Do not get trapped in foolish discussions

Mat 18:15-17 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.

I had just about enough of so called Christians trying to cause division and strive om this site. I want to make it clear to all the saintsofgod, prophetsofgod, apostlesofgod, kiddkowees, Shirley Temple’s and Kenneth Colon’s of this world that this is a pro-Israel site. No Jewish hate and antisemitism is or will ever be allowed here. This is not up for debate. You will never change my mind and beliefs and I do not want to debate it with you or change your mind.

To show you how full of hate these people are, I will publish one of those conversations I had today. This is not edited at all, so please pardon the language. This person has been mailing me for a few months with news links trying to show his/her so called love for the Jews, but I always had this flag in my spirit that something is wrong. This individual did mention a week or two ago that he/she is not to sure if Israel is indeed chosen as God’s people.  See first two comments.

Shirley: I just want to make sure I understand this article?  This woman was assaulted by Jews for being a missionary though she wasn’t. Is this article saying that Jews assault Christian Missionaries? I am so confused.  How I love Israel and worship them yet they persecute my brothers and sisters.  How am I to respond.  The more information that is sent to me and I find I am now questioning who and what Israel is and a Christians response to them.  I am perplexed in spirit.  What am I to do.  I don’t want God to punish me for such thoughts.  Help me.

Vic: Israel is not a Christian nation. They are also not a God fearing nation. But they are God’s covenant people, the apple of His eye. They will only realize their sin when they see the One whom they have pierced coming on the clouds on the near future. The Eze 38 prophecy explains how they are brought back to their land but do not have a spirit towards their God. Currently they are a wicked people on a course to meet with their God in the near future.

Shirley: Chosen?

Vic: Yes, chosen

Shirley: A man after God’s own heart!  May the Lord Bless such thinking.

Vic: Yes, He will. Nobody is chosen because of their good deeds or righteousness. Thank God for that!

Shirley: If you are chosen and reject Jesus are you still chosen?

Vic: Yes. Do you not know that its written : Many are chosen, but few are accepted. (Here I misquoted the verse. My bad. I was corrected: actually you have it wrong here buddy!  it’s many are called and few chosen.

Shirley: who are the children of God?

Vic: Looks like you do not know the difference between God’s chosen people and the Bride of Christ. Are you under the impression that all the Israelis are saved and in heaven because they are chosen as God’s people? If so I will submit to you that you do not know the Bible. Don’t let Israel be a stumbling block to you. God chose the nation to give us the Bible and the Messiah and how He deals with them is His problem. Rather be concerned about your own salvation. (Here I got a little frustrated as I realized that this individual was looking for conflict.)

Shirley: there you go accusing again.  Israel is a stumbling block to you it seems. You are very judgmental.  You make many accusations backed by nothing.  Be careful.  This is the third time you have done this. (I am not sure about the other two times – Vic)  How does Christ acquire his bride?  Does he call them?  Does he choose them?  If yes, then his bride is chosen.  It is once again you who does not know his bible.  Sad.

Vic: (Out of previous experience I realized that this person is not looking for answers, but conflict) Dear Shirley Temple/Kenneth Colon

I will ask nicely that you stop this conversation. If you think that I
am accusing you when I answer your remarks, then it is fine. I knew
from the beginning that you had/have a hidden agenda and you were
never a Zionist.
You will never change my mind and I have no intention of changing
yours. I do not have the time or the interest to discuss this issue
with you any further. Please feel free to believe as you see fit. This
will be my last email to you.
May you have success in finding the truth.

Shirley: Yes you should stop.  You are accusing me again and once again you don’t know anything about me unless you are G_d himself.  You are judgmental.  If your judgement was correct I would accept your correction.  Once again it is you who is a jew hater, anti semetic and possibly a nazi.  First you accuse Israel of being a wicked and un-G_dly nation and then you accuse the nation of Israel of going to Hell!  It is you who poses as a zionist, jew and israel lover yet you write these things about them.  Your double talking here.  I have found the truth yet I am not sure if you have.  Be clear Mr. Hendriks on your position  because from my position you’re contradicting yourself.  Be careful what you accuse me of when you don’t know me.  I have questions, yet you cause great confusion in your responses.  Watch yourself Mr. Hendriks you skate on thin ice with your words.

Vic: Mmmm, I am getting threatened by Shirley Temple. So you are not a Christian? Thanks for accusing me. You stopped close to calling me Satan himself. Well, my Lord was also falsely accused. I am in good company. And so your true colors come out. Is it Kevin or Shirley?

