Syria – What Jerry thinks

From The Golden Report:

It’s said that the Devil is in the details. In this case we have two devils fighting each other and it’s not easy to decide which one you should be rooting for.

 The Assad Alawite Government controlled by the Baath Party is perceived by the Western Media as the Devil and should be taken down – that the poor helpless Syrian civilians are being killed by the thousands. There is some truth to that but it is truth with a lot of spin and the real question is why the real whole truth is not being told? Before I get too far into this let me make it completely clear that I do not consider myself among the elite who have all the inside info concerning what is happening in Syria, but I am pretty close to the action, and may have a little more insight and interest than most reading this.

The “rebels” you are hearing about are not the majority in Syria, in fact they are not even close to being the majority. The majority of the civilians in Syria support Bashar Assad. I find it difficult trying to understand why because he is a monster and a murderer like his father before him who also killed thousands of civilians. And with all that said we need to look at the other devil mentioned here. It is the radical Islamic movement which wants to replace him and kill all the Alawites in Syria. They want to put into place Sharia Islamic Law, much as is happening in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya and throughout the Islamic Arab world.

As these two devils face off, neither can give up knowing well the consequences of failing. If Assad loses he will be hunted down and killed like a dog and his body and that of his family dragged through the streets of Damascus. If the rebels lose Bashar Assad hunts them down and kills every one of them.

Russia and China have several interests in seeing Assad win. With him they have a puppet that can be controlled and will continue to buy millions of dollars worth of weapons from them with which to destroy Israel. Russia now has a seaport on the Syrian coast and Iran has full use of it. But the big question is why Obama wants the rebels to win? That is becoming clear even to those who don’t want to see it. So I will say it straight out; Obama is in favor of the Islamic Arabs (Caliphate) in all the Arab Spring wars and uprisings.

As for Iran, they bring into the equation a far more dangerous scenario. Not only is the world’s future in question if they get the nukes [and they will], but they also control Hezbollah and Hamas. If things get to the point where Assad is going to lose Iran will give the orders for Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas to open fire on Israel. Tens of thousands of missiles will then begin to fall on us here in Israel. And before that is over millions will have died. But missiles will be going in both directions and it is my guess that most of the Middle East will look like a glass factory when the dust settles. [Psalm 83 & Isaiah 17?]

When we are talking about the insane Islamic terrorists who feel it is their spiritual duty to bring in the 12 Imam [who fits the description of the Christian anti-Christ] there is no logic that can be applied. Iran has already said they can survive a nuclear war with Israel because of their size. But 75% of the Jewish population of Israel live on the coast between Tel-Aviv and Haifa and make for a very small target. And anyone who thinks for a minute that these Muslims will not send that bomb as soon as they possibly can, just don’t understand what the world is up against.

As for the US and the Iranian ability to hit them with nukes, all you have to do is look at the thousands of Iranian ships docked in US ports. Or for that matter, two or three well placed ships outfitted to deliver missiles in the Atlantic and Pacific could easily hit all the major cities on both coasts without warning. Yet there is far more to be considered here. Russia and China have made it known that they are no friends of the US. They have also made it known that they are friends to Syria and Iran and will supply them with all their nuclear weapons if needed. Those who believe that the Russian Bear has been declawed have fallen into a dangerous slumber.

I could go on and on with all this gloom and doom. However,  I would much rather talk to you about saving Jewish lives, but it is necessary to try to wake you up and cause you to see how dangerous Obama is and more importantly “what” he is.

Things have now gone to the point where there is no easy way out of this mess. Iran must be hit with everything the US and Israel can put together and as quickly as possible. Every day they wait brings these insane Islamic terrorists closer to ushering in their 12th Imam. Any way you look at it, the world we grew up in is gone. The only way to preserve some sane semblance of society is to stop these devil driven Islamic murderers. They are destroying Europe and working full time to do the same to the US.

But let me close with some “good news”. We win. We are those who have come to know Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah). God cannot lie. Israel will survive and Yeshua will plant His Feet on the Mount of Olives. He will return. The Jews will be gathered from the islands of the sea and the nations. They will once again claim Israel as their eternal inheritance.

