Eurozone Slide to the Left, Paving a Path

I noticed this week that the crises in Europe seem to be causing a remarkable slide to the left as people react to the continuing economic uncertainty. This slide to the left – the idea that bigger governments and more government entitlements to citizens is what people need in Europe is paving the path for the Antichrist regime.

What do I mean by a slide to the left? Check out this article

Sorry Angela, The Jig Is Up

It points out that Germany has been stuck footing the bill for all these economic bailout (though admittedly has also been somewhat of a beneficiary of some benefits) and has continually insisted that governments who have poorly managed their finances pursue deep cuts to restore a more sane balance sheet.

In doing this we’ve seen the French President (a center-right politician) become very vulnerable to his leftist rival.

 In the same week – we saw the Dutch government fall, to I expect it to be replaced by a prime minister and cabinet who lean more to the left.

Dutch Government To Proceed With Early Vote

You may stop and say – but here it says the “far-right” is making a big splash in both these countries. You’d be right, at the moment the far right is making the most noise, because it’s complaining about the effects of conditions imposed by the EU and ECB to get deficits in-line and require countries to live within their means.

The EU is already reacting – paint the right as fringe lunatics who need to be locked up not running for office.

EU politicians express concern over rise of far-right

Sorry this post is a little scattered. I don’t have as much time today to post as I’d want – but I wanted to get the discussion going about the effect that the eurozone crisis is having on the individual governments. Ultimately, I think the calls for austerity will fail because the people in those nations will scream loudly, demonstrate and riot for the bread and circuses they have become accustomed too. So much of the world has lived beyond its means for so long – and it’s going to take some enormous act of theft and underhandedness to prop up a new world system that will give people the desires of their flesh, while placing them under it’s complete control.



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