Shirley: LOL!! you have jokes.  You may not be satan, but you talk with a forked tounge.  Did you not call Israel a wicked and un-G_dly nation?  Did you not state that you can be chosen yet not attain heaven?  Oh, you are a slick and wiley one Mr. Wicked.  You talk as the lawyers and pharisees do.  Making accusations based on nothing, no proof!  Be careful what you accuse me of Mr. Wicked!!! If you curse me you will be cursed by G_d.  Do you accuse one of his Chosen ones?  You call yourself a Jew lover yet you call me wicked, un-G_dly and on my way to hell.  Do christians who love jews accuse them of such things?  You are an anti semite and nazi.  There is no doubt about it.

Vic: Is there something wrong with you Sir/Mam?

Shirley: No.  Why do you ask?  I am very clear on what I responded.  You are a jew hater, anti semite, and possibly a nazi.  You accuse Jews as wicked, un-G_dly, and going to Hell!  What would you call someone who said these things about Israel?  I should be asking you is something wrong!  Some nerve.

Vic: I am on my way to post this conversation on my site for public debate. I am sure many will have a good laugh at you and some will cry for you. Oh, I will not edit it. I would love to be shown by the general public were I said all the things you accuse me of. People need to be warned about you. Are you family of this kiddkowee guy that also harassed me?

Shirley: I do not give you permission to post anything with my information or the exchanges.  There you go again accusing me.  You are an anti semite.  Who is the this person you accuse me of once again as knowing?  Truly a judgmental Christian on top of being an jew hating anti semite.

So there you go my friends. The key in this conversations is that you will always be accused of being judgmental and wicked (that’s a buzzword for them). Your questions to them will not be answered but you will rather be more falsely accused for asking those questions. I have been threatened and accused of things that I have never said. The enemy hates us. He hates the truth. The enemy of our souls is out to destroy us. But praise God, we have an Advocate in Heaven, standing in the gap and defending us against all this false accusations.

Hereby I also ask you to pray for these people. The hate inside them is unbelievable. To try to debate them is a waste of time. Do not get caught up in their discussions. They will do their best to break your spirit. The battle is real, very real. We are surely in the last days.

Please pray for me. Please pray for Israel.


12 thoughts on “Do not get trapped in foolish discussions

  1. why did you not put up ALL our email exchanges? I have emails where you admit that Israel is Wicked and Un-G_dly. Is this not true? Not only are you an anti semite, and jew hater. You are also a liar. This is what I expected!


  2. My first conversation refers:

    Vic: Israel is not a Christian nation. They are also not a God fearing nation. But they are God’s covenant people, the apple of His eye. They will only realize their sin when they see the One whom they have pierced coming on the clouds on the near future. The Eze 38 prophecy explains how they are brought back to their land but do not have a spirit towards their God. Currently they are a wicked people on a course to meet with their God in the near future.

    And the problem is?


  3. good job wickus. you are on the solid Biblical ground–and this person is not-clearly-or there would be Grace to give to the jew and beyond-as God does-until He must Judge Himself. all i read of this persons response is accusation. this is the devils’ tactic-to accuse. all i read in what you said was to defend-the jew and the Bible. never argue with a pharisee is a lesson to learn from Jesus Himself. He answered with Scripture as you did vic (and throws the question back into their court). if that brings on protracted argument it is obvious they argue with the Scripture themselves. only the devil and the deceived cast doubt on Scripture-a believer believes it. you are right-we cannot and should not entangle ourselves in this stuff. it’s not our job to change their minds-but yes-pray for them.


  4. This person is obviously Jewish and wrote to you and accused you because you state correctly that Israel is not a Christian nation. It’s apparent in the use of the word God as G_D as they do not say or write his name. I agree with Andre’ that the best course of action is to not interact with those whose only mission is to cause strife. We continue to love and pray for blessing and safety over Israel. God bless you Wickus.


  5. I think the worst part when you first encounter one of these people is the fear that you really did do something wrong. I mean, why else will someone claiming to be a Christian start to accuse you of things you know is not true? These people are dangerous and can lead to many babes in Christ to stumble.

    On my first encounter I was defending myself more than anything else. It was only later that Ive learned that Jesus was accused more than me, but He never defended Himself. That is why I can not care what people are calling me. It is not my job to defend myself. My job is to die.


  6. LOL its funny how people place all Jews in the same basket like by the sounds of it Kenneth,

    You know there is a few types of Jews? (Zionists), (Ashkenazi Jews) occasionally experience anti-Semitism, (Ultra Ortadox) who hate Jesus and only believe in the Torah, (Messianac) Jews who believe Jesus is the messiah…

    Apparently only around 10% maybe a bit more or less are Messianic Jews so by the sounds of it not all Jewish people are going to be with Jesus just because they are Jew. If that was the case then we all would be going to heaven because if you really look at the bloodlines we all stem back to the same people.

