Good Thursday

About 2000 years ago our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins. He was our perfect Passover Lamb, blameless and without sin. It is currently 14:00 Jerusalem time. According to my understanding He died at 15:00 as he was suppose to be buried before the start of Passover at sundown.

Thank you my Lord for what you have done for us. Soon you will return as the lion of Judah.


18 thoughts on “Good Thursday

  1. Don’t know if you know but Passover starts tomorrow night – so tomorrow at 3pm (1500) would be the exact day He was crucified.


  2. The traditional way is impossible….3 nights and 3 days… has to be Thursday. Friday was a special sabbath due to the feast, Saturday was the traditional sabbath. This is why the ladies waited until Sunday to visit the tomb.

    There are many videos and sites explaining the feast of unleavened bread and the timing of when Jesus entered into Jerusalem until he was prepared as the sacrificial lamb.


  3. the levitical protocol (check it out) was to hold and examine the lambs for 4 days and then sacrifice them if they were unblemished-on that 5th day. Jesus rode in (to jerusalem) on palm sunday-1st day of the week declaring Himself Messiah and was examined publically by everyone-high priest and all (we know Christ Jesus as the Unblemished & Worthy Lamb of Sacrifice to God). notice the praises of the people He received then–but by wednesday at sundown (that becomes thursday the 5th day) was deemed worthy of death. also it was a high sabbath the following day–friday–a double sabbath that particular week being passover. really to understand the days and times we must look at the hebrew calendar. it is a lunar calendar-sundown to sundown to count each day. so He was crucified on that thursday and taken off the cross and put into the tomb (before sundown) before friday began. Jesus fulfilled all the Word of God in every detail that was written before He was born that He would be the Sign to the jews that He was God in the flesh-Emmanuel. Jesus repeatedly said to those who questioned Him-have you never read???………this was not done in a corner that all may see and know that He was exactly Who He claimed to be–Gods’ Lamb that was Slain before the foundation of the world! and He will fulfill and finish all the prophecies yet to happen–every dotted i and crossed t. (that’s my King!)


  4. Excellent you guys. I did provide little information in the post to see what the response will be. You guys nail it on the head.


  5. excuse me-reread what i wrote and did not word that correctly-the double sabbath was thursday and saturday that week. friday (while He was buried) began unleavened bread correct agie?


  6. Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 12:40 : “The sign of Jonah”: 3 days and 3 nights in the tomb. He was resurrected after the Shabat’s sunset on Saturday evening fulfilling the 72 hours in the grave. Therefore, Yeshua died on Wed at 3 PM.


  7. off topic sorta–it is passover time and resurrection sunday is right around the corner but i’m thinking to myself—will there be some very significant things happening during or soon after this special and blessed time of the year? things that are on the brink? like damascus? and spains’ economy crumbling the eu economy? egypt hurled rockets at israel and something happening-being pushed by muslim brotherhood? in my own country riots because of race? and on and on and on………..i don’t know—i’m not God–is it me or is the world just really really black right now and about to get blacker? all this makes me so very glad that Jesus came. because it is a world without hope unless He rules. He came and brought forgiveness to this heart that repented and believed making peace with God (romans 10: 8-13)–rules it by His Spirit / my Guarantee / and it filled it with Hope–that i will be with Him…He’s waiting to do the same in the hearts of people the world over…….and one day all this hurt and tragedy in this fallen world will come to and end—meanwhile He says to us who believe–come and see–go and tell. Praise God for His unspeakable Gift in our Lord Jesus Christ. the Beauty of His Holiness shines forever. His is the Power the Glory and the Honor forever and soon He is coming back! He Reigns!!!….love to you all in His Glorious Name….


  8. Oh sis Andre you make me weep… a good way đŸ™‚

    Yes the world is really, really , really , black right now. I woke up this morning, walked into the lounge, opended all the blinds and was hit with one of the most beautiful sights my eyes have ever seen. As I looked out on the ocean, saw the morning dove and the dew on the freshly mowed grass, I wept. My hubby wrapped his arms around me as I shared my vextation of spirit.He played this for me.

    I love you my beautiful sister…so very much!


  9. I always was a bit confused about good Friday.. Thinking how can Friday to Sunday be 3 days and nights. Thanks for the post đŸ™‚


  10. ON a side note i hope Jesus returns soon.. But the system needs to be run by the
    AC first. The climate change plan is a good way to help with the creation of a world government.
    Check this out about carbon tax which in Australia comes into law in July this year.

    Article linked below and here is a insert:
    U.N. initiatives like Agenda 21 and the carbon credit system of taxation, both of which do nothing but shift the wealth of the world into the hands of the elite few at the top of the literal food chain.

    Glenn Beck on Agenda 21:

    Alex Jones on the club of Rome which Solana is a member:


  11. One problem I have with the chronology presented at is that Jesus told the disciples to violate the Sabbath on Saturday. Let me explain. The site claims it was on Saturday that Jesus entered into Jerusalem riding the donkey. That same day the disciples were instructed to go get the donkey. That is a lot of walking on the Sabbath by the disciples that would not have been allowed. We do not know how far the village was from Bethphage, but to walk to the village and back and then to the Temple area and then back to Bethany is quite a bit of walking on a Sabbath day.

    I could easily be wrong though. I have been to Israel and stood where all this takes place. That is quite a bit of walking.


  12. If, a big if in my mind, Jesus died on Wednesday, why wouldn’t the ladies come on Friday before the start of the Sabbath. Instead they wait another day to day and a half? Also, in the Gospels it says the ladies came at early dawn. Dawn means right before sunrise, not after sunset (after 6PM on Saturday).


  13. good point you make agie. friday and saturday (more than one sabbath that week) had certain observances and restrictions to them for other things so that only makes sense that they would wait to be beyond that timeframe to go do the business of burying. /(and lo and behold He was not there in the tomb when they arrived!!!)/….. & while He was at it-making old things new-it seems Jesus also was establishing a new day for honoring the Lord since He was the New and Living Way trumping the old covenant. sunday to sunday became the putting away of “mans’ tradition” to putting on a New Day indeed!


  14. Shalom Agie95:
    To answer all your questions concerning the death of Jeshua, you shoul read “Crucifixion Week Cronology” in www,, you’ll be greatly surprised!


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