A new dawn

I am so amassed on how the Lord works and provides. Less than 24 hours ago I said that I will not post for an unknown time. It was not easy as I love you guys and I love the discussions.

Now the Lord has opened the door for a dear friend and brother of mine to be a co-worker on the site. I am pleased to announce that Justasheep, who’s real name is Rob, will keep the site active and updated in my absence. I know you will be in good hands. Rob is one of the most level headed Christians that I know and he loves the Lord and Biblical truth passionately. Welcome Rob!

I will not be totally absent and will still post as the Lord leads.


3 thoughts on “A new dawn

  1. Thank you for the vote of confidence and kind words boetie!

    As soon as we heard your message the other day – both my wife and I had exactly the same reaction – though we were in separate places when we read it. After some time in prayer I stepped forward- I’m so glad that you had the same thought. I’m also so glad that this doesn’t mean that Wickus is leaving us. I can totally understand someone saying – “I’ve been running hard, working to keep the news items up to date, keep and eye on discussions, post stories to the members contributions, I need someone to pick up the baton for a while”. I’m really glad that I was in the place where I could step in and take on that piece of the work of our little band of faithful watchers, and lighten the burden on a dear brother. It is my hope that all of you who are regular contributors here will keep sending in the news items you find, the theories and ideas you are working through and the things that Spirit reveals to you in your study of His word.

    Let’s not forget to keep praying for one another without ceasing, I’d ask you to keep me in your prayers as I take up this new ministry to our group. We await our bridegroom – I enjoy the blessing that Wickus and all of you have been in working together to keep watch for signs that he has given us of his soon return.


  2. Thank you Justasheep for filling in! I was really going to miss seeing updates etc. from Vic. Since FP dropped away, the only sources i go to now are this one and Pastor Brian. There are a few others, but those are the main 2. Thank you again and Vic don’t be long away Brother! I don’t get the whole S. African lingo you 2 or so use, but i’m glad to be a part of this small, but faithful gathering! Take care!


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