Dear, are we starting a contraction?

To any of you out there that have had children, our family has been blessed with six, you know what the Lord was talking about referring to birth pains (ladies especially, we men were spectators and cheerleaders). Anyway, when the time was getting close I often developed a sense for when my wife was starting to have a contraction (by the fifth or sixth child anyway, but then I’m kinda slow). We’ve been seeing in the news the last couple days a number of Earthquakes on both sides of the Pacific. I heard they had another pretty decent aftershock today – so I pulled some data from my favorite earthquake data site ( Below is a very ugly table – but what jumps out a me is what seems to be a fairly large number of events ranging from 4 – 7 on the scale all in the last 48 hours, from Oregon down to the coast of Mexico. It has me wondering, are we about to have a contraction? I fear for the people that don’t know the Lord that might be where this hits, and for the rest of us I guess I hope if it’s happening now for real because that means our long awaited joy is not far off.


— begin ugly table —


13 thoughts on “Dear, are we starting a contraction?

  1. Sorry about the table-ugh… I’m going to pull out my new guy card- and next time I’ll take a much more manageable screenshot of that table.


  2. Laugh that’s funny!!

    I shared a concern with Vic , Mr B, Scott and Matt on the 29th of March and am afraid that something very evil cometh our way. I got the goosies running down my back here !

    Guys plz pray for me for tonight. I’ve been asked to share these appointed time’s and have an excitement in my spirit that I’ve not known for a very long time. Satan is trying to silence our EXPOSING his wicked agenda… sorry ain’t happenin!!



    If you haven’t taken a look at the blogsite of farmer lately he has some good info on there. As well the Jews asking for Catherine Ashton to resign, and the one I posted about Solana being in America.
    Praying for all here each day.


  4. Vic,

    I visit your site almost daily, so it is very good to see that your ministry will continue. Rob will do a good job in your absence. I understand how difficult it is to keep a website up regularly (yes I’m Curt from the so called dead blog, The 70th week and no I’m not offended, a little shocked it was referenced that way, but no worries), so I’m sorry you are struggling right now. You will be in my prayers.

    For those that care and I know many do here, I’m still around (watch daily) and hope to post again some day. I won’t go into the details for why I haven’t posted in awhile, because I’m sure that it will just sound like an excuse to some.
    When it comes these crazy times we are living in the truth of the matter is the way forward towards the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy is about as grey as ever.

    Now don’t get me wrong, there is plenty going on, but connecting it all is very fragmented. To really get an accurate feel for where we currently stand, we need an actual end time event to occur. Could that happen tomorrow, next week or next month? I say absolutely. Could it be months or a few years from now? Sadly yes.

    So, I continue to watch and look forward to meeting you all some day.



  5. Hi Curt

    Please don’t take my comments the wrong way. I understand the lack of updates better than you think. I was really not criticizing, but just shared a concern that watchmen has been silenced over the years for reasons not always known to us. I was kicked of FP because I said that the site will die without front page updates and I meant well. I don’t want brothers to be angry with me because I am concerned about them.


  6. Vic

    I say that you were right to have said what you said at FP. The lack of communication with fellow believers is exactly what the enemy wants. I believe that when the Midpoint passed with the whole ENP(I) theory – many fainted. FP then came out with an explanation on why they no longer believed what they believed, and as you all know, it is not the site that it use to be. I personally believe that because FP’s founder had originated the whole philosophy concerning the ENP(I) theory – and when he went to Glory; the beneficiary of the site, actually had her own site, and just simply let FP go – to a certain degree. (This is just my personal opinion of course). What has been going on, with the various web-sites that teach End Time Prophecy, reminds me of how the saints of God are told over, and over again that they must ENDURE, and not quit. Sadly they are failing, falling, and quitting one by one. I feel that if one is truly dedicated to Christ, and they have been called to the Ministry of Christ in some aspect, then they can find time to make time to minister to others. This is one of the “Fruits of the Spirit”. If they have fallen short, then they won’t quit – if they have been called. Failures, disappointments, criticism, and let downs will occur. But quitting is not an option. Again, sadly many have given up, and it makes me wonder where their hearts were in the first place. A man cannot serve God and mammon.

    Vic, I know that it is hard to comment on things, come up with topics of interest, and really stay on top of things as they progress on the prophetic time chart. This truly takes the help of God, much prayer, and fasting. Not many have been called to the Ministry of Christ in this way. It is not an easy task. Honestly, I feel that some have come forth by this way of ministering to edify themselves. It may not appear that way to them, but actually it is. They get disheartened, when they appear in their own minds to fail. Or they become lazy, or perhaps even the events that they have mentioned by way of eschatology have not worked out they way that “they” had personally envisioned – so again, they become disheartened, give up, and quit. How very sad.

    Let me say this Vic, in closing…….anyone who can put up with my chastisement, hard nosed, no nonsense type of approach, as it relates to following Christ – has the humbleness to witness for Christ – and that in a way that reaches the masses. I have used this approach to motivate men and women. (And as I have stated before – TRULY it is not about me – God uses me in this way) Even when I have been hard on you, and others on this site, for that matter, you have come back in a soft gentle approach, that is no doubt a blessing from God. Not many men can do this – as the flesh gets in the way.

    Keep your ministry Strong Vic! You definitely have a calling from God.


  7. vic you are doing a super job with this site! don’t make me come over there my friend!
    I expect to have my site updated and back in a couple of days


  8. I love you guys.

    Two things that I have learned im my walk with the Lord:

    1) The calling of the Lord is without repentence and a huge burdon if neglected.

    2) One can loosen your your grip on the Lord, but He will NEVER, NEVER let go of you.

    We serve an awesome God. And because of Jesus, I (we) shall endure to the end.


  9. Vic,

    Not mad or upset with you Vic. Like I said no worries, but it is nice to know you are concerned about me. πŸ™‚ Rest assured I am fine.

    Praying for you brother.



  10. Oh my there is nothing more beautiful to witness than the unity and agape love among the brethren. Man I love you guys!

    Mr B….seriously we must be related! You write what I write in private! LOL Oh wait we have the same Dad rightttt!! hhehee πŸ™‚

    Satan wants to silence us yes, he KNOWS his time is short and will stop at nothing to ( try ) to accomplish his wicked mission. Wow if we are not able to stand now, how in heavens name are we are to stand when evil is cast down and he is spit tin mad !

    The Holy Spirit showed me 4 powerful tools the enemy uses-




    And finally he reveals himself as the


    Time for remaining silent is done, no way hoesah ,,,ain’t happen!


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