Speculation about Kittim

 For ships of Kittim shall come against him, and he shall be afraid and withdraw, and shall turn back and be enraged and take action against the holy covenant. He shall turn back and pay attention to those who forsake the holy covenant. (Daniel 11:30 ESV)

I was reading an article drafted by our often watched elder statemen of Europe, Former NATO SG, Former EU High Representative, plus at least 50 other very impressive titles and awards (although no Nobel Prize, he’d better get right on that one).

Anyway the article:

Europe’s Three Eastern Questions

I have long struggled with the reference to “ships of Kittim” in the book of Daniel. I had done my homework on Cyprus (the concensus modern Kittim) and until today hadn’t really thought about what could be so important about that little Mediterranean island that it could have ships that would be a threat to the AC and his regime. Anyway, reading Dr. Solana’s article made it all click for me.

There are many in the EU that want Turkey in the EU – and that always struck me as an insidious thing. It strikes me as a rapid way to increase the Islamization of Europe, get them in open the borders and have a free flow of Muslim Turks to every corner of Europe.  My guess is there are many some in Europe who DON’T want Turkey in – likely Germany where it seems culturally they don’t like Turks,  (Edited – I should not generalize based on my experience with a couple Germans who were bigotted against Turks, thank you Farmer)  definitely Cyprus (who’s existence I don’t think Turkey recognizes) and Greece – who built a very long fence to keep Turks out of their country. We all know Greece isn’t likely to have much influence in Europe right now, having their hat in their hand figuratively, so I kind of count them out of this bit of politics.  Germany is tied up with everyone looking to them to lead everyone out of the eurozone crisis- so they have their hands full politically. It’s left to Cyprus- who has large oil and gas fields within its maritime borders (that it shares with Israel by the way) to fight for its life.

I don’t think that Turkey is in any hurry to get in the EU – I think it will be quite the opposite, that the EU will have to pursue Turkey to try to get her to join. Ultimately, I think they will fail and Turkey will end up aligning itself with Russia and Iran – who they seem to be getting cozier with nearly every day. I honestly don’t think Turkey will last through the end of the year in NATO – especially if there are attacks on Syria, and Israel does anything with Iran that can be linked back to US or European military assistance (German made nuclear-capable subs anyone?).

This is where the ships from Kittim come in. What might it take to try to lure Turkey to join – major concessions on oil and gas rights in the Mediterranean perhaps? I’m guessing that won’t sit well with many others in the region – and I could see someone putting their navy their to express their displeasure (plus it’s also convenient to put ships there to project power along the western mediterranean shores when hostilities break out. There is a harbor on Cyprus that American ships frequent, and the British have a permanent “sovereign” base there. So there it is- a reasonable “ships form Kittim” scenario.  It may not be complete yet – but I think it’s amazing how so many events that seemed preposterous just a few years ago are becoming more and more natural progressions out of what we see happening in the news today.


9 thoughts on “Speculation about Kittim

  1. good food for thought, but it is not so that Germany does not like the Turks culturally.
    After Istanbul and Izmir, Berlin has worldwide the thirdmost Turkish population. Many Turks live in Germany, already in their 4th generation, who live well together with the Germans, as Germany has become a very multicultural society. The German soccer team has two Germanborn Turks (Özil, Kedira). Often both peoples party together. But that does not mean Germans and the rest of the EU countries would like to have Turkey in the EU (another 500 Mio people with another faith). Actually it was Dr.Solana in his first offical action as HR for CFSP, after having just left his NATO job, who pushed the Turks in 1999 to sign the EU canditacy paper. (Obviosly with geostrategic reasons concerning Eurasia and the strategic role of Turkey as access to the Middle East and dimishing the US influence in that region) Since then they have the EU promise to join the EU after the complete the canditacy rounds. But politically it will be hard for the EU to explain the joining of Turkey to its members to gain their acceptance.
    Still I find it very interesting to sea the Russian and Chinese war ships cruising in the Mediterranian before the Syrian coast since some months…


  2. another thing about Germany: you are right Merkel is very buisy now. She must have received some deadline from the Bilderbergers last week. On the last 2 of their meetings 3 members of the opposition parts of Germany were invited. It looks that 2013 or before she will have to leave if not following the orders. Next day (Monday) Soros told EU it has 3 months to do something about the financial situation under the leading of Merkel. I have read about the 3 months elsewhere. So in September we can count with a new situation or introduction of new measures in the banking/money area….just my 2 cents


  3. Thanks for your comments Farmer- It really helps to have input from someone like yourself who is there in Europe – and not so insulated from what the sentiment on the street is. It’s so easy to be confused by either small amounts of data or many stories in media that don’t give the same information / tell the whole story.


  4. ditto justasheep. eyes and ears over there are a help to us here and farmer does stay current. would love to hear mr.baldy’s take on this too–come to think of it–really there are many here at unsealed who have very good insights and so much is going on right now—prophecy appears to be on the move–this summer and fall are going to be very telling in my opinion. solana keeps weighing in from the sidelines and i do wonder if he will stay on the sidelines. found this on bro. brian’s site—http://www.scotsman.com/news/analysis-with-effort-europe-can-still-be-the-solution-1-2346124#.T9KhFgRxXWQ.twitter


  5. Thanks to all of you guys. Farmer as well, thanks for the update on the Bilderberger group on your blog. For sure they are always plotting and planning.


  6. Ships from Kittim attacked the E Roman Emperor and nearly killed him, Look up “Battle of the Masts” or pop ” Daniel Eleven Hyperlinked ” into Google.


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  8. It is my belief that the holy covenant that is referred to there in Daniel is NATO, So if Turkey would not support a NATO operation I can see where the USA would get pissed off about it and seek there removal from NATO, However I can not see the United States navy being afraid of any other navy on earth, It is bigger by far, very far. This is where I am still confused about this part of Daniel, and as far as Cyprus having any weight politically in the EU, I think that is just nonsense. Cyprus has nothing and is just another bankrupt EU state.


  9. This prophecy about ships from Kittim is generally believed to refer to the time of Alexander the Great eastern invasion including Assyrian as well as Israel. Kittim was one of the sons of Javan, son of Japheth, son of Noah. Gen.10: 4. According to Josephus he settled in the area of Macedonia so it fits well with the description of Kittim. Of course it could equally apply to the troubled days of Antiochus – the result was the same. In terms of Daniel and His prophecy, lets not forget that Bible prophecy has historical partial fulfillments as well as what we are looking towards in the future, and it is very possible that another fleet with the same intention of invasion will sail from Kittim which we now interpret as Cyprus or any place west of Cyprus. Cyprus is strategically placed to be of importance to many nations intending to keep a gate way to the Middle East and is a great launch pad to strike a blow to that whole region. My advice keep an open mind and watch; we may well be surprised how it actual works out. However the important thing to remember is that it is a step towards Biblical Judgement in the world and if it has already been fulfilled in Alexander, we are perilously closer that we imagined. Some more advice seek out Jesus before its too late. Exciting days!!


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