The global march to take Jerusalem tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day, the day the Muslims hope to take Jerusalem by force from Israel. This event have the potential to turn into something prophetic. Iran with its proxies are deeply involved. Read about it HERE HERE and HERE.

The US supreme court declined to issue a definitive ruling Monday in a longstanding dispute about whether U.S. passports for citizens born in Jerusalem should, upon request, identify the place of birth as Israel. In essence they are saying Jerusalem does not belong to Israel. Shame on you! Read about it HERE.

Jerusalem is indeed the stumbling block of the nations. Nations turning against her shall be crushed. Jesus warned in Luke 21:20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. Can this march of tomorrow be a sign that we are near to the fulfillment?

Tomorrow can be very important. Stay watching and prepared.


3 thoughts on “The global march to take Jerusalem tomorrow

  1.…….we’ll see what this “march” produced when the dust settles. a “dry run” for something future is my guess–with the (more daily joining) worlds’ support to gather sympathy for the palestinian cause against the “illegal” “occupying” jews. seems just another day of rock throwing etc for palestinians–but now with others there “on site” to openly cheer them on. we keep watching…….



    Global March to J’lem organizers say protest reached goals
    LAST UPDATED: 03/31/2012 11:34
    Organizers of Friday’s Global March to Jerusalem said Saturday that the protest march commemorating Land Day had achieved most of its goals, adding that the number of countries joining in protest activities is of greater importance than the number of participants in rallies.

    Palestinian news agency Ma’an quoted general coordinator of the march, Ribhi Halloum, as saying that the rally lay the groundwork for future activity and proved that “the Palestinian people are still present and are still holding fast to their land.”

    Halloum claimed that activists from 84 countries participated in various pro-Palestinian rallies around the world on Friday.

    Read full story here.
    ……that the rally lay groundwork for future activity…………they aren’t going away then—what is next i don’t know——–but i keep watching. they have plans for jerusalem and they are not God’s plans.


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