Collapse of everything

I found the following article Tweeted by Bro Brian. It is by Greg Hunter of the USA Watchdog. I just want to highlight a few of his comments here.

Countdown to the End

I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in 2012, but I am betting a dramatic change is coming.  For most, life will be much harder and people will be much poorer.  You’ve heard of peak oil?  Well, peak credit is also topping out, and it looks like everything will hit the fan next year.

Former chief of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), was just as downbeat on the solvency crisis facing the EU.  Renowned market expert, Yra Harris reported on his site yesterday, “DSK was adamant that the EUROPEAN CRISIS was a three-pronged problem: A DEBT CRISIS; A GROWTH CRISIS; and A LEADERSHIP CRISIS. The CRISIS IN EUROPE is further aggravated by the fact that the European leaders seem that time is not of the essence where DSK believes time is not a friend of the Eurocrats. It is of the utmost importance that the CRISIS be dealt with now and not later. Nothing like a dishonored and wounded leader to finally speak the truth.”

In a different interview this week, with Business Insider, DSK had more dire quotes, “…Strauss-Kahn said the firewall to staunch the spread of the crisis “doesn’t really exist”. The €500bn  European Stability Mechanism would only be operational in months when “the question is a question of weeks. The question is not a question of months.” Does the European solvency crisis suck the whole world into an abyss in 2012?  The timing sure could fit nicely with the Mayan 2012 prediction.

Finally, I got an insightful question and comment from a reader named Nathan a few days ago.  He asked,“Hey Greg, you’ve reported news or have been part of the media for a majority of your life. Have you ever seen any year compared to 2011 in your career? The Arab spring, European riots, Historical flooding, droughts, wildfires, tornados, heat waves. Congressional approval of 9%.  The European debt crises.  Nuclear meltdowns and tsunamis.  13 Deadly Earthquakes.  The rise of the East and slow death of the west, 1700 cities protesting the 1% ….etc, etc, etc ? Just wondering? Thanks Nate ….This year’s been like a walk through the Book of Revelations that leads to the doorway of Mayan prophecy.” 

Nate just left out one big wild card that will continue to be played out in 2012, and that is war in the Middle East.  This conflict could go nuclear, and if that happens, a currency crisis will be the least of our worries.   No, I have never seen a year quite like 2011.  If 2012 lives up to just half of the hype it’s getting, we are definitely in for great change.

Read the complete article HERE.


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One thought on “Collapse of everything

  1. I find it very intriguing that the Elad foundation is announcing plans to build over the cite of the City of David dig- located on the ridge to the south of the Temple Mount, near the Gihon Spring.
    Planned Old City Tourist Center Likely to Anger West and PA
    It is claimed to be a “tourist center”. Just pure speculation here, but what if other things have been found at that site that shake the foundations of what people believe once stood there, and they are making plans to build something else entirely, something far more significant prophectically?


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