Iran, Russia, China joint excercises in Syria (needs confirmation)

According to The Tehran Times, and picked up by Debka (two sources not vaunted for their reliability)

‘Iran, Russia, China, Syria to launch biggest joint war game in Mideast’

90,000 troops – if true that is a huge force being moved around Syria. I don’t know how they’d keep that many troops from being engaged by or engaging opposition forces. I saw this on Debka this morning, and also found the link above. We’ll need confirmation from other sources on this one as well. I was surprised at the chinese mention here. I don’t see them taking such an active role in propping up Assad, since it doesn’t seem to me that it would matter that much to them who is in charge. I couldn’t find any mention of this in any other news outlets so take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps another rumor of war?


19 thoughts on “Iran, Russia, China joint excercises in Syria (needs confirmation)

  1. Tough to confirm, but all of us know what the book of Revelation says in Chapter 16, I think it is.
    And we all know that China and Russia have backed Iran always in their nuclear quest, so nothing would surprise me at all.


  2. 90,000 foreign troops in a nation with an active armed opposition is not get very far without those foreign troops being drawn into the conflict. What I can’t believe is how the rest of the western media is ignoring it. Apparently the Syrians and Russians are denying it at the moment – perhaps there are some details they are still working out. My mind is boggled at why the Iranians would leak such a thing via their FARS news service if it weren’t going to take place.


  3. “China” is revealed in the O.T. and scripture as “Sinim” or the oriental peoples…

    Referenced in Isaiah 49:12 – Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim.
    Just as an FYI…

    So it doesn’t surprise me that China is involved… In fact (Zecharia 14:2)
    all the surrounding nations of Israel will be involved for all are against Israel in the last days… What is also very interesting and please note that the names of nations have changed through history in many places.

    Also it is my understanding that a confrontation between Israel and its neighboring enemies leads to the annihilation of Damascus, and draws the “BEAR” down through the mountains to come upon the nation of Israel.

    Ezekial 38:4-7 states that Gog (Russia & The Russian Federation, Including Iran) will prepare themselves to be a Guard unto them… Which is exactly what is going on right now… It is at this point that the Guard gets an evil thought to take the spoil…


  4. I have been studying this today as Eze 38 is one of the … for the lack of a better word, “confusing” prophecies in the Bible. There are many interpretations that is valid and even I have an interpretation that makes sense to me. With my research today I found this by Ted Montgomery:
    The Orthodox Jewish/English Bible records how God said, “I am against you, O Gog, the nasi rosh Meshech and Tuval” (Ezekiel 38:3). The Hebrew nasi means “prince” and rosh means “chief” or “head” (as in Rosh HaShanah, the “chief” day or “head” of the year, that is the Jewish New Year). Thus, God was talking to Gog, the chief (rosh) prince (nasi) of Meshech and Tuval.

    Daniel used the term “prince” to refer to either a demonic or angelic being. For instance the “princes” of Persia and Greece were the evil supernatural spirits having great influence over Persia and Greece (Daniel 10:20).

    On the other hand, Michael was the good angel and protector of Daniel’s people, Israel (10:21, 12:1). In fact, Michael is one of the chief princes (10:13), just as Gog is a chief prince (Ezekiel 38:2,3, 39:1). Thus, in referring to Gog, rosh means “chief” and has nothing to do with Russia, which is a common error.

    Another common error is that Meshech and Tuval (or Tubal) refer to two Russian cities, Moscow and Tubalsk. More likely, these names refer to Mushki and Tabal, cities in Anatolia or Asia Minor, most of which is present-day Turkey; and much of Turkey was part of ancient Assyria. This is one reason why why “the Assyrian” in Isaiah 10:5,6 and in Micah 5:5,6 most likely is Gog, not (as many believe) the Antichrist—see Is “the Assyrian,” mentioned by Isaiah and Micah, the Antichrist?
    Now again, this makes sense to me. If correct, were does it leave the current Russia interpretation that seems so valid in our current day?


  5. I agree – it frustrates me when I hear people point to the word Rosh and misinterpret it to mean Russia. That sounds more like how the pagans interpret Nostradamus than a proper way to interpret biblical prophecy. I think because of the Cold War we in the west have wanted to see Russia leading this attack – but I don’t think that’s what the prophecy is telling us. At the same time I DO think they are involved, they are just not the main player in attacking Israel. As most of the really obscure names are related to Turkey and Central Asia – I think the main thrust comes from there, but it also mentions twice in 38:6 and 39:2 “from the uttermost parts of the North” I think this is where you find Russia mentioned in the prophecy – because if you go straight north from Jerusalem eventually you end up on Moscow.

    Another thing that troubles me about this passage is all of the mention of Israel dwelling securely in unwalled villages, dwelling securely, without bars or gates in verses 8-14. It seems to imply a certain level of complacency about security or a satisfaction with the security arrangments they have that isn’t present in Israel just yet.


  6. I have heard some commentators suggesting that even though Israel is always under threat of attack, the average Israeli has not experienced such peace and security as is currently in Israel. Are there any Jewish visitors who can give us more insight?


