European nations could lose powers

European nations could lose powers, EC head’s memo says

(CNN) — European nations could be penalized by being stripped of some powers if they fail to manage their budgets, according to a memo from European Commission President Herman Van Rompuy leaked Tuesday.

The confidential memo, sent out to leaders ahead of the final European Council meeting of the year at the end of the week, comes only a day after the leaders of Germany and France agreed in Paris on a new fiscal pact they say will help prevent another debt crisis.

But Van Rompuy’s proposals, details of which were obtained by CNN, are perhaps even stricter than those of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The five-page memo proposes that the European Commission could perhaps be given the right to strip voting rights within the European Union from some countries who have been bailed out but are still not meeting their deficit targets.

Read the rest HERE.


It looks like the economic crisis will be used to unite Europe more tightly and to take away the sovereignty of the EU nations. This CNN report says further that the EU has until March 2012 to sort out the mess that they are in.

While this is happening, the world is preparing for war. The Chinese president urged the navy to prepare for war.( Read about it HERE.) Israel and Syria brace for regional war between mid December and mid Jan 2012 (Read about it HERE.) Russia is backing Syria (Read about it HERE.) And then there is still the Iranian thread were everyone is expecting a Israel strike soon as Israel will do whatever it takes for its security (Read about it HERE.).

The writing is on the wall. As we nearing the end of this year I can not help to wonder how bad 2012 will be. As we look back from 2010, there is a clear picture unfolding. Prophecy is in fast forward mode.


4 thoughts on “European nations could lose powers

  1. Don’t have to – since we are hearing the still small voice of the same spirit prompting our hearts to watch. I heard a version of the song “Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel” on the radio this morning and couldn’t help but shed tears for how much I want him to come back.


  2. And JS tweets this: The Economist: it’s only a veto if you stop something happening. Otherwise it’s just losing.”
    in reference to the Econonmist article

    “In my version of the English language, when one member of a club uses his veto, he blocks something from happening. Mr Cameron did not stop France, Germany and the other 15 members of the euro zone from going ahead with what they are proposing. He asked for safeguards for financial services and—as had been well trailed in advance—France and Germany said no. That’s not wielding a veto, that’s called losing.”
    from the article.

    How long will it be before UK – EU relations deteriorate to the point where the EU elite can no longer tolerate having a British woman as their face to the world of foreign affairs? No long at all I think – in fact I think we could get to that point rather quickly given the enormous crisis for the EU that British resistance to a new treaty has caused.


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