Discerning Turkey’s true allegiance

We all know the US has sought to put economic pressure on Iran, in the hopes that the pressure on the regime from its citizens will get them to back down. We’ve all seen how poorly that has worked so far – as the Mullah led theocracy has only become more bold in its claims that it will destroy Israel and more strident in its resistance to international pressure to drop its nuclear ambitions.

Now we get to the prophecy part, we all know that in Ezekiel 38-39 Persia is in league with Gog of Magog and all those others that we’ve show in previous posts refer to historic tribes that have setted at one point in Turkey.

Just a few short years ago, people would have thought you were nuts to suggest a military alliance between Turkey and Iran. They are both rivals for regional power, and Turkey is a long standing member of NATO and has been a longstanding reliable ally to the U.S.

Many of us have seen a gradual drift of Turkey toward greater cooperation with Iran the past several years. Now today, we see them defying the U.S. led sanctions with this:

Turkey Bails Out Iran with Gold

Turkey is bailing out Iran and Arab Spring countries with huge amounts of gold exports that have boosted its trade balance.
It doesn’t appear to be a lot in dollar value yet – but it is Gold, not some made up fiat, we think our currency is worth this because we have a big economy and our credit is good baloney – it’s a real commodity with a very real and very tradeable value. That I think speaks volumes.

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