  7. Ezekiel 38:2 – Son of man, set thy face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him,
    In short, if you believe ‘Rosh’ should be translated as a proper noun you may find the interpretation that Russia will be a part of this coalition more reasonable. If you believe ‘Rosh’ should be an adjective here, you need only concern yourself with who Meshech and Tubal are. I tend to lean toward Rosh being Russia, because most of Russia is Muslim, and knowing their history and military strength and all that we are witnessing even now, shows to me they are a major player in prophecy.

    With that being said my thought is you’re right in the sense that Russia does not lead the attack at first… Why? Because they are set up to be a “Guard”… vs. 7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them. (Them being those who want to annihilate Israel off the world map.) If I’m not mistaken that is exactly what we have going on here… Russia is moving troops not to attack but to stand guard… In case the war escalates potentially and is brought into Russia… However while standing “Guard” vs. 10 Thus saith the Lord God; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought: 11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of un-walled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, 12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.

    The hook is Jerusalem and them launching a nuclear missile at Damascus destroying it completely. But Gog gets an evil thought in their head to instead of being a guard rather to take the spoils… The spoils can mean 2 things… Taking the resources from Israel, but also taking the spoiled nation of Babylon, see Jer. 51:48, Ezekiel 38:10-12, Isaiah 47:8-11. God repeats twice in the same verse in Isaiah that the people of Babylon shall not know. The war that is kindled with the Middle East is a distraction and it catches Babylon off guard, but also leaves the borders open to its intruders. In many places of prophecy it states Babylon allows or (has already allowed) “strangers” and “foreigners” entrance into the nation in its quest to “Subvert” and bring down from within. Terrorist, “spies”, ultra-extremist political factions working with the “princes” and the “bands” of Gog, and even the secret-government of Babylon. What people do not realize and completely overlook is that the taking of Babylon, and the Tribulation are not connected to what is known as “Armageddon” and the “Day of the Lord”. The day of the Lord happens immediately after the tribulation according to Matt 24:29, and Armageddon doesn’t take place until after the Millennium according to Revelation 20:7-9 because it’s the only other place in scripture you will hear the terms Gog and Magog and it happens when Satan is let loose a little while to test the saints yet once again.

    Consider America as Babylon the Great!!! Revelation 17 and Jeremiah 50, 51.

    So Rob… The land in which they invade is North America, un-walled villages unsuspecting people, basically a sneak attack that ties into Revelation 17…

    That’s my thought…


  8. Curt I agree , you said ” Consider America as Babylon the Great!!! Revelation 17 and Jeremiah 50, 51.

    So Rob… The land in which they invade is North America, un-walled villages unsuspecting people, basically a sneak attack that ties into Revelation 17…”


    ” The war that is kindled with the Middle East is a distraction and it catches Babylon off guard, but also leaves the borders open to its intruders”

    So my question is , because Babylon is ” destroyed with fire in one hour” would that then be before the 42 month trib? boy this has been my thorn in the flesh since 2003 and the Isaiah 47 warning scripture 😦

    As discussed on FP many moons ago , could we be at the brink of this ” destroying wind” ?

    Sitting on both my hands ….can’t stand that!!


  9. Some interesting thoughts- I’m still troubled by interpreting Rosh as a proper name.
    above it’s shown that some variation of that hebrew is used nearly 600 times in the old testament – in every case but one I find in Genesis where it refers to a son of Benjamin, it is referring to a head, chief, top, etc – never to a nation. So I can’t help but be inclined to reject that interpretation even though it fits nicely with a common modern nation that is both powerful and apparently consumed with evil.

    I want to propose another way of looking at this, based on what we know.

    We know Syria is in chaos right now – caught between a somewhat secularized/western educated Alawite dictatorship and an Islamist theocratic Muslim Brotherhood/Sunni insurgency
    The two biggest direct neighbors of Syria are Turkey directly to the north and Iran to the west.
    Relations between Iran and Turkey have had their ups and downs – recently because of the history of secular governments in Turkey and the last 30 years of Shiite theocracy in Iran. They seem to be more congenial now – which kind of surprises me somewhat since the Iranians are Shiites and the Turks are predominantly Sunni. Perhaps their convergence is a function of a slide toward similar sharia practices and policies as the Turks support an adminstration with an openly islamist platform.

    I think a likely scenario is that Syria continues to be unstable and the civil war escalates – with both large direct neighbors alternately protecting their own interests. I think eventually if it escalates enough, it will threaten to draw both countries into the battle between the Alawites (an offshoot of Shia) and the Muslim Brotherhood (predominantly Sunni). What I expect is that in order to avoid a broader regional war, Turkey and Iran will make a pact to jointly occupy and stabilize the nation while they prop up a puppet government that is beholden to them both. The Russians and other nations will be present, but not necessarily leading the occupational coalition. Whether Damascus is already destroyed or not at this point I don’t think the scriptures specify – but the scenario above would function neatly to put all the pieces that the prophet mentions into a place where a strike on Israel is not only feasible, but highly likely (even by strictly human analysis). The rest then plays out exactly as it is written by the prophet with Turkey being moved to attack Israel along with Iran, Libya, North Sudan, Russia, and many other nations.