    John 3:16– For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

    John 14:6-9 –Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    If a Jewish person doesn’t accept the Lord as his savior then why would Jesus take that person to his kingdom? He clearly states NO ONE comes to the father except through him.

    Plain and simple in my opinion.
    Being a Jew doesn’t automatically give you the right to do whatever you want thinking you will go to heaven..
    Vic is 100% right when he said we are not judged on our works and i also say to that thank the lord for that. The Faith-full will be rewarded.


  7. you defended the jew and the Bible and left off defending yourself. yes that is what we are to do-just like Jesus did. in my journaling today as a matter of fact was this verse the Spirit gave me to highlight and to internalize: 1 cor 4:12b-13….being reviled, we bless;being persecuted, we endure; being defamed, we entreat. we have been made as the filth of the world, the offscouring of all things ………how timely for me and you as reminder amen? (we must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God. acts 14:22)…………there are some things (of Gods’ choosing not our own) we will not be able to avoid as Christians.


  8. I agree. Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the gentiles comes *in and so all Israel will be saved.

    All Israel, the whole house of God, jew and gentile, by faith in Christ Jesus.

    Cheers (:


  9. Comment by Vic: My answer in brackets
    Wow!! This is really something. Wicked accused me in a round about way of being an anti semite knowing that he has no proof. (My name is Wickus, but you are welcome to insult.)
    I in turn accused him of such using his/her own words. The question is, can you be chosen and reject Jesus? (Yes, nothing in the Bible indicates anything otherwise)
    Is Israel a nation that rejects Jesus? (As a nation, yes. But there are many individuals who are Christians)
    If so, are they wicked and Un-G_dly? (Thought my name is Wicked and they can not be me. But any sinner rejecting Jesus are lost, Jew and gentile)
    If you reject Jesus whether it be individually or collectively where do you go when you perish? Heaven or Hell? (Hell)
    I say these are legit questions yet Wicked accuses me of being what he is, and that is an anti semite. (I just love this accusations and wearing down of the saints)
    For any person to accuse Israel as being wicked, un-G_dly, and going to hell if they reject Jesus then they are anti semites, jew haters, and Israel bashers. (Then I must be one according to your judgment)
    Wicked is the one making these statements. Is everyone here telling me that they are in agreement with Wicked? (Drumroll…..)
    You are either for Israel or you are not? Does not G_d save those he chooses? Are not the Jews G_d’s chosen people? (His chosen nation, yes. But they are not guaranteed salvation)
    Yet it seems to me by reading some of these statements that the Chosen ones are those in Jesus and are his Children? (The saved ones, yes)
    Again, are those who are chosen saved by faith in Jesus? (Those who have repented and in faith turned to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and believe that He has risen are born again and saved.)
    I am sure this is a Jew Hating Anti Semite Nazi site if this is what you are saying. Then you are the enemy of the Jews if you believe and say such things. (Have you read anything on this site or do you just like accusing)

    I thought this site were friends to Israel and understood the plight of the Jew. I thought Wicked was all for the destruction of the Arabs whether they be Muslim and Christian? (Any person who wants any nation and especially Christians destructed, do have a serious problem. I will never say that or stand for that. Try another accusation.)
    I thought those on this site did not mind if Israel killed and pushed out everyone that is not a Jew out of Israel by any means. Even if that means is violent. This is accurate Talmudic and Torah teachings that must be adhered to. (This is a Christian site. We do not follow Talmudic or Torah teachings. This site does not spread hate or violence, but study end times prophecy. End time prophecy will be violent and many will be killed, but we so not endorse it
    If Israel is the land of the Jews doesn’t that mean that all people who are not Jews must go? Is this not what you agreed with Wicked? I have the email with your response? (Please post the mail. Do you think I have anything to hide? Okay, I am getting tired of this. I will not respond further.)
    Does not the bible say that all the nations will bow before Israel? I am the one for Israel and it seems like many of you are not. Or is everyone or most of you flip flopping?

    Is everyone on this site wanting to see the destruction of the Jews? Is this why you support Israel? Do you want to see the return of Jesus so quickly? Is this what you want to see? If this is the case then you are haters of Israel and the Jews and your love for the Jews and Israel is not sincere and has underline motives. This motive seems to be the return of your Messiah. Does not the destruction of the Jews precede this according to your dispensationalists teachings?

    I will wait to see what the responses are and respond accordingly if Wicked posts this response up.

    (Friends, don’t get drawn up in this. If you cross a t and dot an i you will later be accused of doing it because of your love/hate for Israel.)


  10. Matthew 7:6 (KJV)
    Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. – Jesus


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