The harlot performs at Superbowl

I am not an American, so I do not know what the Superbowl is all about. I don’t even know what sport is played there. 8) I did see a comment by Justasheep on Facebook asking if it was a halftime show or a Madonna worship service. That in itself sounds bad. Some other comments I’ve heard compared the show to satanic worship. It show the state of the world when Christians can not even watch a sports event without getting repulsed with what they see. Here is a Youtube video of the show for those who did not see it. And yes, it is repulsive.

I just found this video. Did not watch it yet, but the comments sound interesting:

Madonna Super Bowl Illuminati Half Time Show Ritual Symbolism Explained


42 thoughts on “The harlot performs at Superbowl

  1. Outside America no one cares about the Superbowl pretty much. Here in Australia they showed about 30 seconds of it on the news and was mostly about Madonna.
    Besides when will the Americans learn to play a sport without helmets and pads πŸ™‚
    Rugby league and union players are hardcore (no pads, no helmets) and those sports are appreciated world wide without all the hoohaa . Its like they had to promote Madonna to get people to watch lol.
    Besides more people watched Australia V india in the cricket in 1 test match than 5 superbowls put together hehe with no Madonna.
    My rant about american football πŸ™‚


  2. You will make our American friends angry. πŸ™‚ But I must admit, I could never understand why they must wear all those helmets and pads when the Springboks can take on the Wallabies in a rugby match without any protective gear. (Super Rugby is starting this Saturday. Good luck with your Aussie teams Peter.)
    Cricket is a different story. A hard ball hitting your head at 140Km/h can take you to intensive care very quick.


  3. Guys i’m laughing all the way with ya!! I’m an Aussie and still don’t understand cricket. You have the one day matches then the test series… the long and the short…what is the difference! lol

    As for Madonna! what a set up…it’s very sad!!..

    GBU All


  4. Regarding the cricket my American friends on facebook were bragging about how many people watched the Superbowl. They don’t understand India and their 1billion population or whatever it is absolutely idolize the cricket. Especially Sachin Tendulkar. When India play they all watch πŸ™‚
    And yea Wickus i reckon Australia will go ok but Springboks are a pretty good team at the moment and will be hard to beat πŸ™‚
    Good to have a bit of fun outside prophecy now and again hehe.


  5. Trust me when I say that no one watched the Super Bowl for Madonna. They may have intentionally tuned into the half time show for her. Most of my friends watch the Super Bowl; not for football but for the commercials that come out especially for the Super Bowl. They charge high prices to air them so many companies go all out and make some of the best commercials ever. Last year the little Darth Vader boy was probably one of the best in ages. The Chevy Mayan 2012 commercial this year was pretty funny as well.


  6. Idolatry, paganism , pride , lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes…………need I say more 😦

    Please don’t get me wrong , before I got saved my life was centered around my little ” god” – sports and have now come to abhor the idolatry that accompanies that. Yes the world sets it’s standard on the outward and I too fell into that trap………..a trap that distracts one from the reality of what true beauty is – a broken and contrite spirit, to fear the Lord , to love the Lord God with all your mind, body and strength and to love others from a pure heart- This beauty is radiant and smells so very sweet πŸ™‚

    What Madonna has stinks ….and that dear friends is not jealousy it’s a disdain and a grieving …trust me πŸ™‚

    Hey Boetie what’s your favorite saying….REAL men don’t wear pads..LOL


  7. (i’m american and i’m laughing with you folks!) but on the other note—-what you are saying pretty much sums up Hisown…even so come quickly Lord Jesus. the stink of this entire world in it’s hatred of God is rising and He will bring it to it’s rightful end. Glory to God!


  8. πŸ™‚ You are right – having played American Football in high school, I’m glad to have had a coach who was a long time rugby player. That man was 5’4″ of pure muscle, insanity and determination. It sure was fun to go out there on the field and go full bore in armor head to toe.

    Anyway – yeah that was my reaction too. We watched some of the game and most of the commercials (with remote in hand). I saw it as a teaching opportunity with my kids – since they are insulated from quite a bit of the culture her in the US by many of the choices we’ve made. I was pleased when my 10 year old saw one commercial pop on and called out “nike”. Its code for getting your eyes down at your nikes when something not so modest pops into view, we learned that one from the Duggars of 19 kids and counting (One of a very few Tv shows we watch regularly).

    It just seems that the world is getting more and more overt in its worship of self, and man – it is so prepared to bow down and worship the beast. I don’t think any one person will be the “harlot” referred to in Revelation, but Madonna sure made a good effort at portraying quite the image of the harlot without realizing it I’m sure.


  9. Guys not to derail the discussion but wanted to share this *clip.

    Surrounding of Israel ( AOD ? ) March 30th 2012…

    (From a pre tribbers view) – praying for Frank with you πŸ™‚

    When ye shall SEE Jerusalem compassed..

    let him that readth understand …

    Vic, Mr Baldy, Scott please go re-read e-mail discussion( from 2007 ) on the AOD and what the Lord was confirming….WOW

    Time to hit the knees πŸ™‚


  10. Apparently Madonna didn’t get paid for the show either. SO their puppets are promoting their agenda for free now days.. wow its getting scary to be honest how they are manipulating so many people subliminally.


