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I was never a big supporter of the idea that Jesus fulfilled the first half of the 70th week, but after I’ve read Passerby’s post of the 20th, I started to investigate the idea. I am not dogmatic about it and are more than willing to discuss it. I just want to share some thoughts with you all.

After reading and re-reading Dan 9:26 and 27, some of the old gray matter started to send sparks in my head.

Daniel 9:26  (KJV)

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

The key to my thinking is the word “after”. Synonyms for “after” will…

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  1. Jeremiah 46 to 49
    Describes the events of the past that came to fulfillment in the way Jeremiah poetically describes.
    Since the events of Jeremiah are in context within the time frame of the servant of God King of Babylon NEBU-CHAD-REZZAR.
    God tells the ancient Israelites that they will go into captivity with this Babylonian king and that they should serve him and if any one does not serve the king of Babylon this will be accounted to them as disobedience towards God’s will.
    Now Considering the name NEBU-CHAD-REZZAR. In Aramaic breakdown meaning of this name, it follows like this:
    CHAD is E-KHAD meaning FIRST

    So the name meaning would be this: The FIRST PROPHET who CONGREGATES.
    In context to historical events Nebuchadrezzar was the first ordained servant of God to congregate the tribes of Israel in masses. That is why we have in church the word MASS or CONGREGATION of the masses.

    From basic bible prophecy and understanding of Old Testament prophets without going into detailed explanation, all the prophets and servants of God were assigned specific roles that displayed a unique character and function of the ONE to COME Christ Jesus.
    If you put all the Old Testament characters from Abraham , Moses, David, Solomon to Daniel you have the TRUE identity of the Messiah and the character of God His nature.

    Having explained these basic tenants to understanding Old Testament prophecy we need to also note that in those days man acted on earth on God’s behalf and so these men of God were a shadow of the REAL TEMPLE BUILDER Christ Jesus. You see Solomon build a temple made from hands yet Christ Jesus builds a temple not made by human hand but is spiritually formed within the faithful in Christ Jesus. When the Holy Spirit sanctifies you when He Baptises you with fire by burning away all your blemishes and moulding you into the personaility of Christ, so that as the scripture states you become the Holy Temple that God forms in YOU. These are those that are clothed by the Holy Spirit in white garments, the cloth of Christ.

    Today in the 21 st century and the time, time and a half prophecy where countless witnesses to the gospel have being martyred for the sake of Christ since almost 2000 years ago when Christ Jesus our forerunner entered first and all these countless witnesses (symbolic of the two witnesses of Revelation representing the LAW and the PROPHETS) followed him along this narrow path towards salvation by having their blood shed. This is the cup that Christ Jesus spoke of the faithfull also drinking from and is also symbolic of the Holy COMMUMION that is taken in remembrance to the allegence to Christ Jesus and the willingness to die for His sake. All the disciples, the apostles and men of God followed Him in this way.

    After the cross Christ Jesus is the King and took His place as the designated ONE to ONE representative of God on Earth in place of all the men of God who have passed away, yet Christ Jesus being ressurected is alive for ever more. So Christ Jesus holds the keys of God, the throne of God and the chief priesthood (Malkezedec).

    Therefore in conclusion to Jeremiah the WORLD has been for last almost 2000 years under GRACE as Christ Jesus intercedes with the Heavenly Father to allow extra time, time and a half for HIS GRACE until all the people who have been written in the Book of Life of Christ Jesus are SEALED. That is why Jesus said the Father will never allow any that I have kept in my hands to be lost.

    The difference of how God treated man before the cross and after has NEVER being preached in context to GRACE. Before man was treated as a criminal and a prisoner and was severely punished right there and then without mercy. Today God holds back His wrath and hand upon ALL because there is a time, time and half a time of GRACE that people under their own free will can take refuge under the cross at the feet of the beloved Son Christ Jesus. I tell you that if God is allowing the falling away to happen and evil to run its course then you DO NOT want to be advocating war, because as you are a rehabilitated criminal under GRACE, you better do what Christ Jesus tells you and that is to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, or you will be on the opposite side of God’s sword. Do not think of yourselves much by judging others especially when you were previously on death row, but because of the GRACE of Christ, you now are reformed prisoners of Christ Jesus under GRACE and being rehabilitated from your spiritually sick carnal mind. Being justified under GRACE and accepting to be rehabilitated by the Holy Spirit who is the advocate on your behalf on the day of your judgement when you are on all fours with your face on the ground in front of His Godliness, Majesty Christ Jesus. Grace is your only refuge and pardon from the full measure of the LAW coming down on your head.

