Rick Joyner’s Circus

Please stay away from this man and his teachings!


3 thoughts on “Rick Joyner’s Circus

  1. The music is soooo creapy… I could only watch 3 mins of the video that was enough.

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said.. Sickening!..offensive!… irresponsible!.. manipulation!.. alternative!.. with strong demonic influences just to name a few….

    His flock needs to wake up and read what the word actually says about ministries like this.


  2. Agreed, you all know what I think of this man and his doings. But it is not a bad idea to put one out occasionally in the event that someone happens by, a new believer etc, to be warned.
    What bothers me is that older believers, fall for this stuff. Well makes me wonder what bible they must be reading to be able to be so gullible as this junk.


  3. The most grievous for me is to witness these little “god-men” creep in ( not so ) unawares whom think they have been called by God to bring the church in subjection to THEM!

    I think this frustrates most of the religious people that come into my life…..that this ye sis refuses to bend the knee to another…..nope so sorry ain’t happennnin 🙂

    Vic no need to edit….that’s done on purpose 🙂


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