5 to midnight and counting…

 Apparently the doomsday clock has been set a minute earlier due to Iran’s nuclear development. It is now set at 5 to midnight. I wonder if these scientists really  understand how close we are to the end of the world as we know it. The world will not end, but it will surely feel like it in the future and some people will even wish for death and pray for the mountains to fall on them.

According to news sources the military exercise between Israel and the US has been cancelled, but the US troops still stays in Israel. (Read about it HERE and HERE.) Maybe its only me, but it sounds fishy. Are they planning or expecting something?

On the other side of the globe Russia is really becoming a big buddy of Iran, Russia has warned that an attack on Tehran will be considered an attack on Moscow. (Read about it HERE.) And we know the big players in the Eze 38/39 war will be Russia and Iran according to our current understanding. God will put hooks into the jaws of Russia to bring them to Israel. Will the lack of oil from Iran be the hooks? I don’t know, but oil plays a huge role in the scene unfolding before us.

As the Eurozone is getting into bigger financial turmoil with the downgrades of many countries (Read about it HERE), they are becoming a bigger enemy of God by promising  the PA Arabs that they will help them grab land from Israel in Judea and Samaria. (Read about it HERE.)

And last but not least, we have Damascus/Syria. According to The Telegraph and Russia, NATO is planning a military intervention in Syria. (Read about it HERE.) Isaiah 17 and the destruction of Damascus is surely very close. In previous reports Syria did warn Israel that if Iran is attacked, Syria will attack Israel. We have a powder keg in the Middle East with Iran, Russia, Palestine/Hezbollah and Syria on one side and Israel  with a US partner that will soon abandon her on the other side. According to the Bible Israel will be all alone in the end. It will only be God on her side, but God is more than all her enemies.

Friends, many are expecting the fireworks to start in the first quarter of 2012. The world economy is dying and war is about to break loose. Prophecy is getting fulfilled daily and many are sleeping. And all this is happening while we are in the only confirmed 7 year treaty ever between Israel and the EU. (Read about it HERE.) Makes you think, doesn’t it.

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God bless you beloved of the Lord.


One thought on “5 to midnight and counting…

  1. These people doing this doomsday clock, have no idea what is really coming to this world. Iran is not as big a deal as when the day of the Lord comes.

    Thanks Vic for that update about the facebook.


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