There is no doubt that this ministry is called by God and He has collected the ones He wants to bless to be part of it. There has never been a time when the need to raise finances is as important as it is right now. We both know that in the days ahead money will not be worth anything. Many are fooled into believing that they can store up a lot of cash to survive, but the dollar and the Euro will be worthless when, or before, the bombs start to fall. We have the opportunity to buy the larger boat, or boats, to save Jewish lives. But we must do it now. We can’t wait any longer to be obedient.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and YOUR PART IN IT.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

Comment by Vic:

It is good to have some fresh insight from someone living in Israel. The popular media can sometimes totally distort the truth for sensational purposes.  About a week ago I’ve listened to an interview on a local radio station. The reporter who was interviewed came from a trip to Syria. She said that what we see and hear in the mainstream news is not what is really happening in Syria. The unrest is apparently in small secluded areas, but what is shown by the world is a country that is split in to and in a civil war.

Whatever is going to happen in Syria is not going to be good. It looks like the destruction of Damascus is around the corner.


4 thoughts on “Syria – What Jerry thinks

  1. thanks for this post to help clarify. trying to work this out with the scriptures foremost in my mind as you all are too. jerry goldens’ eyes on the ground are so important for this. i still believe that the “powers that be” are able to take out anyone who gets in their way toward the global goal-whether it is the eu/un/nato folks or the ones hell-bent on their (religion of peace remember?) mahdis’ “arrival” (all of them so deceived & deluded from the pit). it is all working the same goal in my opinion-supposedly “peace and security” (kumbaya)-they are all experts (in their own agenda) fixing the world ya know….removing mubarak, usama bin laden, ghaddafi, & others, like removing assad-sure seems to fit their plan and timetable-my opinion. good riddance they’ll think–and sometime after that it will “hook” russia/china/iran. (if i’m reading scripture rightly)—(funny (?) how they only end up serving God’s purpose-God gets the last Word as well as the last laugh at what becomes of their schemes…..prov 1:26). i do believe israel (pushed to extreme by the “powers that be” in allowing and helping implement the total threat to their survival) will be the one to take out damascus since the Lord mentions that in isaiah 17:9 but not exactly sure. so i think it possible they will strike syria before striking iran–we’ll see. mr. solana is very busy still and very much a player in my mind. he-is still that one i watch as possible ac-in all his “charm”-as a senior fellow who has pulled many strings behind the scenes because his agenda has been on the table all this time–the “roadmap” plan has failed in all the right ways to help to bring this set-up about—the “organization”—the beast—he proposed while official–put into place (rec 666 & article 666-enp, enp(i) is some of it’s “fruit” too) doing the dirty work to clean up after all the dictators (numbers israel among them as “occupiers”) the messy business done-to pave the way for a clean shot at running the whole cursed thing as ultimate dictator himself. if i need corrected then i hope you good folks can help me—so far it’s how i see this–and yes yes yes pray for the peace of jerusalem……………….


  2. Nope, I don’t see any reason you correct you Sis. We are in interesting times indeed. I think we all may be in for some surprises as the prophetic scene unfolds. And I am so thankful to have my brothers and sisters here with me.

    Bless you!


  3. I really feel so sorry for all the people living in that part of the world, it has been a nightmare for a long time. I cannot imagine what they go through. Things continue to fall apart around the world in many ways. But we know that Jesus knows and he is coming back to bring peace for Jerusalem.


  4. amen vic and roma. i am thankful as well to keep company here. i am among friends who love the Lord their God ( i know this because the Spirit-with the Word-bears witness in the edifying that is so prevalent here). it blesses me at the thought of a face to Face-with Christ Jesus our Savior and also with each other somewhere out in the wild blue yonder! (seated rsvp at His Table!) i agree that many many things will amaze us in the coming days and yes for the harvest of souls from every tongue and tribe and nation going on even today in the midst of such suffering. oh for the day when the horror of sins’ reign will not terrorize the whole earth as it is doing-increasingly so now-when the Prince of Peace is on the earth for 1000 years……………………one day He’s coming oh Glorious Day!


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