  11. Yup you can say that again Mr Sheep 😦

    Get this a complete stranger walks up to me today and she asks me what my ” secret recipe” is and all I can think of is , boy oh boy here is a chance to witness for Christ!

    Turns us she too travels and shares Christ so we hugged and chatted like old friends. She shared the ” global ministry” she is affiliated with ( I cringed ) and asked me mine. My answer took her by surprise and went on to express the concern for how we have turned the grace of God into-A BUSINESS!!!!!

    Jud 1:4 β€” For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

    – fables –

    2Ti 4:4 β€” And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

    As soon as I touched on the reality of sin, repentance, she quickly excused herself and had to ” leave”.

    I wonder why I have this affect on people…. :)….don’t dare answer that LOL!

    Man oh man the OUTWARD man seems to be more attractive than the inward man it seems….now even in the ” church”.

    How sad !


  12. The whole sports garbage and idolization of it around the world makes me sick to my stomach. We are like the Romans with their Roman gladiators, and the Olympics is the same, trying to prove one country is better than another is not of God. All is pagan as it can be.

    No matter what game it is.


  13. American football is highly entertaining to me. I, personally, went into the kitchen to help with the goodies preparations during the halftime show. Madonna is someone I have prayed for many times in the past. She is from my home state, thus making her near and dear to my heart praying to God that He might do a great work in her heart to save her from eternal damnation. I think that should always be our first act of love with regards to the unsaved – to pray for those who are wayward. It’s so much easier to be critical in our human natures.


    Everyone is capable of being loved by God and loving God.


  14. Romalynn –

    Do you realize how many charities are served, how many lives are enriched, how many broken spirits are lifted up, by the sports “garbage” you deem as refuse? Don’t put God in a box dear one. He works thru professional sports athletes and organizations way more than you know. Millions upon millions of dollars pour into charitible programs that enrich people’s lives. And, I’m not even talking about the personal contributions of these athletes.

    While many idolize sports around the globe, a lot keep the games into perspective and proper balance while measuring real worth as it pertains to what’s really important in life.

    Blessings and good tidings from the United States of America where we just enjoyed a very good game of football American style. And I am not ashamed to say I was highly entertained!


  15. I find this very curious that in the job of EU foreign minister that was touted at being so important – it now has so little real power because of the person that occupies it, Cathy Ashton.
    Commission still pulls the strings on EU foreign policy

    My guess is that this would need to be fixed in a hurry with a very strong international personality if a real foreign policy crisis – say a war that engulfed the whole middle east (or a significant portion of it) were to break out.

    “Michael Mann said the process takes one week. The head of delegation noted: “It takes about a month and this is supposed to be our fastest instrument.””

    -so an EU commissioner says the complex approvals process takes a week. The head of an EEAS says it take a month – that sounds like an eternity in the event of an emerging crisis like a shooting war that threatens to pull in Turkey and Russia – not necessarily on the same side as the EU.

    I don’t for a second believe Ashton would be allowed to continue once the outbreak of war becomes imminent (the EU troops digging in) or the somebody starts launching missiles at somebody. I know it sounds like a dead horse- but I’m still not convinced that we won’t see a return of the former High Representative.


  16. Unbelievable!

    Roma I praise God for you my sister!

    Vic quick question …do you remember this?

    Jehovah’s Witnesses Winged-Sun-Disk ? The Idolatrous Masonic Egyptian symbol of the winged Sun-Disk graced the covers of many early Watchtower publications. This Pagan idolatrous symbol represents the mythological Egyptian god Ra

    Will share the concern and how that connects to the ( spiritual ) whore that performed mid way into the Super Bowl 😦

    My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will SHOW those that are in complete denial to the demonic agenda that was purposely and deceptively crafted into this idolatrous pagan worship.

    Oh and Jake just to let you know a little about me and my passion to uncover the wicked agenda and symbolism of the occult. I grew up in the JW faith ( Mason coverup) and was born into a family blood line that had a Freemason historical background that I’ve (since becoming born-again ) come to detest, abhor and despise with every inch of my being. It’s amazing what lengths men /woman will go to for power, wealth and MONEY!!! and yup there always tends to be a ” spiritual ” connection hidden there somewhere…ye see men wanna be little gods ya know 😦

    As a child I can recall each time my dad would give these powerful JW ” sermons” at a grand stadium ( Assemblies ) I would be so grieved that I would be physically sick and would spend most of that time in the sick bay . Now that I look back the Lord was protecting me . I was so sensitive that even the art work in their publications would make me want to throw up….

    Please allow me in the next post ( after prayer) show you Vic the connection to Madonna and the demonic winged disk 😦

    Watch here first 😦

    Wow are we ever in the times of the great deception!!!!!


