Hostility Against Biblical Christianity Becoming the Rule, Not the Exception in USA

There are a number of examples of the growing hostility against Christians in the USA, and around the world. I don’t mean to trivialize the trials that Christians are facing in so much of the world today, but for the last two centuries there had been a leader in guaranteeing the right of the free exercise of religion to its citizens and vistors.  Those days are behind us, which I believe is one of the foundation stones that have been laid by the world for the rule of the antichrist and his war against the true church.  

In the car on Monday, I was listening to a story about Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN. The university has changed its rules so that all campus organizations must comply with an “all comers” policy that does not allow groups to have any requirements for leaders that would place  restrictions on race, gender, sexual orientation or religion. A story that explains the details and impact can be found on the Christian Post, I’m also going to link to the radio program In the Market where Janet Parshall interviewed the faculty advisor to the Christian Legal Society, Dr. Carol Swain. (The segment is about 25 minutes into the linked audio)

In addition to the policy not allowing Campus groups to require candidates for group leadership to assent to a statement of faith, on the radio program Dr. Swain also mentioned that the faculty handbook at this university had been changed to remove the freedom of religious assocation clauses. Now then, Dr. Swain reasoned she could be removed from her professorship at any time by the university for her assocation with her conservative bible church or the Family Resource Council. Back in 2010, the FRC was labelled as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center  .

The whole idea of “hate speech’ laws, anti-bullying and so-called diversity programs these days – while sounding good, and labelled with things we are all against (hate, bullying, bigotry), are being used as a club to beat over the head of the person or group that claims the Bible as it’s sole authority for moral right and wrong. All the more, come Lord Jesus.


5 thoughts on “Hostility Against Biblical Christianity Becoming the Rule, Not the Exception in USA

  1. In Australia we aren’t anywhere near that kind of regime yet. Most people in this country think alot differently to the rest of the world regarding religious rights. From the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and the other religions we all seem to get along and respect each other. We currently don’t have race riots or wars or institutions banning this and that. Although they are careful not to offend other religions, The church movement is still very respected and highly regarded here and im glad its like that still.
    So many countries around the world seem to be banning, Isolating religion and Faith in Jesus.

    Another thing, this article below:

    Doesn’t the bible say after Libya and Egypt, Ethiopia is next before Israel regarding a military take over of some sort? And from what I understand Sudan is Ethiopia back when that was written? SO possibly now NATO will go ahead and move into Sudan next? Especially with all that oil, and human rights issues. That gives them an excuse to go in.
    Sudan says talks off as border fighting with S. Sudan worsens…
    Khartoum mobilized its military after Sudan’s attack Monday and South Sudan’s counterattack Tuesday. The fighting could threaten the region’s oil production, a Sudanese official predicts.|+Terrorism+%26+Security%29


  2. He shall become ruler of the treasures of gold and of silver, and all the precious things of Egypt, and the Libyans and the Cushites shall follow in his train.
    (Daniel 11:43 ESV)

    Thanks Lafreak! A great observation – I think many of us will be speculating about who Cush refers to as things continue to heat up. I’ve heard arguments as well that Cush and the Cushites can also refer to southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, which today is Yemen (also experiencing a long leadership crisis that could result in international intervention). I wonder if perhaps its both?


  3. all the news-with all these players you’ve mentioned lafreak-keep cycling through with more frequency and intensity if you ask me. these issues sure aren’t going away that is for sure. i’m glad you still enjoy certain freedom there in australia and we are still assembling (usa) without government intervention at this point—-but the pressure is mounting—everyday. i believe that something will happen (manufacted crisis + some “unknowns” of spiritual nature) that will be the tipping point for global control over religions (also oil, economies, food) and wars. many disasters in the making that will place (in the worlds eyes) israel and the born-again christian as enemy #1 because blamed for threatening world peace. the way i see it anyway……..what i believe the Bible has already prophecied & warned. yes–come Lord Jesus.


  4. Agreed with Andre. We have an archetype from history – the burning of Rome in 64 AD. The great tragedy gave an excuse for many of our early brothers and sisters to be thrown to the lions and otherwise brought to the sword. I think our enemy is waiting for just the right time to repeat that old strategy.

    “I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him!
    (Luke 12:4-5 ESV)


  5. –God is our Defense!–we have nothing to fear! our King will come for us! the Hope of our hearts–the cry and call from our hearts +JESUS+ will stand us up in His Mighty Name that He may receive Glory. His Grace will uphold us in whatever that befalls us so that all may know that He reigns. enjoy and be encouraged! (we are gonna–we do–need it!) Lord God Your Will be done in us.


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