The March Toward Turkey as a Mortal Enemy of Israel is Inevitable, and Unstoppable

The tense relationship that is developing toward the once friendly nations of (current NATO member) Turkey and Israel can only get worse. A decade ago it would have seemed inconceivable to suggest that at some point in the future that Turkey would be a primary aggressor in an attack on Israel. Now with each day that passes – the oil/gas discoveries in the Mediterranean, the acknowledgment of genocide by Turks against Armenians (1 -1.5MM killed), the growing bonds between Turkey and Iran, and Turkey and Russia – it is just a matter of time before Ezekiel 38-39 is the mornings headlines.


3 thoughts on “The March Toward Turkey as a Mortal Enemy of Israel is Inevitable, and Unstoppable

  1. i am trying to piece together some of this, perhaps you can help clarify when you have time. lots of focus on revived roman empire/eu etc financial political military system. on the other hand global muslim influence, a religious system jihad, persecution overt hatred and destruction of jews and christians. the last kingdom from the statue has two legs. is this what we are seeing – the two legs, mixture of clay & iron, rev 13 the beast [system] and the [false] prophet [mohammed]?


  2. another thought occured to me, i recall seeing hitler and some islamic mufti/imam shaking hands on some deal during world war 2


  3. You know what they say about birds of a feather –

    The bible tells us Rome will be revived in the last days (Rev 17:11, Daniel 2, Daniel 7) the prophecies identify 4 kingdoms that are and are to come – Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome. All exist during the time that Israel is present in the land in one form or another. The rise of Islam is evil for sure and I’m certain those who give themselves to it will give honor to the beast when it is revealed, but I don’t see any evidence they are the beast though. Prophetically the rise of Islam plays perfectly into many end times prophecies like those of Ezekiel 38-39 in which Israel is attacked by an alliance of mostly muslim nations.


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