The beginning of the end

 It is sometimes scary to read the news headlines. It feels like I am in a dream and I will wake up soon. My interest in end time prophecy started in the mid 1980’s and in those times it was good enough to read a book once a year to see how prophecy fulfillment was progressing. In those times it was still fine to speculate about when the rapture will happen, were the temple will be build, if Europe will unite into 10 regions, etc. as we all sensed that there were still a few years left before the end will begin.

Today is different. Today we talk about when Damascus will be destroyed, if the current economic crisis will lead to the mark, if the current unrest between Israel, the US and Iran will lead to the Eze 38/39 war and when will the armies surround Jerusalem . There is an expectation in Christians that we are seeing Scripture being fulfilled before us. I have read were prominent pre-trib believers are saying that maybe we will go through a part of the tribulation because of what they are currently witnessing in the world. To put it lightly, it is like the Church are sensing that this is it; we are entering the time of the end. I sense it too.

I have posted some interesting articles on the Facebook page. Please keep the Facebook page in mind when the updates are slow on this site. The first one states that Bibi is willing to give Judea and Samaria away and uproot the settlers on the ground. We know in the near future this will happen when the antichrist is in Jerusalem and the armies surrounds the city. You can read the article HERE.

According to RT News, a US Nuclear sub and destroyer entered the Red Sea and speculations are that they are heading for the Persian Gulf. Apparently a third US aircraft carrier will also join the strike force in March. The war drums are beating fiercely in the Middle East and daily I am expecting the first shots to be fired. The US will not destroy Iran as Iran will be one of the nations attacking Israel in the Eze 38/39 war. I am speculating, but will Iran give the US a huge blow that will terminate their presence in the Middle East? We know that the US will not help Israel when they are attacked. You can read the RT article HERE.

According to CNN international leaders are calling on the UN to act on Syria. Will Damascus be destroyed soon? If so, how will it happen and who will be to blame? You can read the article HERE.

Friends, I hope I am wrong, but I think 2012 will give us more answers than questions. Prophecy is better understood from hindsight. We may be entering a time like that.



18 thoughts on “The beginning of the end

  1. Vic, I couldn’t agree with you more. To read ancient prophecies from the Bible and then compare the similarities to what is actually happening is beyond words. The signs are so evident that it all seems too surreal for me. I do believe we are living on borrowed time.
    May God have mercy on us all and help bring us to everlasting life.


  2. Oh I think all of us will be getting so many answers to prophecy in twenty twelve it will be like Issiah seeing God High and lifted up!……such a VERY REAL “IN YOUR FACE” REVELATION that we all will be changed to such a degree that not much if any of God’s plan will REMAIN HIDDEN!


  3. Russia is sticking up for Syria and trying to be a mediator between the Syrian government and the rebels. I read Assad is going to create spin and rhetoric against Israel to get the people of Syria on his side so it keeps him in power and they can justify a war with Israel. Lebanon and Palestine will join in as we know as well. Its going to be on soon in some fashion. I think the Psalm 83, Isiah 17:1 will lead into the Ezekiel war after Syria and Lebanon are beaten. The other part im not sure of is will they give Palestine a state before that happens,, The Abomination of Desolation might happen sooner rather than later. More and more countries are recognizing Palestine as a state. Its only a matter of time before they all pressure the UN to give them one. Solana is all for it as we know as well lol..


  4. Wickus, Well said! It is true, one used to read a book on occasion to get a feel for the prophetic timeline, now we are (daily) reading the headlines, wondering how much louder the crescendo can get before the cymbals crash and all hell breaks lose. It’s still stunning to see how uninformed the church (as a whole) is and how engrossed they are in the cares of this life. I guess that too is another sign of the times!

    Great updates! So grateful for you and others who provide a forum in which we can stay informed and encourage one another!

    Even so come Lord Jesus!!


  5. I am excited that if we are as close as you all think that we may soon see supernatural events taking place and the 2 witnesses as well!


