu (revived roman beast) can blame america like you are pointing out for the downfall of the global economy (whom everybody hates-the babylonian whore of rev 17?) and raise itself up (for all eyes to wonder after) to be seen the world leader it aspires to be-it and it’s “resident expert” (i wonder who….) to “fix” the world (operating something like the shrewd unjust steward of luke 16:1-15 perhaps?). well the way i see it anyway–and i know little really-just trying to think this through in light of the facts we have at present from the Bible and events in real time. we have a somewhat fuzzy picture now but it is coming into focus more and more and more every single day………….that part i’m sure of.


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