The truth about Israel

Hal Lindsey exposes the false teachings of the so called Christians who support Palestine and rejects Israels right to exist.


16 thoughts on “The truth about Israel

  1. Revelation 11:2 (KJV)
    But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.

    This verse to me implies that there won’t be a temple rebuilt before the AOD. So the way things look now its spot on track 🙂


  2. This was a stellar episode no doubt. The 1-29 telecast was even better! It boggled my mind the way that Hal laid out in this most recent episode how so many ISRAELI companies used the word Palestine in their business names and how today’s Palestinians actually stole that term from Israel!

    Hal knows these issues concerning Israel’s early days like none other!


  3. found this comment and am glad for how it speaks to the real issue…..So Jesus Lived in Occupied Territory? – By Jan Markell –

    A terrible tragedy will take place March 5-9 in the holy city of Bethlehem. Our Lord’s city of birth will host a conference called, “Christ at the Checkpoint.” Which Christ? Not the Christ of the Bible. The premise of the event is that the Palestinians live under brutal Israeli “occupation.” It is supposedly so bad that Israel is accused of apartheid-like treatment of the Palestinians such as the “separation” experienced in South Africa. The symbol for all of this is the wall of separation between Palestinian territories and Israeli land. Their perception is that this represents a military checkpoint. Israel’s perception — and reality — is that the wall saves Israeli lives.

    Some 30 Christian leaders will be gathering at the Bethlehem Bible College to raise the banner of “Palestinian Liberation Theology” as the only true hope for reconciliation and peace in the Middle East. The target of the speakers will also be Israel’s divine right to the land.

    “Christian Zionism” will be “brought into the conversation” during the conference–but you can bet not in a friendly manner. No matter how benign Christian Zionism is, the Left side of Christianity’s aisle believes we look forward to Armageddon and we blindly root for the Israelis because they’re the chief players on the end-time stage and feel Israel has a right to their land. If the truth were known, we’re a puny band of evangelical Christians who are even outcasts in most of the major denominations today.

    Christian Zionists are roundly scolded by this crowd. You can read that here. Our biggest problem is that we take the Bible literally! When did that almost become a crime? “Checkpoint” folks say we Christian Zionists support the “occupation” but it isn’t an occupation! We rejoice that on May 14, 1948, God just kept His word. Tony Campolo scolds us, too. We’re blind followers of Schofield and Darby and we need to get over it.

    “Christ at the Checkpoint” says Christian Zionism is a political movement that is “ethnocentric,” privileging one people at the expense of others. Christianity calls believers in Jesus to focus on building God’s kingdom on earth, says Checkpoint publicity, and not futuristic speculations. It is tragic how this bunch sweeps under the rug God’s continued covenant with Israel. These folks have no appreciation of the “last days” spoken of so frequently in the Bible. “Christ at the Checkpoint” theologians do not want to consider Jesus as the Messiah of the Jewish people, someday returning to earth to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem to rule as the last Davidic King. Then they would have to acknowledge the continuance of the Abrahamic covenant with the modern state of Israel.

    “Palestinian Liberation Theology” is heralded, however. It is all about the Palestinian struggle for “freedom” from their “occupied land.” Followers of this sentiment see the Israelis as an “occupier” trying to oppress the Palestinians. Reality shows that Israel has worked them into their society, given them seats in the Israeli parliament, and given them a decent standard of living. Israel gave the Palestinians so much freedom that they let them elect the terror group Hamas to govern them. As a thank you, Hamas shells Israeli towns and settlements regularly. This conference will tell the world — and the church — that Israel brings this on due to their repression.

    Many of the participants are part of the “religious Left” but some evangelicals show up yearly, including Lynne Hybels, wife of Willow Creek’s Pastor Bill Hybels. We believe she should know better.

    The most troubling person at such events is Vicar Stephen Sizer who has a war against the Jews as well as Christian Zionists. It seems he cannot — or perhaps chooses not — to see the brutality of Israel’s enemies. Sizer writes books against Christians who stand with Israel but he has a distinct aversion towards talking about Israelis being brutally slaughtered. To him, the now-infamous wall represents repression rather than safety.

