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Apostate “church” laying the foundation for arresting faithful bible-believing pastors

I got a chill when I read this story about a “pastor” (I use the term very liberally in his case) being arrested for misappropriating church funds.

Singapore Pastor Kong Hee Arrested for Alleged Misuse of Church Funds


It’s charlatans like this that are providing the deceptive framework that the world will some day use to make false claims about faithful teachers of God’s word. I don’t know what else to say about it. I’m deeply concerned about what happened in our own Supreme Court today, that vastly extended the US government’s reach into the the private lives of every citizen. I’m concerned that the pace at which trials and tribulations are coming upon the church just picked up a huge notch. I will be offline tomorrow and Saturday – but hope to keep track of what we know is the bigger news story of the week, namely the outcome of the EU summit.

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  1. I sent this video out to a few people, it’s just a little refresher on (NOW VICE PRESIDENT) Joe Biden’s questioning of John Roberts (2005) I would say Biden knows a secret!! Things are going into overdrive. Everyone on this site does a great job. I’m not sure how to imbed videos…I hope this works :-)

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