10 EU leaders discuss future

German ‘future of Europe’ meeting irks partners

BRUSSELS – German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle has irked some of his EU colleagues by inviting only a select few to a dinner on Tuesday (20 March) to discuss the ‘future of Europe’ after the economic crisis.

The meeting does not appear on the official website of the German foreign ministry as it is meant to be an informal event at the Villa Borsig, north of Berlin. Invited were the foreign ministers of France, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

But by leaving out 17 of the EU’s 27 states, Westerwelle has stepped on the toes of some of his colleagues.

A diplomat from Sweden, one of the non-invitees, told Spiegel magazine that the German foreign minister was not contributing to EU co-operation by leaving some countries out.

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It is very interesting how only 10 nations were invited by the Germans. The ten just don’t want to go away before they give their power to the beast in full.


12 thoughts on “10 EU leaders discuss future

  1. sorry off topic folks but saw something that says iranian christian pastor yousef nadarkhani was executed today by hanging. is this true?


  2. Interesting comment Vic.

    However, I believe that the 10 WEU Nations have already given their power to the EU. I may be wrong, but I also believe that 2 of the 3 horns have already been subdued as well.

    It’s been a long time since we’ve discussed the possibilities of the ENP(I) theory and how it may affect we who continue to watch today. And it is also ironic that the number 10 keeps popping up in the EU Kingdom. Just as a reminder – as things have appeared to be very slow in development, it’s all still very interesting, and STILL very plausible.

    Most probably won’t remember how I have commented on how I believe that the 1st Beast mentioned in Revelation 13 is actually a “Beast System” or the Revived Roman Empire. If this is true, then the two horns that have been plucked so far would be Greece, and Italy – which were two of the 10 WEU Nations. Even though it appears as if Greece is still going through the whole bail out process, we must remember that it was the EU Beast System that replaced it’s Leader with one of it’s own. Italy’s Leader was replaced as well. Spain was a consideration – but they actually had elections, and it’s Leader was not replaced by this EU Beast System.

    When things sort of slow down, we have a tendency to forget. But as watchers, we have to continuously remind each other of “road signs”. Remember, when the Lord Returns – things will be happening as normal. It will catch many by surprise.

    I know that this sounds crazy, but it is my opinion that Britain will succumb to the EURO, and will be the 3rd and final horn that is uprooted by the Beast EU System. As I normally say, I’m not dogmatic about my views. Time will tell.


  3. I agree.. This is my understanding as well…. Not sure about Britain… But we’ll see who the 3rd is soon I”m sure…. Remember that Belgium is still operating with no leadership right now…. So this one could easily go under the radar ….


  4. umm…. I’ll correct myself…. 🙂
    A government coalition was named on 5 December 2011 and sworn in after a total of 541 days of negotiations and formation on 6 December 2011,[2] with Elio Di Rupo named Prime Minister of the Di Rupo I Government.

    So could be Britain…


  5. i have seen 3 reports saying he had been executed but now have seen several that says not so. he and his family continue to need our prayers and i pray there is a way out of prison for him to rejoin his family. he is in God’s Hands. Lord for your Glory use this mans life to the max.


  6. you are making some interesting arguments brother Baldy (haha).
    lets not forget Spain, who has I believe the worst economie.. people with the traditional view always have this kind of picture in there head like this is gonna happen and this is gonna happen, as if it will be so clear.. it is verry good to keep watching the theory!


  7. Yep – I’m in agreement too. The view of the beast as EU, the ten giving power over to it, the two uprooted and one remaining. So much speculation that leads us to still watch this chain of events. It still makes sense from what I can see.


  8. Ten others were invited to the meeting with the German FM – but France didn’t attend. Only Ten were in attendance at the meeting to draft this Super Minister proposal. Though, the emergency powers have already been given legally to the person that hold the authority of the High Representative through recommendation 666 by the WEU when it was still an independed functioning body (with only 10 voting members). I don’t know with all the shifting around of who is doing what – I don’t know that I still have confidence in what’s been fulfilled or not. It does almost seem like someone is going out of there way to make sure there are Ten nations present when the big proposals (prophetically speaking) are being made and ratified.


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