Setting the stage for the “Strong Delusion”

Thanks to Hisown for posting this in the comments.

WIDE IS THE GATE: The Emerging New Christianity

I wanted to give this its own post, because this subject is that important. Not only are people trapped in other world religions be fed a lie, but so many within so-called “Christian Churches” are being deceived with a false gospel. It’s always been true, but especially now we need to continue to be like the Bereans checking everything we hear against the Word of God.


8 thoughts on “Setting the stage for the “Strong Delusion”

  1. so much compromise for quite a while now. i remember when people i use to attend church with a few years ago would have balked at what is now quite accepted. not a peep about it now in those circles and it saddens me. thanks for posting.


  2. hey i’m lovin’ the 5 smooth stones–down go the giants!!! (& i notice Hisown takes good aim with the Scripture amen?!?)


  3. Excellent video. Deception is all around us, we must keep our eyes on Jesus Christ and hold fast to the Word of God.

    This rating should be 5 stars, not 2.5


  4. Amen – and yes when we see the low “star” ratings on some of these posts, this one in particular I think it is because the post is striking too close to home for some of the readers here. I only pray it will cause them to stop, open their bibles and like the Bereans see if what they are being taught is found in the scriptures. When we are wrong (I said when, not if, we will err from time to time due to our nature) – I hope a brother or sister will point us to the truth by reasoning with us from the scriptures. If we had all 5 star rated posts here – I would be concerned that we were timid about speaking the truth, or more concerned with pleasing men than God.


  5. Excellent response Mr Sheep and oh so painful to witness!

    Point 5:47 may ” offend” some as the heart tends to lean towards – idolizing some 😦

    This has been part of Satan’s agenda all along. How else does he ( satan ) SIT ON the SEAT of the congregation anyways right ?

    Maybe the verse in Isaiah 14 needs to be re-visited as we see the arrogance of his claim and demonic fame 😦

    Deceiving and being deceived.


  6. This is good. I think we are witnessing the “falling away” spoken of in 2 Thess. 2:3. Attendance in many churches increase while their dedication to God falls away. Other churches close their doors as attendance falls away. I see rock star wannbees in the churches where they find a stage and captive audience.


  7. Absolutely Mark…no wonder many have been called to RUN!!!!

    This is a WAR for the souls of men. Oh God help us see them through your eyes. I can’t stop weeping 😦


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