Hell, Tribulation, and Economic Collapse

The Extinction Protocol has got an interesting post up today. It is surely worth the read:

Suddenly, everyone is talking about the End of the World

The end of the world may not be coming, but whatever is coming might as well be the end of the world. And as we walk in this twilight, perhaps at the very least, we would do well to enjoy the sunset while it lasts. MarketWatch’s Paul B. Farrell had an interesting article Tuesday on how America is on the path for a decade from hell. In Farrell’s opinion, this “decade from hell will get worse in 2012.” Farrell portends a coming stock market crash, political dysfunctionality, revolution, and various wars that stem from class differences and commodity clashes between countries in the near future. Farrell’s dire forecasts for the next nine years are quite ominous. Among them include ideas that the “super rich” will continue to spend billions to control Washington culminating in a system where the wealthy have absolute power over everyone else, rising global population will give way to commodity wars throughout the world, class war will spread, and the American form of capitalism will collapse in on itself. Whether or not Farrell realized it at the time, in some ways Farrell’s dark forecast sounds akin to the Great Tribulation. Farrell may have called it a “decade from hell,” but it sounded a bit like a great tribulation. Throw in a little Mayan 2012 prophecy & St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes and Farrell might as well have been writing that the end is nigh. As I wrote previously, some religious circles believe that “during the Great Tribulation much of the Earth would suffer, many would die, the Antichrist would reign supreme instituting severe economic policies culminating in the ‘mark of the beast’ necessary for buying and selling, and the Antichrist would later set himself as a god over the entire planet demanding worship from all Earth’s humans.

Please read the rest HERE and follow the links he provides.


3 thoughts on “Hell, Tribulation, and Economic Collapse

  1. http://www.cnn.com/2011/12/18/world/asia/north-korea-leader-dead/?hpt=hp_t1

    (CNN) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is dead, North Korean state TV said Monday.
    Kim, 69, died at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, state media reported.
    A broadcaster reported that Kim died due to “overwork” after “dedicating his life to the people.”
    Kim died of “great mental and physical strain” while in a train during a “field guidance tour,” North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency reported.
    A look back at the life of Kim Jong Il
    More specifically, the agency reported that Kim suffered a heart attack and couldn’t be saved despite the use of “every possible first-aid measure.”
    He had been treated for “cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases for a long period,” KCNA noted.

    I am not sure a son who was appointed a four star general at the beginning of his career, and now takes over fully, bodes well for the world. Not at all. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Praying


  2. A story today that could impact Israeli sovereigny vis-a-vis EU oversight of their treatment of Arabs in Israel.
    EU diplomats: ‘Jewish state’ is becoming too Jewish

    My thinking – is this possibly ENP related as well, and setting the stage for the ENP to be used to enforce sanctions against Israel. The document is ridiculous, since it cites Israel for alleged “treatment of minorities” that is better than the treatment of the majority Arab population in the surrounding nations. It also does not mention the severe persecution that all religious minorities undergo (arrests, mob action, denial of rights to worship, executions, etc) in the surrounding muslim nations. Another strong delusion that seems to have come over the world – the jews in Israel are horrible if the aren’t promoting Arabs in their own government, while all the surrounding muslim nations are given a slap on the wrist and a “tsk, tsk, tsk” for killing their own citizens or systematically choosing not to protect the non-muslim elements of their society.


  3. man’s way to run the world alright. the stink of it all is rising into the stratosphere! i think your thinking is right justasheep. it plays into the whole scheme for sure.


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