Tropical storm hits in South Africa

Well, it looks like bad things can also happen in South Africa. A tropical storm, Dando, has made landfall in Mozambique and the storm is affecting my hometown, surrounding towns and villages and the Kruger National Park. According to the weather services more than 200mm (8 inches) of rain came down in 24 hours and there is still no end to it. Some areas are heading for disaster and the airforce is on standby for rescue operations. Luckily my family and I am in no danger as the area we stay in is in a mountain area. The risk for flooding is zero. But as you can see in the photos posted, surrounding areas and especially Mozambique can become very flooded. Please pray for the safety of the people in low grounds.

Photos are from Nelspruit, Komatipoort, Sabie, Malelane and the Kruger National Park.


9 thoughts on “Tropical storm hits in South Africa

  1. Now this is getting serious. This was posted on a local Facebook page:

    People calling for Boats and Jetski’s to help with rescue in Hoedspruit. People are stuck on house roofs and in trees and the water is rising. Not fun for all – anyone who can help should call 015 799 2350 / 2521 Liezl and Duwayne stuck on roof near Essex Road (according to Neels Beukes) they have been there for hours and their house is colapsing – anyone who can help should co-ordinate with above no – dont go out on your own mission.


  2. Praying for you and your neighbors Vic. Stay safe, and I hope you can be a blessing to some.

    Is there much history of storms like this hitting South Africa? I don’t recall hearing about them in the past.


  3. Thanks. The last storm was in 2000 and before that 1996. The biggest danger is for the low lying areas. I’ve heard an unconfirmed report of a dam wall bursting, 2 towns and the Kruger Park getting evacuated.


  4. We will be praying for all there Vic. Thanks for posting this one. Yes the whole creation groaning that is for sure. Sad for all the people affected in this world, praying for safety for those in the flooded area that help reach them. This looks a lot like when the Phillipines, and other island areas for sure in the monsoon times.


  5. that comes as good news vic. praise God! praying that you and others who know Jesus will be kept safe as well as continue to have great opportunity to witness to others through difficult times. difficult times are going to become the norm as the birth pangs increase i do believe. we are currently in the midst of a hard time ourselves….my husbands sister-56 years old-passed away recently from a long and brutal illness. (thankful she knew the Savior)….. the loss of loved ones is very great is it not?……but…the God of all Comfort is God indeed…Jesus–the very fullness of God–knows–He knows everything and is our Great High Priest. He is touched by our grief and sorrow and weakness–knowing what it is like-but Sinless-and able in His Holy Spirit to minister from His Throne of Grace in time of need (from hebrews). i love my Savior-He is my Everything. it is He Who holds us together (from colossians). it comforts me to know that He wept too but i look up–and see Jesus the King-reigning over it all. the storms of life-no matter what kind-are no match for the Power and Glory of our God Who sustains us in His Great Compassion.


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