    As far as any unfulfilled prophecy that you think that have not come to pass, they will be fulfilled not by man’s hand as they were before the cross, because man who rules on behalf of God is a shadow and a thing of the past, jotted out from any prophecy fairy tales you want to concate to apease your wordly friends, man no longer represents God as in the past. Jesus is the only one that represents God and that is the word and is also prophetic as written in:

    Daniel 2:44
    And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom SHALL NOT BE LEFT TO OTHER PEOPLE

    Who is other people? MAN!

    Only given into the precious hands of Christ Jesus for out of His mouth goes a double edged sword to smite His enemies. If you as prisoners of Christ Jesus want to take His judgement seat on His behalf then the stone that the builders rejected will break you to pieces.

    PEACE OBEDIENCE prisoners of Christ Jesus and never think that you can take place of the King of kings the Prince of Peace who rides the white horse for everything has been given into His hand and you are side lined and thanks be to God The Father that we ALL are under Grace and not the Law, otherwise we would ALL have suffered terribly, the world would have suffered beyond comprehension if it came under God’s wrath without measure poured into the cup of everyones indignation without mixture. That is coming friends so in the mean time, time and half a time Repent! And seek the Lord thy God.


  2. Let me be honest saintofgod, this is utter rubbish! So much of twisting scripture to try to proof something I have not seen in a long time. Stick to the clear message of the Bible and stop looking for hidden meanings.


  3. yes grace–but only to the repentant—the law is for the sinner (that he may know he is a sinner-given space of time-grace period-to repent). God knows when to withdraw His Grace-not me-not you-that He may minister His Justice. i do not want to stand in the way of God ministering His Law to those who are refusing Grace. yes love your enemies as Christ did-it is Grace to lovingly tell them ( & live out Grace before them) and stand at the ready to receive them in the brokenness of their repenting before Holy God–but if they-(those unrepentant of their own way are His enemies-not mine)-if they are unwilling-then we must leave them to God’s dealings—God will repay them what they “pay” Him–that is His business-let Him do it. He is Righteous in all His doings amen? oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just: for the Righteous God trieth the hearts and the reins. psalm 7:9 God gave me Grace-Forgiveness-because i trusted Him (Jesus’ Blood Sacrifice) for it {{Jesus got the Book (of the Law) thrown at Him}}–i did not deserve that Grace He afforded us–guilty all–but–the broken Law of God stands as Testimony against the (still) sinful soul and He will judge. He can/will separate the wheat from the chaff in this time of threshing. the Word of God will not twist in any way to clear the guilty—but praise God there is Mercy–if the guilty want their record of wrong cleared. as to what the post is about—i’m still watching because many things can seemingly go either/or to me-the 3 1/2 or the full 7th (70th) week. my eyes are on You Jesus-the Love of my life.


  4. That is coming friends so in the mean time, time and half a time Repent! And seek the Lord thy God.


    you use a lot of truth there to twist around to say what you wish to say, this has been done in many, many different ways for sure

    not all of prophecy has been fulfilled, although there are groups who teach this, preterism I think it is but does not matter

    I have come across ones like you who try to shove this down others throats in a lot of forums
    but most of the time they do get exposed for what they truly are and what they are doing

    I will pray for your soul, and that you find the truth of the old testament prophets yourself
    if I remember correctly or maybe I am just thinking this, you do not believe that the nation of Israel was prophesied to be brought back together again and that the church is now israel of god

    The prophets of old foretold these days without a doubt if a person reads them without all of the old man in his head or what someone else taught him about the church/Israel

    I pray that God break into your mind and shed his true light of the Holy Spirit that you get yourself out of this muddle you seem to be in


  5. There is a natural Israel that are God’s people because of the promises God made to their forefathers and there is a spiritual Israel that has been grafted in, by faith through the spirit.


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