Most significant weekend indeed.

In Bro Brian’s latest post, he mentioned that this weekend will be a most significant weekend. He says the following:

This weekend will be one of the most significant weekends in a long time.  Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak came home to give the dissapointing report that the United States will not have red lines for Iran, and Israel is all alone if they attack Iran.  In other words, President Obama has not only left Israel alone, but left them very vulnerable to extinction.  I am sure President Obama will give a pro-Israel tone at the AIPAC Conference, but it will be interesting what Netanyahu says.  It is being reported Netanyahu will give a new and unusual speech.  This perks my interest because I wonder if Netanyahu will eloquently give the Jewish defense of why they are in their land, and why they need to protect themselves.

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This morning I woke up to most disturbing news. Powerful storms has leveled towns in Indiana and killed at least 28 people in three states in the US.

Powerful storms leveled small towns in southern Indiana, transforming entire blocks of homes into piles of debris, tossing school buses into a home and a restaurant and causing destruction so severe it was difficult to tell what was once there.

As night fell, dazed residents shuffled through town, some looking for relatives, while rescue workers searched the rubble for survivors. Without power, the only light in town came from cars that crawled down the streets.

Read the rest on Fox HERE.

And over here in South Africa, we are bracing ourselves for the most powerful tropical cyclone that has hit this part of the world in the past 28 years. In this part of the world cyclones is just unheard of.

Johannesburg – Tropical cyclone Irina is expected to hit the northern coast of KwaZulu-Natal over the next two to three days, the SA Weather Services said on Friday.

The storm system will dump an “extreme” amount of rain over the region, it warned.

“Areas around Kosi Bay, St Lucia, and Richard’s Bay can expect up to 400 millimetres of rain over this period,” weather spokesperson Hannelee Doubell said.

The amount of rain expected was of an “extreme nature” last experienced when tropical cyclone Domoina hit KwaZulu-Natal in 1984.

“Domoina brought between 400 and 600 millimetres of rain over a period of two to three days,” Doubell said.

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” As America has done to Israel” echoes in my head. As Bro Brian states in his comment, it looks like Obama/USA has turned their back on Israel and Israel is on her own against Iran. Now a few days later towns get destroyed in the US by twisters. Coincidence?

The South African ANC government has made it very clear that they are no friend of Israel. They see the Israeli’s as oppressors and the Palestinians as the victims and compare it to an apartheid kind of struggle. What they do not realize is that they struggle with God. Now we are expecting the biggest storm in 28 years to hit us. Coincidence?

This is really turning out to be a most significant weekend.


9 thoughts on “Most significant weekend indeed.

  1. How is is possible that those that dare to divide His land ( whom have been given space to repent ) still refused to heed the warnings 😦 Not forgetting how she is thrown under the bus 😦

    Unbelievable to watch the ” defiance”

    Rev 9:21 — Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.


  2. As these supercell storms, tornadoes, have been hitting the midwest and now into the southern states in my country. As of now there are over 40 deaths with more to be reported as they dig through the wrecked buildings and cars. Last night on the news the reporter said usually in one tornado season, which is just beginning and in fact a bit early, there are only 60 deaths. Do you see those numbers? More in one week probably than in a usual whole season.
    God will not be mocked, Mr. Obama, I do not call him President as he dishonors that title each day that goes by.
    Praying for Africa too Vic. This whole world will be against Israel as the prophets have told us.


  3. Oh by the way, I just ordered a book by that title for my neice, who will fill me in on the details. “As America has done to Israel”. Shampoo and I have watched all these major storms hit as we have turned on Israel, in 1991 when the Mardrid Conference was being planned.

    The Madrid Conference was hosted by the government of Spain and co-sponsored by the USA and the USSR. It convened on October 30, 1991 and lasted for three days. It was an early attempt by the international community to start a peace process through negotiations involving Israel and the Palestinians as well as Arab countries including Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. It was the last conference held with both the USSR and US present; the USSR collapsed later that year in December 1991.

    And what I find interesting is the location, Madrid. Why Madrid? Is that a clue as to where the AC might come from? Solana no doubt was there and from Madrid.
    newspaper articles talking about the kennebunkport damage (look on the right and click on more articles)

    The first President Bush: The storm ravaged more than 100 seaside homes in Maine, including the President’s at Kennebunkport, which reportedly sustained heavy damage, including some flooding and broken windows caused by waves 20 to 30 feet high. Mr. Bush planned to interrupt a political trip to the West to inspect the waterlogged and debris-strewn property tomorrow, White House aides said.

    As you said Hisown, man will not repent, as they think they have no need of the God who created them. In fact in this day and age, the idea of a creator has been destroyed. The earth evolved, according to them. This is taught as fact in all of our schools now, what a sad sorry state of mankind. And God will not be mocked.


  4. Roma thank-you for the clip. That was so hard to watch 😦


    How does one try to even begin to express the concern of what we are about about to enter into? What’s with the ” we don’t want to hear it” thank-you smirks !! Oh wait we were told to expect these responses yet it’s so difficult to actually hear them right 😦

    My question is , is this normal for this time of the year or ….?


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