  17. thanks for bringing this up justasheep. (are you reading my mind?) the right time and the right “crisis” will bring out the one with the political and personal clout to get their “fastest instrument” headed up for the works the high and mighty european (revived roman) machine wants done for it’s one world government “beast” system. i think the timing is as interesting as the players. to put up with ashton when it was obvious at the outset she was not qualified in the wake of the high and mighty solana tells me that she is expendable and perhaps only there to hold the door open for (that one?) certain someone to waltz in and save the day. someone “qualified” in the political, economic, environmental and cultural, (etc.) realms is a tall order….oh this is getting interesting alright………


  18. His own thanks for making that connection for me of the jws with the masons. I didn’t know that. I hadn’t gotten around to watching this clip but I will.


  19. Brenda you are so welcome, but it was not me that connected that dot.

    I just knew as a child that something was desperately wrong with the JW cult. They hide behind a cloak of ” humility ” but the men in ” high places” (in the JW organization) are desperately wicked and have an agenda that the the normal JW has no clue about. As soon as one dares to share a concern, they are silenced. It has cost me my all πŸ™‚

    Please pause at the 3: 24 point…..

    The Masonic Egyptian sun winged disc? I’m afraid so yes 😦

    I will watch the clip you provided as well Vic and am sure there are many satanic references that are exposed. Right now the first thee minutes was all I could stomach 😦


  20. its the face of what we”ve been seeing, and progressively from here it’s only going to get worse, an absolute in your face display of arrogance and self righteousness.

    “When looking for the enemy, look for him where he hides most, in plain sight!”


  21. Has the superbowl become a sacred cow?
    Nothing wrong with watching or playing football.
    But what happens when a church opens up it’s doors to show the superbowl as a family event in the church worship center?
    The church I attended, which says it is reformed and holds up the Word of God, did just that and my spirit is grieved. And yes, I pray for all in the body of Christ that we would stand firm in our faith and not be deceived in these end times. And yes, God is all about redeeming the repentant sinner, whom I am one, saved by His grace. Praise Him.


  22. Yes, it is the deitized god of the u.s., they are so wrapped up in it, that they dont even see
    what’s coming and by the the time they realize it, it’s too late, already too late!


  23. Thank -you for the link Mr Sheep.

    I deleted the rest of my comment as words pale in comparison to the reality of what we are witnessing…

    Please know that you are all daily in my heart and prayers and praise Him for you all.

    I can’t wait to meet you all in the special little corner of eternity He has prepared for us πŸ™‚


  24. I’d like to ask my brothers and sisters here to keep my in their prayers. There is a bit of controversy swirling around the church I’d attended for the last 5 years regarding some fellowship/endorsement of a particularly notorious prosperity gospel preacher at an event recently. I moved recently to a new small church plant in the area we are planning to move to after some concerns about a preacher who’d been invited to the pulpit one sunday, and at the providential timing of its launch and the presence of some good friends who I know to be strong believers who had been a great encouragement to us in the past.

    I’ve already gotten some question/criticism from some observations I’ve posted/linked to online by some friends who are still there, and I have family that are still very involved at that church. I asking that you’d pray that I say what needs to be said that would edify and build-up the church as the spirit leads, and God’s word commands and not fall into the trap of criticism or other snares that come from my flesh. I’m not sure what I’m being called to do here, but please pray that I would have the wisdom to say what needs to be said to who it needs to be said to.


  25. absolutely justasheep-will pray. already praying about the situation that involves your former church and why. (i believe i know the church and pastor though you were not at all specific). it is hard not to be upset at the current trends in many churches and how deception is at work and the real distractions that the devil uses with real success to divide the body of Christ (losing focus on Christ) and yes even in families who have worshiped together. have seen some of this firsthand in our situation a few years ago and it is difficult because misunderstandings can spring up needlessly or the Truth can be hard to take even when given in Love. rebuke a wise man and he will be yet the wiser comes from the proverbs but one needs direction of what/when/or even if to speak for these things so i do pray this understanding from the Lord for you. the Lord (as you are praying) will afford you and your family Grace in time of need for addressing all concerns with the Wisdom (james 1:5) that comes straight from the Word of God and we know He can direct your hearts by His Spirit and guard them from causing or receiving harm. galatians 6:1-5 comes to mind and so does v.14 specifically for your hearts’ perspective–but God forbid that i should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by Whom the world is crucified unto me, and i unto the world. God bless you as you pray and know that others share your concerns too.


  26. Anyone pay attention to the website? Read his book “The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth” (available for free via download). I am through the first three chapters and he has me thinking. I have read from various sources that the anti-christ will come from the middle east. I have never really believed it. This guy, Frank DiMora, has provided the most credible evidence that I have seen in my opinion. Just looking for other discerning eyes…


  27. wow. no kidding shelby. interesting for certain. as in the days of noah…..was evil continually. the devil is ramping it up alright……thanks for making us aware. why we must guard heart and minds with the Truth of God against the evil onslaught.


  28. You’re welcome Andre. That 2012 olympic logo with Zion written on it is creepy. The writer Joseph Herrin touched on Whitney Houston’s death also…not sure if anyone saw that part but I thought what he had to say about it and the timing of it was insightful.


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