Why stories of trips to heaven is unbiblical.

Well, amen to Mr Peters who is not afraid to tell the truth.


7 thoughts on “Why stories of trips to heaven is unbiblical.

  1. Now first, the title of this is wrong. I have excepted christ in 2nd grade and I am 56. I know there are a lot of people out there will do anything for money and sucess. I know a man that was in a accidnet and his skull was broken wide open. lost All the blood from his body and prounced dead. Everything is recorded in hospitals. This is a long story and will not right about it all. He saw God and was told to return to his body and tell the world about Jesus. This man was a Doctor and did just that, tell the world about Jesus.
    This speaker is telling a lot of trueth but sorry, he is somewhat full of poop.


  2. Thanks Dave,

    I can appreciate your criticism of the title. Any of these claims should be looked at skeptically and always scrutinized in how they agree with scripture, and glorify God above Men. I agree with the main idea that these guys are teaching – there are many false teachers proclaiming false signs and wonder (as we were told in the scriptures they would). I know a lot of people like to paint Islam as the great enemy, but would suggest that the more sinister and more dangerous enemy we face is those that twist the scripture. They answer that they know Jesus, but it is a Jesus of their own imagining – their own golden calf that they’ve fashioned in an image that serves their purposes. I’m not saying false religions like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Ba’hai etc aren’t dangerous – they are but those people we can witness to who may have never heard of the person of Jesus Christ. The danger of apostate “christianity” – The NAR people, word-faith, dominionist, catholics, 7th day adventists, emergents, and others – claim to know Christ, but I am certain they will hear “I never knew you, and it breaks my heart to see so many even around where I live be so decieved by the invented religions of men.


  3. I cant take this, wow my mind can’t fathom what the Lord is doing.

    Guys as Christ is my witness over the past maybe few weeks or so EVERY SINGLE DAY the Lord has been affirming things that He has led me to share at a little fellowship He started a little while back. We have seen much of this since the Lord showed us back in 2006 what we would be facing, but seriously not as much as what we are seeing now !

    Friday night we discussed the STRONG delusion, the false jesus, the falling away, false brethren , false visitations to heaven and the urgency of the appointed time we are about to enter into….then you guys come along and affirm it all…like what is that! LOL. It’s like you guys have privy to every detail of what the Lord is showing us !

    We discussed this on Friday night in detail and I shared my concern for the strong delusion we are being set up for. I posted this at John MC T as he quoted verbatim what the Holy Spirit was leading me to share * see here .

    Rob, Vic and you beautiful elect I know that the Lord is preparing His own for this time and belive that we need to see this so that we are able to stand in the dark days ahead of us.

    Also get this…..the Holy Spirit leads me to a local church preaching for my on-line Sunday night ( solo ) bible study….yip ye guessed it….he quoted the same scriptures, shared the same concerns.

    #2 written by hisown1
    about 5 hours ago
    John Mc T I’m in awe!
    Last week I shared with you that your April 11th post was the third affirmation to what the Lord had been showing us at another little place of fellowship and here you have gone and done it again!! LOL
    On Friday night the Holy Spirit led me to share what was so heavy on my heart at a bible study group the Lord has just put together ( we are brand spaking new and so excited to see how the Lord is doing a work and NOT man )
    I recommended your page as having a pulse on the things the Lord has been showing the body since early 2006 . I know that many are very ” suspicious ” of what comes pouring out of my mouth -( no filter there ) and may even accuse me for setting this up . But this I know that the Lord is preparing His own for the dark days ahead as we watch Israel being surrounded and the soon coming judgment on those that deceived her
    Also just to build you faith up more. Last night I was led to listen to a local pastor and was again blown away at how the warning was the same of what we discussed Friday night as well. Don’t you just love how no man is able to refute what the Holy Spirit is doing? No denying that He is showing us it is time to rely on Him, His power, His spirit and His blood as the dark clouds of evil descend on this earth.
    My faith has been boosted and thank God for those that LOVE and FEAR Him, those who refuse to remain silent and will not be shaken when this scripture becomes a reality-Isa 14:12 — How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
    The Lord has given the body a gift – “the five smooth stones ” and have seen that the battle is His all we need to do is walk in faith and relying on Him as darkness descends. I will share this if you wish ?
    I also praise God for the same scripture confirmation and the wise shall understand affirmation

    In His love and service,


  4. Rob you just did it again…like what is going on here !!!

    You said ” “I never knew you, and it breaks my heart to see so many even around where I live be so decieved by the invented religions of men.”

    I will FWD Vic a private mail and link of the sermon the Lord led me too ( see above ) ask him to send that to you if you wish!

    Guys we are being prepped for the appointed time. Not only that but our faith is being strengthened like never before. I’m speechless 🙂

    Dave I pray that you will seek the Lord to show you the error of your thinking. He does NOT need ANY MAN to tell people about ” Jesus”…they have the prophets ( of old ) .

    Please read the beggar and Lazarus Luke 16 🙂

    Friends it is time. We are about to witness the Lord do things that no man is able to refute and to those skeptics reading…nope we ain’t a cult nor do we ask for $. No drinking the kool aid either, this is the time of the two by two witnesses 🙂

    Even so Lord Jesus have Thy way !


  5. all the devil has to do to successfully deceive is mix in a small amount of falsehood with the truth doesn’t he? those with itching ears and/or not grounded in the Word of God are easy prey for his deception. without fail we must question everything to test the spirit of things (1 john 4:1) to see if there is chapter and verse to verify anything-everything-from the authority of the Bible (the 66 books of the Scriptures–book by book chapter by chapter verse by verse). the adding and taking away from the Word of the Lord has shipwrecked many a soul throughout time but the devil’s time is very short now—-this makes this issue more critical than ever. may God the Father of Glory and of our Lord Jesus Christ guard our hearts & minds and grant us the spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of Him…the eyes of our understanding enlightened…(from eph 1:17,18). praise God that His Light will continue to shine to us who know the Voice of our Master-Jesus the Great Shepherd of the sheep.


  6. Wow, Don Piper’s story has really “grown” since he wrote his book….I guess he forgot that “little minor detail”….if anyone would like to study the topic of heaven (scripturally) I HIGHLY recommend Randy Alcorn’s book entitled “Heaven” it is superb and biblically sound.

    Rob, you are doing an excellent job, I’m really enjoying your posts 🙂


  7. His Name is not “Yahweh” either….It is Yud Hey Vav Hey, the Hebrew letters of His most awesome, unpronouncable Name.
    It is true that the Hebrew vowel markings for Adonai (Lord) were superimposed upon
    Yud Hey Vav Hey and became the mistranslated “Jehoveh”.
    In the Torah, the vowel markings for Adonai were upon the Hebrew letters
    Yud Hey Vav Hey to remind the reader to say Adonai whenever the sacred Name of the Lord was written, in order that it not be pronounced. Therefore, Yahweh is also wrong.


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