Do not be mislead by the media.

 The main stream media hates Israel. They can not report on anything involving Israel without showing Israel as the bad guys. I guess many of you have heard that Israel is under attack from Gaza by  the peace loving suppressed so called Palestinians. Apparently more than 130 rockets has been fired from the Gaza strip on Israel from the poor defenseless Philistines, sorry, Palestines. But what do you hear from CNN?

2 civilians killed in Gaza airstrike, Palestinians say

Gaza City (CNN) — Israeli airstrikes killed two civilians including a 13-year-old boy in Gaza on Sunday, Palestinian medical sources said, bringing the number of dead there to 18 in three days of strikes.

And from the BBC:

Israel launches fresh air strikes on Gaza

Israeli air strikes have pounded Gaza for a second day, in the worst violence in the region for almost a year.

Palestinian sources said at least 15 militants had been killed in the two days of fighting.

Israeli says almost 100 rockets fired from Gaza have struck Israel since the exchange of fire began.

The US condemned the rocket attacks, calling them “cowardly”, while the Arab League called the Israeli air strikes “a massacre”.

The UN and the European Union have expressed concern and appealed for calm.

Clearly the BBC is more neutral, but the world still see the oppressing Israeli’s bullying the poor Palestinians. Is there one country in the world who will sit back and  do nothing if they are bombarded by 130 rockets? No. It will be seen as an act of war. But poor Israel must do nothing according to the world.

For the truth on what is happening in Israel, visit Israeli news sites or the Israel Defense Force site. And for the truth about Israel, God’s land, Jerusalem and the outcome of all of this, visit The Bible.


9 thoughts on “Do not be mislead by the media.

  1. I just went out to google and put in israel gaza and it is just unbelievable the reporting, Israeli airstrike etc etc

    yeah everything is the fault of Israel, just like in the days of Hitler, the jews had done everything bad to the world

    history repeats itself that is for sure, makes me sick to my stomach and heart

    come Lord Jesus and bring peace to Jerusalem

    Thanks Vic for posting about this


  2. I think I have read somewhere that 3 anti-missiles are fired in defense of one Hamas rocket. If correct that gives is $150000 for one Hamas rocket fired.

    Now if thousands of rockets are fired on Israel, that will give us a huge amount of money!


  3. I picked up this commentary from another forum from an American living in Israel and thought that those of us here at Unsealed Prophecy would find it interesting.

    Egypt is down wind of Gaza, or on some days Ashkelon or Tel Aviv. Just depends on what way the wind is blowing those days. Most times it blows North or North West, but about a third of the time it shifts due South.

    On the South days Gaza is down wind from Ashkelon the target they were firing at, the primary oil refinery and chemical manufacturing city of Israel. It is also where they make all the liquid chlorine gas to sanitize the national water supply.

    Would be a real shoot in the foot moment if the Paleo-stein savages were to hit that chlorine storage facility when the wind was in their face. Every oxygen breathing thing due south of Ashkelon will die.

    “Howl, O gate! cry, O city! thou, Philistia, art wholly dissolved; for there cometh from the north a smoke, and none remaineth apart in his gatherings [of troops].”

    Isaiah 14:31


  4. The main stream media here doesn’t even show whats happening in Israel.
    If you look at the nightly news you get about 9 minutes of news which is mainly local, 10 minutes of adds, 6 minutes of sport and about 5 minutes of weather and that’s about it.
    The main stream media is rubbish.


  5. oh yes. deception at work and the sleepy sleep on. but even though the media tries to hide much from us i am thankful that the Word of God illumines what does come to light (the Spirit of God sees to that) to highlight it for our understanding of the times we are in. God will not leave us without His Wisdom-His Word-it is the only thing we can trust! to the Word and to our knees we must go! or be caught unaware. being ignorant of the Word of God is terrible error-(i pray not to be found guilty there)-My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…hosea 4:6-and too many called the church live in that ignorance and shame. God open eyes to see and ears to hear! (and pray for the peace of jerusalem)……………………………


  6. Lafreak
    You are absolutely right about the News, I’m live in Adelaide we get next to nothing about what happening specially on Israel. SBS covers some news but I don’t have reception to view it…as you said NSM is rubbish..

    Vic probably so as SA.


  7. –these folks have an official song now-a big worldwide media blitz too. (lots of people drinking the poisoned koolaid believing all the hype about bad bad israel). take a look at the articles and note the colors on the official site.–no blue and white with the star of david-only palestinian colors for the entire map of the country. these folks are serious about getting jerusalem into their hands exclusively. they are spitting in Gods’ Eye are they not??? the palestinians used political pressure already (@ un) with only some results-now they are using public-worldwide-pressure with a large number of countries backing it and it looks to be really picking up steam. if this becomes a real global push for more pressure upon the jews (to get out of the land) like it looks to be-then this plays into the hands of the work of satan and a soon coming abomination of desolation if this is what i think it is. for certain it should be all eyes on jerusalem—it is what to watch as the supersign to bible prophecy. (this is not the time to be distracted-that too is what satan wants).


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