Beware of false prophets and teachers

Rick Joyner is trying to convince “The Church”, the “Body of Christ” or should I say “The bride of Christ” to swallow a theory of forgiveness, gentleness and grace that is based from a foundation of lies! Rick twist’s word’s, meaning’s and truth! In the process he reveals his own hypocrisies and delusion.


3 thoughts on “Beware of false prophets and teachers

  1. That video does a great job of exposing the danger and fallacy of partial truths. Our enemy’s favorite tactic is to provide a partial truth, and then insert his own lie in order to convince us to follow him (to destruction).


  2. The sad part is he is praising/exalting Todd when he should be praising and exalting Jesus/God. Allow God to deal with someone on his own. If God wants to use Todd still, he will.


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