Lady Ashton’s Great Gamble

Following some news stories about the current EUHR when I stumbled upon this one:

Ashton, Not Obama, in Charge of Iran Talks

I wasn’t going to post again until later, but this was really bugging me. We’ve all seen the constant stream of criticism of EU foreign minister. Today I see her doing everything she can to not offend the Iranians here: Iranians gush over Ashton’s ‘modest’ appearance

I can’t help but think she’s pulling out all the stops to make this her defining moment in politics. What she doesn’t realize, is that these negotiations have almost no chance of success. The Iranians have zero intention of backing down from their threatening posture against Israel. The Israelis also have no intention of allowing themselves to wait for slaughter by an irrational fanatic regime bent on their annihilation.

If I can, I’d like to  make some guesses about the next month, and the result of these talks, just guesses since I am no prophet. My first guess is that these talks will be an utter failure. Obama and others already guess at this, so they are letting Lady Ashton take center stage as the leader of these doomed negotiations. When the talks breakdown, or even possibly a little before they start- Iran will take measures to secure its nuclear assets from an inevitable Israeli and possible multi-national airstrike. The Israelis will detect these moves through their surveillance or intelligence penetration of Iran’s regime – and will determine they must strike immediately. The strike will have huge repercussions across the world and will be viewed as a disaster.

Every disaster needs a scapegoat right? Israel will be the scapegoat in one sense, but I believe that when this crisis comes to a head the EU/P5+1  has it’s own scapegoat already prepared and her name is Cathy Ashton.

I could be wrong – the talks could go great or badly and Ashton survives the political fallout. I don’t really think so- I think this is her big bet where she’s putting all her chips on the table. I don’t think she realizes that this is the worst possible time to make the big bet – and her office will become vacant as a result.


8 thoughts on “Lady Ashton’s Great Gamble

  1. Great comments Rob…..

    I don’t know if many will remember, but Ashton is a rookie. She received her position by default. She never thought that she would gain such a high level of responsibility – but to the surprise of many (to include herself) she did.

    As I have read the articles, I too see this as a set up. A set up by Satan himself – if we are to view that the ENP(I) is still a viable 7 year treaty to be looked at. There is no evidence to suggest that Javier Solana is giving her advise, but it really could be him behind the scenes setting her up for failure. We must remember that Javier Solana was the negotiator with Iran – the talks with him seemed to fail as well. Perhaps he realized that. Perhaps he even understood that his term was about to expire, and he needed more time – therefore he stepped down to allow someone else to take the fall for the failed talks. Perhaps he even knows that he will need complete support from the EU to show that the Foreign Ministers position needs to have “one voice” – and someone with clout and authority. Will he then come back to power, and be given a term of 42 months – by the spark of a weak Ashton?

    This all is very interesting in light of that fact that there are ‘RUMORS OF WAR’ – in that Israel is the Nation that is believed that will initiate the fight. Why are they even announcing such a thing? Does this sound like Israel, who kicks butt first, and asks for forgiveness later?

    This is all very Interesting indeed.


  2. you two-mr baldy and justasheep absolutely say what i am thinking too. a set-up–i think with solana as the go-to guy in so many many circles he may very well be that one to take the helm when things totally crumble on mrs ashton. by her face in her picture she has the weight of the world on her (jolly ole solana seems never without a smile-and an answer)……….


  3. Very interesting indeed. Please pray for my grandbaby, Abby Lynn she is at the emergency room right now with Jessica, has been sick pretty much the whole weekend. So far doctor is not sure what is wrong. I know prayer is important and will give an update as soon as I get one. Thanks a lot to all here who remember the pictures that Vic posted back the end of November for her and my daughter, a very dramatic entrance into the world she had. Thanks again


  4. Thank you justasheep, they are still at the emergency room at Cook County Children’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas now almost six hours. Many of the faithful are praying along with us. I will update as soon as I have news. She is such a little doll, and yeah I know I am prejudiced about that but….


  5. Doctor is starting IV with fluids and meds as well as doing blood work. Jessica’s babysitter who is an older woman almost my age stayed in room and they advised Jessica not to stay as they poke her. So she went down to get something to drink and eat. As it is now 11:34pm in Dallas, I expect Abby and Jessica will be there probably all night.
    She has been given the immunizations for Rotavirus at 2 mos and then again a couple of weeks ago, which could be a cause of vomiting and diarrhea in young babies.

    Praying for wisdom for these healthcare workers, and that the Lord help them find the cause.

    Thanks again to all.


  6. Abby was admitted inhouse around 4 am central time after having been in emergency since around 2 pm. Bloodwork showing low blood sugars and she is dehydrated. Low blood sugars could be the cause of vomiting and diarrhea or a symptom from it. so doctors still not sure what is wrong
    thanks again for continued prayers for us


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