    To balance his position, Sizer needed to speak out a year ago when a family was wiped out in Itamar, Israel. The Fogel family has become the symbol of Palestinian aggression, not Israeli aggression. In watching sessions of past Checkpoint conferences, I hear little or no reference to the root of the conflict. I hear a one-sided argument that is decidedly anti-Israel in tone and a case consistently made for Israel as Goliath slaying David every day.

    The Checkpoint conference claims to oppose “all forms of violence and racism.” Yet a few of the Checkpoint speakers — including Sizer — have given me reason to question this. Why? In part because at least Sizer seems to be a defender of the Gaza flotilla sent to Israel in May 2010 by Turkish Islamists. Those on the Turkish boat headed for Gaza were lovers of jihad. Participants on that ship sang songs calling for the murder of Jews.

    I maintain you cannot have conservative Christians take an event like “Christ at the Checkpoint” seriously when Stephen Sizer is on the program unless you have a blatant Christian Zionist like me on the ticket as well. Someone needs to challenge this guy and reveal just who is the real racist. Sizer does not like Jews.

    Critics of this event are scorned for not considering the issues of peace, justice, and reconciliation. The truth is, we recognize only the millennial kingdom as a time of peace and justice. Reconciliation with the Palestinians is not possible due to their corrupt leadership. The Arab world has wanted the Palestinian people to be political pawns for 60 years so they stuck them in squalid refugee camps decades ago. That is the real reason there can be no peace. Hard line Hamas and Fatah leadership stand in the way, not the Israelis. This conference will not address that.

    The tragic roots of Replacement Theology can be cited as the fuel driving events like this. The church did not replace Israel. If God could forsake the Jew, He could also turn His back on the Christian. Replacement Theology allowed the church to go along with Adolph Hitler 75 years ago. God forbid the church participates — or looks the other way — in some future Holocaust. Frankly, Replacement Theology replaces reality.

    Even some solid evangelicals were perplexed as to how all the promises to Israel could unfold before the 1940s. When it blossomed in 1948, students of the Bible should have collectively stood up and cheered and not jeered as a few denominations did. Today the “miracle of the millennium” is living proof that God is not a liar. “Christ at the Checkpoint” will not talk about this. Instead they will grumble about Israel’s brutal “occupation.” Jesus lived and ministered in that “occupied territory” but that won’t change their perspective.

    Words like “occupation” and “checkpoint” are incendiary — almost war-like. I realize my response could be as well. Ever feel like you can’t take it anymore? With apologies, I acknowledge that’s where I’m at.


  4. Thank-you for the post sis.

    Powerfully written and affirmation.

    Mar 13:14 — But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:

    Luk 21:20 — And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.


  5. HisOwn it is things like this mentioned in above article-i think-are part of getting things in order for the abomination of desolation to happen. so much is to happen in the march thru june timeframe this year from reports from many sources all over the globe and in about every sphere of living-political-financial-commercial-“religious”-environmental-militarily-etc. on the table-so to speak-with a possible kickoff that could come soon. it looks to me that rumors of wars may turn into actual wars–on several fronts.———-[this from pastor brian’s site—“Greece may be the catalyst. There is a rumor that a Greek default is March 23rd because two main Wall Street bankers have been tipped off that is the date. The dirty little secret is the bailout money is not for Greece, but Spain, Italy, and France to save off contagion when Greece does default. The EU also wants to bypass Greek elections and install and pro-EU government. If Greece has a hard default then the world’s economies are going to suffer and a new economic system may have to be in place. You put that with a possible Iranian strike on Israel (Ezekiel 38/39), and Passover Holy Days on April 6th-11th, we may have major prophetic fulfillment in the near future”]———-all this combined makes me remember that midway point i’m keeping in the back of my mind for this spring as we talked about back in mid-january (referring to the harbinger). this spring might be–time will tell—it just might be–crunchtime…….{{{God Knows—–i do not}}}………….(i’m watching and will continue even if that very big “shoe” has not dropped by then)…………oh and i caught your other post about the lady next door to you–i asked the Lord to give your heart the Wisdom of the Scriptures and the Love of Jesus Christ in bearing witness that she may hear the Truth with holy boldness yet tender entreaty as the Spirit leads in the hope of true repentance and faith in Christ Jesus the Lord. i love and appreciate you—all of you—here at this place. iron sharpens iron and i am blessed daily to come and be encouraged to stay tuned and stay strong!