  6. vic, thanks for posting. (and you other brothers) what you wrote is just the way i have been thinking too. it was 1995 when i first really noticed the end times prophecies-have been born-again since 1976 but the Scriptures began to open to me in ’95 and i have found myself compelled to let the Bible interpret what world news was really about from then on. God fulfills every jot and tittle of His Word-so i believe you are correct to think that many answers we seek are in the making this year. no–we do not have the entire timeline understood yet-but the progressive revelation of prophecy is moving at an incredible rate and we know we are safe to say that the Lord has proven Himself Worthy of our trust for every Word He has spoken no matter what the world says-no matter what deception the devil intends to blind the world’s peoples. we are on a Firm Foundation. our Salvation is of Him and through Him and so is His Sustaining Grace to see us safely over to the other side walking through these evil days-come what may-bringing with us i pray-many other hearts who are coming to trust in His Name too. john 16:13,14 says-howbeit when He, the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all Truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear-that He shall speak-and He shall show it unto you. He shall Glorify Me; for He shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you. what Promise because the Spirit has come! and we see King Jesus high and lifted up like shorttribber said–bringing us-many-to Himself who know we are seeing the Glory of God pass right before our eyes! hallelujah! God Reigns!


  7. Clearly, the Lord God has worked through the motives of man to restrain Israel from going after Iran. I think if it was up to Israel, she would have wanted to launch an attack one or two years ago to send Iran a strong message not to embark on a nuke weapons program. But, through the UN and the international community’s demonizing efforts (flotilla situation, Goldstone Report on Israel’s 2008 Gaza invasion – which eventually vindicated Israel- to mention a couple), and through the Obama govt’s restraining efforts over the past two years (oh! don’t hurt America’s recovering economy and ruin O’s chances for re-election), and of course God’s will being done – the timetable for the things we speculate about concerning these prophetic issues carries on. It is a fascinating question to be asked no doubt; when will such things that have profound prophetic implications transpire?
    Here is some more info to chew on concerning Iran. Take it for what it is and let the “chips” fall where they may concerning the Iran issue:

    This report does kinda jive with what Israel came out and said yesterday regarding the window closing sometime this summer on any sort of attack on Iran. LOL, bet the Brits are hoping Israel doesn’t steal the “thunder” away from their precious Olympic games this summer.


  8. The most terrible scenario To instigate chaos across the region, If they cannot rule Syria, then nobody in the region should be in peace. from solana’s twitter i saw over on bro brian’s website. solana’s fingers on the pulse wouldn’t you say?……….


  9. Solana’s days have passed him by for fitting the mold of AC. There will be someone who comes on the world sceen who will have the answers for the dilemmas facing the world, but it won’t be Mr Solana. Time is passing Solana by, but there will no doubt come out from his influence one in which a large part of the world will marvel after.

    We are well into the “beginning of sorrows” our Lord talked about. And, the “falling away” (from truth) is cleary apparent in our day.


  10. It is a scary thought the the USA is not going to play a part in the prophecy. Something is going to take us out of the way. Will it be war? I don’t know of any one country that has the military strength to match us. Maybe our fall will come from our poor economy. Either way, MARANATHA!

    Encouraging Thoughts for Life


  11. Derrick – Look at what happened in WWII for insight into the US position as the global superpower. It wasn’t as if the axis didn’t have superior tactics, and in many ways superior military discipline and military technology. The simply could not match American industrial output. The United States was able to produce many times the tank, planes, ships and guns that the axis powers could. During the war the allies were also able to learn from the axis and copy them in some things, and developed new technologies of their own to specifically counter the axis. My point is – having the pre-eminent military in a time of relative peace doesn’t guarantee much if war breaks out. If anything, it’s a liability since now we have a target on our back.


  12. Yesterdays news is old news but wanted to share this link.

    My hairdresser just got back from a 4 week stay at her parents in Lebanon and even though she allows me to witness to her, she came back bitter and angry.Her words are laced with anti-antisemitism and hatred 😦 She is not the same gal I have known for the past 5 yrs, this has been a huge eye opener that convinces me we are nearing the appointed time 😦


  13. No fear mongering here….but as I said to friend this morning…it’s so close it’s as if you can almost smell the fear of war in the air 😦

    Guys what is most disconcerting for me ( actually no , a blessing?) is that almost every prophecy board is sensing that we are close..( including the pre tribbers) and almost every discussion now is based on the question…”err is United States Mystery Babylon” .I feel a overwhelming scene of relief that we are all coming to the UNITY of the faith and that the body is getting it….wow how awesome is that!


  14. my hope and prayer is that the True Church-Jesus’ Body-will end on the same note of the High Praises of the Most High as was on her lips in her beginning. reading through acts again and the sheer awe and blessing of God’s Spirit moving humble ordinary people outside of themselves to live Christ before the world mindful only that they bear those beautiful marks of our Lovely Lord. here is a praise song that dates back possibly as early as the 1st century christians. was found and restored for our ears today. let this bless you all in the Spirit who gave it.


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