The Unraveling of the World Economy is Picking Up Steam

The headlines seem to come so quickly and frequently now its hard to keep up with them.

I, along with many others here, believe we are on the cusp of some major upheavals in this world.

Just this morning I see:

Richard Russell: Stay In Cash, Something, Something ‘BIG’ Is Heading Our Way

 This bearish econonmist says something is weird about the current soft trend in the markets



 The trendline on the greek markets keeps getting worse and worse each day


Peter Schiff: The Worst Has Yet To Come

This guy says the 2009 recession was nothing compared to what is coming- and that none of the causes of the last crash that came, and that government “phony cures” are making the inevitable crash worse.

Jim Cramer Is Predicting Bank Runs In Spain And Italy And Financial Anarchy Throughout Europe


So – its not just the conspiracy theorists and bible prophecy students that sense something really really bad on the horizon. It seems even those that are deeply entrenched in the world see it. Unfortunately, most of them will look to they ways of the world for a solution, driving the rise of a totalitarian Antichrist regime. We however, will continue to look to our Father and to the grace secured by the shedding of His Son’s blood to supply our needs.


15 thoughts on “The Unraveling of the World Economy is Picking Up Steam

  1. What a time to be alive!

    Coupled with this financial chaos the world ” smells blood”. I watched the most disturbing hate filled clip that placed the whole world’s problems on “Zionism” and am not surprised for the soon coming persecution and how that will play out when we stand for Israel.

    I don’t usually site “debka ” as a source but after the “nuclear talks breakdown” this does not bode too well.

    Also Bro Bri has a awesome update this morning.

    Satan knows his time is short and boy is he ever rearing his devouring teeth 😦

    He sure does come to kill, murder and destroy!


  2. It’s not just Debka that are picking up the failure of the Iran talks and its consequences for Israel story.
    “Iran Declares ‘Impasse’ in Nuclear Talks
    An Iranian says ‘the basis for another round of negotiations does not exist yet’ after Tehran rejected demands from the world powers”

    Today it’s the “zionists” who are causing the troubles of the world. Tomorrow it will be “Zionists and Christian Fundamentalists” causing the wars that are about to start. There’s so much deception in the world.


  3. When these P5+1 talks with Iran fail – and I’m quite certain they are going to fail? Who do you think everyone will blame (other than Israel, when they bomb the Iranian facilities)?

    In the article it highlights:
    “Jalili conveyed his concerns in a private meeting Thursday with European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, who is formally leading the talks.”

    The failure of these talks, and the outbreak of war will be a huge failure on part of Lady Ashton, and I believe will be the event that ends her career at the EU.


  4. EXACTLY Mr Sheep !

    Wow, when they shall say ” peace, peace”!

    We’ve been prepared for a time such as this if only those that were warned would have heeded the call for true repentance, yet pride blinds and these are the ones that lift up their noses in the air and say -Who is like “I” ?

    Oba 1:3 — The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?

    Oba 1:4 — Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.


  5. Amazing things are happening on a daily basis, its hard to keep up. I read today that the Chilean finance minister said that the world economy is in intensive care, Nick Clegg described the factions in Europe almost like Daniels “Iron and Clay” picture. Actually that makes me think whether there will be any official move towards a full political union of the Eurzone and EU or whether the AC has to pick up things with an intergovernmental agreement by the 10, rather than the full 27. Maybe tomorrow will tell.


  6. The Antichrist along with the system will crush everyone via Inflation which will cause everyone to rely on the government to “live”. He alone wont stand up on a platform and force this and that on people like a blatant tyrant directly where most will tell him where to go pretty much.
    But doing it via inflation is a situation where local governments will be the ones who are the enforcers.


  7. Amen LaFreak !!

    The perfect set up and the oh so deceptive ploy of the enemy as it plays right into the” and God shall send them a strong delusion to believeth the lie ”

    Who would have ever have thought this is how it would play out? wow 😦

    So many are blind, deaf, dead, um …actually twice dead 😦


  8. Juan I don’t know this “jesus” you represent here. He does not bear witness with me.

    I’m sorry 😦

    The flaming heart ” jesus” ? I’m sure Mr sheep can inform us why !


  9. Thank-you mr Sheep for that 🙂

    But as blatantly deceptive as that was there are many believers out there that are being seduced by this exact same ” false jesus” which Juan was promoting here 😦

    Satan is preparing his ” jesus” in the midst of so many .