  6. more of the same garbage from ashton’s office. in reality she is a “toothless tiger”. international law? they assume that this currently has weight and leverage over israel (israel is in survival mode and does not regard it)—-in the realm of global public opinion it does—-this world is so messed up! the deception is absolutely gaining ground (by the hour). people worldwide are buying into the idea of the “beast” system (america’s “heart” is exposed-that as a nation it is very likely going to win the vote to go completely socialist-obama i think will win re-election)-but it is really not “law”-until the “little horn” rises-that there will be “teeth” in their “laws”. the economic collapse is paving the way-the war on terror is supposedly (“making a show of it”) cleaning up some of the outward nasty -ghaddafi went down (and others) so who’s next?) while those on the “inside” strong arm israel under the table as well as publically rebuke them- (bho one of them )-and—the world at large—-turns a blind eye to muslim religion tactics (with nuclear capability) choosing instead to put to death (by silent consent) an iranian christian pastor (and so many others) also intending to refuse jews their own homes in their own homeland-talk about being displaced–that is the abomination of desolation in the making-(the palestinians should go back home to jordan)…..etc. etc.—–when “he”—ac—rises to the top-there will be the leverage and force available to implement international law. what a stupid stupid game the world is playing—suicidal is more like it! meanwhile js is being awarded yet another prized endorsement ( look at bjorn’s site)……..this is how i see it today on feb 24,2012-even so come quickly Lord Jesus…….the clock is ticking—it is ticking very loud!!!


  7. Beautiful synopsis sis, thank-you and I agree 🙂

    Speaking of the “beast system” Andre, it blows me away to witness how many are seemingly already under it’s seductive spell ( if I can call it that) .

    Is if fear? is it conformity? is it a patriotic defiance, blindness, or under some delusion ? We ain’t seen nuthin yet I’m sure especially when it is GIVEN by the Lord to make war with the saints right!! Who is able to stand?

    I drove over the Canadian border two days ago to do some ” bargain shopping” and have determined it in myself never to do that ever again……period!

    I love you in Christ sis and make mention of you in my prayers, thank-you for blessing me today!


  8. “they” (and one day “he”) can make all the “laws” they want—for now…..(and we who know Christ as Savior and our King Forever will resist them with the Truth that the world hates-bearing His Name and His Sufferings but triumphant!)……..for there is another Law that has and will trump everything puny man has planned. Jesus not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. but rather fear Him Who is able to destroy both body and soul in hell. matt 10:28. this is all playing put in real time with real people with a real choice—to know their Salvation (today is the day of Salvation-do not harden your hearts says the Spirit of God) or refuse it to their own eternal destruction in hell. God Reigns from on High–His Rule is above international law—He Rules the Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that’s my King!)


  9. do not know why it (youtube in my post just above) did not highlight to take yall to the video but if you copy and paste you will be very very blessed i assure you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never tire of this powerful (3 minute) sermon 🙂 🙂 🙂


  10. A quick update on the situation on the Temple Mount 😦

    The memories of walking here sends shivers down my spine. I was asked to take the cross off around my neck and to stop holding my husbands hand…seriously the tension is cutting!


  11. gotcha Hisown. it is really horrible to think of what is taking place. terrible and getting worse for certain. thank you so much for that video of current happenings in israel. if i did not know that God is still on His Throne i would be consumed with fear! i cannot pretend that all this is not going to send some fear to my heart but i do not have to be overtaken (live there) in it——1 john 4:4—ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: for greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. {greater in you too huh sis! i love you also in our Lord Jesus :)} i hope you (and everyone) can catch that s.m. lockridge video i posted above–that’s my King. i promise it will bless you incredibly!


