The earth is drunk

RT reports

6.9 quake in Gulf of California – another strong tremor to shake Earth in 24 hours

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake has jolted Mexico’s California peninsula. The tremor’s epicenter was 10.3 kilometers below the surface, and 133 kilometers from the town of Guerrero Negro.

No data about the earthquake’s consequences is available at the moment. The quake follows a less powerful 6.4 tremor that shook the mountains of western Mexico on
Wednesday. It made tall buildings sway in Mexico City, 322 kilometers away. The latest earthquakes follow others which shook the country over the last month.


What is happening friends? I have never seen so many strong earthquakes in such a short period. Looks like the earth is preparing itself for the opening of the 6th seal.


2 thoughts on “The earth is drunk

  1. April 11 2012 The 8.6-magnitude quake hit 431 kilometres off the city of Banda Aceh at 1838 AEST on Wednesday, and was followed by another undersea quake measured at 8.2, the US Geological Survey said.

    It was in the same area as the 2004 boxing day one that had that big tidal wave. This quake was lateral meaning the plates rubbed together rather than one dropping which is what usually causes big tidal waves. They were lucky this time.


  2. Yes, that was a huge quake. For a while there was even a trunami warning out for South Africa! Thank the Lord that it was apparently a horizontal movement and not the deadly vertical movement quakes.


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