    Do you know how many ” Christian ” homes I have walked into where they have this ” jesus” painting proudly displayed above their fire mantle place 😦

    A few weeks ago I was asked my thoughts on the kid that went to heaven and the “beautiful face of jesus ” that was painted by a commissioned artist and was appalled at how subte the enemy has ( how does Me Sheep say ) slithered in.


  10. I’m not commenting directly on the video of the bishop below, because my spanish is a bit rusty so I don’t want to put words in his mouth. I will comment on some other things that I’ve heard this man say, that I think represent a broader reality in the organization he represents. When I heard him speak, I heard him speak all about the good works we must do for humanity, the things we must all do to make the world a better place. I never heard him mention what Jesus has done, what Jesus is doing within each one of us, and the reality about who we are as hopeless sinners in need of a savior. That sort of wordly message is not the gospel. The church does not belong to men, it belongs to Christ. The greatest things done in the church are done by Christ not by men. The focus of the church is Christ – not the next project or the next initiative to make a better world. True- when we belong to Christ we will do good works, but it is a false Gospel to preach that somehow our good works or religious ceremonies could ever make us a acceptable to God.


  11. Apparently, we are not the only ones wrestling with how to answer the apostasy of the roman church today.

    Ken Silva writes a lengthy, but excellent piece on why fundamentally the roman church has rejected the true gospel, and can’t really turn from it without destroying itself. I’d recommend it highly – since it points out the common threads of human created religion that span across many apostate beliefs that claim to be christian.


  12. The gift of discernment I find need not understand a language, it recognizes the false spirit behind it 😦

    Thank-you for the link Mr Sheep.


  13. we have seen this before–because since cain killed abel religion has always wanted the upper hand. religion is always about the “do”. not about what He (God and His Final Word on the subject Jesus His Son) has “done”. it is false false false! free from the Law oh happy condition! my verse in journaling this a.m. was rom 6:14–for sin shall not have dominion over you: for you are not under law but under grace. religion always has a “law” to impose–that’s why people in that camp “need ” to t-r-y so hard (dead works). But—–Jesus said—-whoever the Son makes free is free indeed! it’s no longer any “trying” but t-r-u-s-t-i-n-g. no other foundation to be laid-His Works are good. we know-who believe the real Jesus-that trusting in the Lord alone as the Power to “do good”-that is the faith that pleases Him. (in my flesh dwells no good thing. romans ch 7) anything other than that is sin-i don’t care what kind of face you put on it. only faith pleases God and whatever-is-not-of-faith-is-of-sin—period. so many place their faith in “faith” (a man-made creed or some other badge they wear to puff themselves up by-some blaspheme Him by using His Name but are not of His Spirit) so it is ultimately only faith in themselves. knowing the Truth of His Redeeming Power to Save-Trusting in His Blood’s Forgiving Cleansing Power-the hell-bound sinners we once were-finds us in that freedom to make us rise and walk in newness of life-under Grace-not under the “letter of the law” that men want/need to impose that they may rule over you. my Ruler is Christ—-He is Good—i never was or will be–i needed His Righteousness to be good and by faith i stake my claim in His Grace and Mercy that gave me that Righteousness. ((and His people say—-amen!!!)) thanks for bearing with me as i get pretty excited to write from my heart the precious Truth that God Alone is Sovereign Ruler-He is the One with the Perfect Law to Impose and then Fulfill (because of my weakness) through the Shed Blood of Christ our Lord-no man no pope no religion no nothing adds or takes away from Him. i love that others here are of like mind and spirit and we can discern the witness of His Spirit. i pray other eyes are opened to know the Glorious Freedom of the Truth!


  14. That’s a good word, amen for sure Andre.

    I was having a discussion with an unsaved friend the other day – and when talking with him I realized that I had to define what “Faith” even was for him. The modern world has redefined it in a Satanic way I think – they call faith a “strong belief based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof” – which is totally backwards. I defined Faith to be – an absolute trust that God will keep the promises he has made. This blew his mind, and he accused me of redefining faith so I pointed him to Hebrews 11, and when he rejected that I pointed him to Augustine.. People are so deceived today that even the words we use to describe our relationship with the Lord need to be properly defined before we can have a discussion.


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