    The key then – is that what had been unthinkable a short time ago – an aggressive Turkey becomes the headline of the day. The coming days will show what the West’s attitude toward Turkey is as the EU considers visa-less travel by Turks within the EU member-states. I expect that Turkey is likely to receive a slap in the face there – and that visa-less travel will have to wait, which would push Turkey even more to look to her east and north for reliable trading, diplomatic and military partners.


  10. Thanks Colleen –
    I’m hesitant to label the United States in any prophecy, since I don’t see the arguments made by many about eagles and such as particularly convincing. The popular harbinger line of thought bothers me somewhat given the associations of the writer that’s pushing it and the hermeneutic of seeing our own nation/our own selves in prophecies that provide no definite indicator that it points to us. I think the poster on here that was recently troubling us with “Israel of God” nonsense and others that have pushed replacement theology make a similar mistake. I don’t completely reject the idea of the US as Babylon as definitely false – but I have to say I need a lot more evidence before I would be willing to say it’s probably true.

    I tend to be a minimalist – and if God says Babylon he probably means Babylon. If the international community were to need to move in to stabilize the middle east – it would certainly be a very convenient place due to its location, the amount infrastructure that has been constructed by the American Military and the construction completed by Hussein on the site of ancient Babylon. With the amount of increasingly idle construction equipment in the region due to the continuing recession (that would get a lot worse when the eurozone implodes) in the area around Dubai and such – I would think it would be a reasonable thing to mobilize many of those assets to build up a new Babylon as an hub for middle east cooperation (and maybe even a caliphate).

    I’m thinking out loud now – I just want us to keep our eyes open and not get too locked into theories that might be somewhat of a stretch from the text (though I do acknowledge there are some striking connections between events here and some ways of viewing the texts in question).


  11. It’s all getting VERY clear now…
    Listen to trunews tonight – 6-20-12, Allen Bonck cleared this up for me.
    I believe the USA is Modern Day Babylon….:( It’s true, our days are numbered. They are here, and more will come in from the north, killing all of us…
    Our founding father’s were Mason’s and they put the mason’s corner stone in all
    the Government buildings-
    And these stones were dated for the original Babylon from 4000 BC…
    The capital Building is dated something like 5793? 4000 plus 1793… wow
    Listen to the program starting at the 9 min. mark.


  12. Wow Lisa you just took my breath away…..where have you been hiding lol 🙂

    Rob my dear brother it is not my purpose to show you ” who” mystery babylon is…that’s not my’s God’s 🙂

    Rob I arrived in the great US of A as a very young widow back in 1998 with only one message ( and no agenda ) and had no idea of what laid ahead for me . I walked in faith and shared what the Lord called me too… has been the most trying time of my life and looking back now I am in awe to see how His word has NOT retuned void.

    God has promised to reveal those dark and secret things 🙂

    Dan 2:22 — He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him.


  13. So true Cole. Only God can show, but we can discuss. Personally I am relatively sure that the USA does qualify as mystery Babylon and that the harbingers since 9/11 are warnings from the Lord of judgment coming. But I am also aware that I can be wrong. Rob, I fully understand were you come from and Cole I understand your concerns about Cahn’s involvement in the NAR. I think the danger in some theories is that some may get so consumed by it that they are not willing to look at other interpretations. And that is what I love about this group; we have our discussions and interpretations, but we are not blinded by it. When the Lord shows us something different, we will investigate and discuss the subject.

    PS. Cole, Berryblueberry is not Curt. 🙂


  14. Lisa, superb find…. And talk about God leading his people to the Truth…

    Curt asked me 2 question that started it all:
    1. “Have you ever considered America to by Mystery Babylon”? Revelation 17,18,19
    2. “Who can make war against the Beast”? Revelation 13:4

    I’ve been praying and studying these topics now for about 3 weeks, and I can not believe all the evidence that God has been revealing to me… things that I never knew nor that I even now have the brain capacity to soak up and or even seek out… Proverbs 2 says it all…

    Colleen, I’m not Curt, but Curt and I are friends 🙂 He has invited me to help with the 70th Week Blog… I may have an answer for you, however I’m reluctant to post it, because I’d really like to study and pray a little more on it to confirm what I’ve been discovering… Too be honest it is really hard to believe, in fact I’m astonished and taken back by it all. I’m meeting with Curt today for lunch to discuss some of my findings… All I can say is that I think we are a lot closer than we think we are…. I also think that through deception we are sort of chasing after things that are not really there… Meaning we are looking for signs that are physical signs that will never appear, and instead we need to be looking more towards the spiritual signs if that makes any sense… Lucifer has done an amazing job in his deception to the Church. It is very important that we preach Jesus as God, and not as the son of God, or the Christ, or Jesus as any other false teachings…. Jesus is God!!!!

    John 1
    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

    14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

    Word = God
    Word = Jesus (Flesh and made his dwelling among us)
    Jesus = God

    That is what sets us apart from all other religions!!!


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