  12. Amen Andre. Gods power is made perfect in weakness. I will rather boast of my weaknesses that the spirit of Christ may rest on me.


  13. here is some follow-up on what is happening in bethlehem israel this week. lots of hot debate going on there about guess what?….israel’s right to the land. this is interesting and timely too—————————Wayne Hilsden addresses Christ at the Checkpoint, is used as fig leaf

    Thursday, March 08, 2012 | Israel Today Staff

    Wayne Hilsden addresses Christ at the Checkpoint, is used as fig leaf

    We are attending Christ at the Checkpoint this week to report first hand in our upcoming magazine regarding this conference that takes aim at Christian Zionism and its theology of the Land.

    Having been asked by several readers about the participation in Christ at the Checkpoint by Jerusalem-based pastor Wayne Hilsden of King of Kings Assembly, we want to address Wayne’s speech and the reaction to it, as far as we could see.

    Wayne delivered a passionate discourse that was both firm and gentle. It was a great example for those wishing to present the case of Israel’s restoration to Christians who may still be on the fence regarding the Jewish state.

    Most notably, Hilsden stated that a physical return of the Jews to their ancient homeland is biblically mandated, and, according to the prophetic timeline, that physical restoration as a nation-state must precede the spiritual restoration of Israel’s collective heart to God.

    Hilsden likened the current situation to a painter working on a masterpiece. In its unfinished state, the painting may appear messy, but the artist (God) is saying, ‘Hold on…’ Perhaps most significantly, given the setting, was that there were no instances in Hilsden’s speech of “We support Israel, but…”

    Wayne’s full speech can be viewed here:

    Wayne received applause from the audience following his address, and several of the day’s other speakers and presenters expressed satisfaction with what he had said. However, the very next speaker, Dr. Manfred Kohl, laid into Wayne’s theology in no uncertain terms.

    While he did not address Wayne personally, Kohl labeled the literal reading of scripture Hilsden had just presented as the theology of fools who delight in their own idiocy.

    “How can [Christians] be so stupid in their interpretation of the Bible and at the same time be so excited about our interpretation?” asked Kohl. “Apparently the two expressions are not mutually exclusive.”

    The day’s MC, Sami Awad, who had before thanked Wayne for his speech, then backed up Kohl’s position by saying it was time for Christians who use the Bible to support Israel’s restoration to stand before the security wall in Bethlehem and, similar to John F. Kennedy before the Berlin Wall, declare, “I am an idiot.”

    At the question and answer session following the morning speeches, it became evident that Hilsden was being used as Messianic “window dressing” for the conference’s true agenda of attacking Zionist support for Israel.

    After fielding an unrelated question, Kohl turned to Hilsden and requested that he deliver his speech to Western churches that support Israel. In light of Kohl’s own stated positions, it was clear he had either ignored or brushed aside the more substantive parts of Hilsden’s speech.

    Furthermore, while Hilsden presented it in a more diplomatic and gentle manner than some, the core of his message is already known and accepted by Israel-supporting churches. That Kohl and the other speakers believed Hilsden’s views would alter Christian support for Israel signaled they had only digested those parts that could be meshed with their own theologies.

    Later in the day, Rev. Stephen Sizer, whose disdain for Israel and Christian Zionism is well documented, addressed American Messianic leaders who had expressed concerns over Christ at the Checkpoint by pointing to Hilsden’s participation as justifying the conference’s program.

    “Thankfully numerous local Messianic leaders have ignored your tantrums and are presently enjoying fellowship with their Palestinian brothers and sisters here at the conference,” wrote Sizer. (He later changed the word “tantrum” to “warning” after being criticized online)

    Wayne Hilsden’s participation in Christ at the Checkpoint is still being hotly debated in some Messianic circles in Israel. Nearly all agree that he spoke light in a dark situation, and did so with grace, but many fear he is being made a fig leaf for the anti-Zionist message of the conference organizers and the majority of the speakers.


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