2012 – The first three months


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7 thoughts on “2012 – The first three months

  1. The video is good to watch… Amazing where we are!!! You put it all together and I guess you don’t have to be a mathematician. Alvin posted this some where in the comments and I think its true..
    Noah was met with ridicule and scoffing though he warned men a great calamity was coming

    And this is why there will be no excuses in the great judgment. People will only have themselves to blame for the choices they have made. The people of Noah’s day were swept away by the great flood for their wickedness. And though Noah preached for 120 years, he never convinced anyone outside of his own family to board the Ark. There were no impending signs that a flood would sweep away the world that they knew. Nothing stirred nature from its course. It had never rained on the Earth prior to this event. Some later accused God of being unjust, though they had more time to repent; there were no signs. Today, it’s reversed. People have less time and all the signs and they still won’t repent and change their ways. You see…it doesn’t matter in the final analysis if people don’t see and disbelieve or see and ignore…there would always only be a few either way. You can’t win with people so don’t even pull up to the table and play the game.

    We have all the warnings!!! and Yet….
    People are still living as if nothing is out of the ordinary… Their heads are buried in the sand… Caught up in society and materialism… Too busy to stop and notice or even consider anything could be abnormal or strange, and if they do stop and consider …. That thought that they might have is only for a split second, and then as if snatched away, their thought is… it doesn’t effect me and materialism enters back into their heads and the strangles of toils and daily life to make ends meet grip them back to not paying attention.

    Lord… Open their eyes that they might see. Allow that thought to be more than a split second, and help them to consider that they will be effected at some point. Put on their hearts and minds to seek you. To seek Jesus. That they would confess with their mouth that Jesus is lord and believe in their hearts that God raised Him from the dead, so they would be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified and with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.


  2. Amen Mr Berry.

    Back in the summer of 2007 I started to notice a despondency and despair in people ( despite wealth or statues ) and habitually noted how downcast their eyes would be ( empty and afraid?) and am amazed at how this has increased since then.

    Even though these people are not born from above, they know something is wrong…desperately wrong 😦

    Mmm and yet they still REFUSED to repent . I wonder why!!


  3. I’ve noticed the same thing too Berryblueberry!

    On another note I had a major praise God moment last week. I have a very close childhood friend that I hadn’t spoken to in almost 11 years (I know the date since we lost touch about the time of the birth of my eldest son). We didn’t have a falling out – just more being two sort of quiet guys that became very involved in the bit of life that was right in front of us – him living in the city as a single guy, and me starting a family out in the suburbs. Anyway, I get an email from him several weeks ago, find out he is getting married. Just last week we were able to get together, and going into that I was wondering how I would tell him about all that had happened in my life and the changes I’d gone through coming to accept Christ. Well it turned out to be really easy – because I started sharing about the decisions we’d left to God and how he was working in our lives – he starts sharing the same kinds of things. Him and his soon to be wife are in the process of searching for a good church (and he really likes one of my favorite bible teachers in the area). We ended up talking about how we both see the world becoming so evil, and it seems like the last days are upon us. I was just so deeply moved by this – my dear friend who I knew back in the day was as unregenerate and unrepentant as I was has come to know Christ and I have another brother to share eternity with. I’m really looking forward to their wedding this weekend – It’s my little preview I guess of the really big wedding feast that I really want to be here.


  4. Well AMEN to this testimony.

    A while ago I got reunited with one of my eldest and closest friends via Facebook. Years ago I moved to another town, and our friendship just slowed down after a few months. Great was my surprise to see he is a changed man and has been following the Lord and end time prophecy for a while. But I must say that he was also surprised as He did not know me in my born again life.

    God is good.


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