A respected, retired statesman

Thank you to Roma for pointing out this piece from the NY Times Op-ed page today.

Going Directly to Israelis and Palestinians



In it the authors suggest a UNSCOP-2 to resolve the Israel/Palestine issue. A few times an American leadership of the committe is suggested – I hardly think that will happen. If there is a UNSCOP-2 my guess is that it will be an EU leader, chosen from among the most respected elder statesmen of Europe- particularly a Spanish gentleman we all know to watch.


4 thoughts on “A respected, retired statesman

  1. Thank-you Roma 🙂

    Bro Brian has a excellant commentary today as well.

    I can recall as a JW the horror of the term ” elder’s”, yet it seems these are far more dangerous than those eh Vic? YIKES!

    Could this be what the Lord as being trying to alert us too? I mean the heaviness we have being feeling in our spirits?

    I almost feel a ” relief” of sorts…a overwhelming sense of peace.


  2. why we watch him. always hovering isn’t he? (as “inspiration” for these things-as instigator-as a prod to keep things “on track”-as a doting grandfatherly type (how disarming is that?) and whatever else he tirelessly does “to save the world”) he eats drinks sleeps–breathes-to make this global thing happen(and israel is right square in the way). the rub is the Bible itself–just exactly the problem the devil has always had. no wonder the devil’s gunnin’ for israel–and so is solana. this is a guise—a deceit he has availed himself to-that the “world” is now getting onboard for—peace?? no such thing for those who hate God’s Word……………and yes-for those standing on the Promises of God there is peace-from the Prince of Peace Himself. (no wonder we Love You Jesus)


  3. Big thanks to shampoo for finding this one. This man is still involved all over the place seems to me.


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