Collapse of the EU and the rise of the antichrist


6 thoughts on “Collapse of the EU and the rise of the antichrist


    World economy at a ‘very dangerous juncture’: IMF chief

    This IMF photo shows International Monetary Fund’s Managing Director Christ…

    IMF chief Christine Lagarde warned Tuesday that the world economy is at a “very dangerous juncture,” speaking of the potential impact on poorer nations during her first visit to Africa as head of the fund.
    The International Monetary Fund managing director spoke of a crisis of confidence with high unemployment and slowing global growth.

    The IMF has said Europe’s worsening economy and financial market turmoil meant it will revise downwards its predictions for global growth contained in its World Economic Outlook report published three months ago.

    more at link



    Banks gorge on ECB loans, market cheer short-lived

    Reuters) – Banks gobbled up nearly 490 billion euros in three-year cut-price loans from the European Central Bank on Wednesday, easing immediate fears of a credit crunch but leaving unresolved how much will flow to needy euro zone economies.

    Following a string of failed attempts by euro zone leaders to thwart market attacks on the bloc’s weaker members, hopes of crisis relief before the year-end had been pinned on a massive uptake of the ECB’s ultra-long and ultra-cheap loans.

    ECB lends banks $639 billion over 3 years

    FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Struggling banks snapped up euro489 billion ($639 billion) in cheap loans from the European Central Bank on Wednesday, a sign of just how hard or expensive it has become to borrow from each other.
    The huge demand for newly available three-year loans comes as fears rise that heavily indebted European governments could default and force banks and other bond holders to take big losses.

    Thanks a lot Vic. How can the world keep this up? I cannot see how much more the economies can take across this world. Praying for all around the world as things will get tougher on the common man and woman trying to make a living right now among this mess.


  3. Break Up Bank of America Before It Breaks Us
    Posted: 12/21/11 05:04 PM ET

    America is in pretty bad shape too from what I read and understand.


  4. Thanks for the links Roma. How long can the world financial system keep kicking the inevitable can down the road? Eventually the epidemic of greed, shady lending and cooked books has to be dealt with. I find it so interesting that almost every other week or so there’s some big meeting of rich and powerful men to avoid some last minute financial disaster. It’s like a bunch of little boys sticking their fingers in the dykes. Eventually they are going to run our of fingers and the huge wall of water is going to rush over all of them, and the rest of us. I am thankful that those here dont’ put any faith in those things, and am praying that we will all stay strong through the thankfully brief but hard season that is about to be upon us.


  5. ditto. collapsing under it’s own weight-all of it. but a certain “prop” is waiting for it’s cue that will give a deceived world the leadership it craves and a certain sigh of relief-for a very brief time. the world does not want our Lord Jesus and will have opportunity to find out how far to the extreme man’s sinfulness can take an entire world. but before it goes that extreme it will become quite hard for us as believers for a time too. only our faith will sustain us so pray for more. yes! stay strong in the Lord! He is the all in all—all that fullness in His Spirit Who will not leave us nor forsake us—-the Way-the Truth-and the Life we can live-through it all. (and we pray come quickly Lord Jesus)……


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