Who is this guy?


I will not be caught dead in a shirt like this, never mind pose for a picture. Did you vote a satanic high priest into office America?


Apparently this is the original photo.


5 thoughts on “Who is this guy?

  1. Could very well be a joke just like the person wearing it. America has only itself to blame for electing a radical community activist. He has no business representing this once fine country as we have seen first hand every day since 2009. More then half of my siblings are die hard liberals and they call me a racist when I share my views about this so called man. You ought to see the looks on their faces when I ask what side are they going to support when a potential race war erupts after he loses his reelection bid in November. What really drives me crazy is that they are so blinded by the political party they support and not the person they choose to represent it.


  2. Its gotta be a fake.. I don’t think any politician in their right mind would even wear a shirt like that.. Especially near an election.


  3. I wish people would not do that. He has done enough that we can always speak truth and not add to it. I am pretty sure he will get re-elected, not saying that is what I want. I did not want Clinton to get re-elected but after all he did they re-elected him too.


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