Germany to leave the Euro?

I was kinda surprised to see this discussed on The Economic Collapse site. I also thought that it will be the weaker countries leaving the Euro and that it could be related to the uprooting of the three horns. Now this can put an interesting twist in the story of the beast with the 10 horns.

Is Germany Actually Preparing To Leave The Euro?

For a long time, most analysts have believed that if someone was going to leave the euro, it would be a weak nation such as Greece or Portugal.  But the truth is that financially troubled nations such as Greece and Portugal don’t want to leave the euro.  The leaders of those nations understand that if they leave the euro their economies will totally collapse and nobody will be there to bail them out.  And at this point there really is not a formal mechanism which would enable other members of the eurozone to kick financially troubled nations such as Greece or Portugal out of the euro.  But there is one possibility that is becoming increasingly likely that could actually cause the break up of the euro.  Germany could leave the euro.  Yes, it might actually happen.  Germany is faced with a very difficult problem right now.  It is looking at a future where it will be essentially forced to bail out most of the rest of the nations in the eurozone for many years to come, and those bailouts will be extremely expensive.  Meanwhile, the mood in much of the rest of Europe is becoming decidedly anti-German.  In Greece, Angela Merkel and the German government are being openly portrayed as Nazis.  Financially troubled nations such as Greece want German bailout money, but they are getting sick and tired of the requirements that Germany is imposing upon them in order to get that money.  Increasingly, other nations in Europe are simply ignoring what Germany is asking them to do or are openly defying Germany.  In the end, Germany will need to decide whether it is worth it to continue to pour billions upon billions of euros into countries that don’t appreciate it and that are not doing what Germany has asked them to do.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union party recentlyapproved a resolution that would allow a country to leave the euro without leaving the European Union.

Many thought that the resolution was aimed at countries like Greece or Portugal, but the truth is that this resolution may be setting the stage for a German exit from the euro.

The following is an excerpt from that resolution….

“Should a member [of the euro zone] be unable or unwilling to permanently obey the rules connected to the common currency he will be able to voluntarily–according to the rules of the Lisbon Treaty for leaving the European Union–leave the euro zone without leaving the European Union. He would receive the same status as those member states that do not have the euro.”

So was that paragraph written for Greece?

Or was it written for Germany?

That is a very interesting question.

Read the rest HERE.


One thought on “Germany to leave the Euro?

  1. sorry that i’m not posting on this topic but found this about gmj (global march on jerusalem official site.–no ——-) coming up this month on the 30th. there are many more nations to be represented besides these spoken of in this article but look at this delegations travels-picking up support going through iran so that irans’ interests (meeting with iranian prominent figures) are represented in this endeavor as well. this cannot be good-repeat-this cannot be good-what is going to be descending upon jerusalem the end of this month. these believe israel is the “occupier”. how all this will be used to further the global outcry and pressure against israel will become apparent in a few short days weeks and months. interesting too is “rev” jeremiah wrights’ name among those to speak at this event–we know what he thinks of israel (and america). president obama sat under his “preaching” for twenty years—no wonder he is so disrespectful of israel……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Iranian border
    Published on March 17th, 2012 by gm2j.admin in News

    After 6 days since beginning of GMJ Asian caravan to Jerusalem, the caravan crossed Iranian border. Passing through Zahidan, Kerman and Qom the caravan reached Tehran last night at 9 pm. 120 delegates of the caravan are preparing themselves to proceed towards Turkish border and then via Mediterranean sea dock at

    Beirut port on 27th March where the number will be increased to 250 delegates.
    The caravan will meet with Iranian prominent figures during its stay in Tehran and an Iranian delegation of artists, poets, students and activists as well as some MPs will join the caravan.

    “Although it was supposed to reach to Jordanian borders to join the 30th of March program but due to situation in Syria and Iraq, no land rout to the borders of Jordan was possible and available and the caravan has to follow the rout from Turkey to Lebanon” said Mr. Salim Ghafouri head of Iranian nation GMJ board.

    “There is no need to emphasize all the delegates are free to join any other surrounding country of Palestine on 30th march but as scheduled and announced before the Asian caravan is planning to join Lebanon program on 30th march 2012″ he mentioned.

    People from Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, India, Bahrain, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Iran has joined the caravan till now.


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