How to deal with the appeasers of genocide

How to deal with the appeasers of genocide

This YouTube video of the British writer Douglas Murray at the Cambridge Union last March has suddenly gone viral. It’s not surprising. It is a magnificent put-down of all those who dismiss the mortal threat posed by Iran’s nuclear programme. Given the lethal and amoral idiocy of those who are currently indifferent to the genocidal threat posed by Iran to the State of Israel in particular, this is a must-see.

Thanks to Passerby for finding this on Prophecy Update.


4 thoughts on “How to deal with the appeasers of genocide

  1. DM is a notorious atheist. The problem with his tirade is that it assumes that everyone in the EU/Europe is the same today. Granted, it does poke all kinds of holes in the facade that the UK will do much of anything to help Israel.


  2. What a war mongur this guy is, he is putting his two cents to paint another excuse for unprovoked war against another sovereign country Iran.

    Where is this sheraid going to stop. Look at the countries that have been attacked and their people murdered because they were a so painted in this manner as a threat to earthly kabal of the Jesus haters.

    These are the countries:

    Earthly Israel policy to protect itself against its enemies:

    Destroy Iraq (bomb a sovereign country in 1981, send the super powers against it)
    Destroy Egypt (send and fund an uprising headed by superpowers)
    Destroy Libya (” “)
    Destroy Syria (” “)
    Destroy Lebanan
    Destroy Palastine (rebuilding of communist Berlin wall)
    Destroy Iran (murder the scientists of a sovereign nation)

    He why not just bomb the whole of the middle east just to be doubly sure that they are not a threat and erect more Berlin like walls.

    Jews, Arabs and Christians were a thriving community in the middle east during the peaceful reign of the ottomon empire and there was no bloodshed in the middle east and neighbor did not kill, covet neighbor and all countries respected each others sovereignty.

    So what has happened here with this Abomination that has brought destruction to the middle east.

    Anyone supporting wars against other nations regardless of what they deem that imminent or not are war mongurs and theirs is the lake of burning fire in the second death.

    Why have people fallen from grace to support evil and support actions that have murdered countless human life in th middle east.

    The evidence is there and earthly kabal only wants worldly domination just like hitler, they to have become the image of their own worst enemy hitler.

    Anyone supporting this action is NOT a CHRISTIAN and no twisting of the scripture is going to help your cause in th lake of burning fire reserved for the unrighteousness,mar mongurs murderers.


  3. Gee, were do all these Jew hating, so called “christians” come from? Oh yes, now I remember, it is a sign of the end times.

    Joh 16:2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
    Joh 16:3 And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me

    Do not be deceived by these false teachers my friends. They have to be there as proof that the Jews will be hated until Jesus returns. I just wish they will leave the Bible and Jesus out of their heresy.


  4. from the Word of God in exodus 20 we know that if someone does not love God (breaking 1st commandment) then they must hate Him-and there is only One to Love or to Hate–God’s Final Word of Himself–the Yes and Amen–it is Jesus. He always was and still is the “crux” of the entire matter—-out of every issue of life everything points to Him so we as His Body-the forgiven & redeemed who have surrendered our souls to Love Him (obeying Him proves we do) expect persecution and maligning because He told us that the world hated Him before it hated us. john 15:18. (and we are no longer of this world–praise God!!!) many false “gospel” teachers and preachers in reality malign and persecute the Very One they say they proclaim because they go against the Word of God-their “works” do not produce repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. it is most definitely a sign of the times and there are many more signs piling up to prove God True and every man a liar. romans 3:3. every foul bird is coming out of the woodwork alright in these evil days that are prophesied but the Word of the Lord is all we need to cling to–it will not pass away—heaven and earth will-but not the Lord’s Word. God’s Glory will be the result to come of all this tribulation of soul in the hearts of men-some coming to surrender before Jesus-to their saving-and sadly the most turning away from Him to volunteer themselves to destruction. it is still a pass/fail scenario for men to choose-Jesus Christ is the Pass from Death-the very Path of Life and there is no other name by which men may be saved! acts 4:12 any of you reading this who are not safely under the Blood of Jesus please come to Him today and be saved. He’s waiting for you………..but do not delay… is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God. hebrews 10:31


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