What is Solana Tweeting about?

First of all, thanks to Bjorn (Farmer) for making us aware of this article on his blog. It is a blessing to have a watchman in the EU who can find important news in the EU languages. Thanks Brother!

The following is translated from Spanish. The original can be found HERE. Javier Solana is Tweeting like crazy and some of his Tweets has come to the attention of the media. Look at the following Tweets analyses:

“To whom it may concern. Hunch. Something is falling in the EU. Spain would prefer to participate in its gestation. Italy-Monti is already on the move …. “ 140 characters do not give more, but the message sent by Javier Solana this morning on Twitter would be more than a brief comment. While still speculating on the negotiations between Germany and France to launch further fiscal integration in the euro area and unlock the European Central Bank intervention, the concern of the former High Representative of the Council for Foreign and Security Policy of the EU Common is that Spain will not miss the moment. “I think the pieces are put into place and I wish that Spain was present,” he explains over the phone.

“What is brewing” is a solution to avoid a risk that is no longer a taboo: the collapse of the euro zone. “The eurozone has only 10 days left to avoid collapse,” writes Wolfgang Münchau in an analysis released today by the Financial Times and Solana has told in another tweet. A lack of detail, which is being discussed is a reform of the Stability Pact, which until now has been the linchpin of the eurozone, and that would mean higher standards and greater fiscal union. What remains unclear is whether to apply to all euro area countries or only to what is beginning to call “hard core”.

Solana refused to go to a two-speed Europe: “Europe already has many speeds … not all Schengen countries are not all part of the eurozone”. Faced with speculation, prefers to talk about what what you would like: “A deepening of the Stability Pact to include Fiscal Union, which in itself would be a major change.”

Anyway, for the former High Representative “something important is happening.” And when will be implemented? What about the EU summit on December 9? “It may be the 9th of December, or before,” he says, “certainly before we go on vacation.” “Europe has 10 days at most,” Münchenau writes in his analysis. So the remaining days are crucial and catch Spain in full transfer of power. “I’m not criticizing anyone,” Solana repeated but the warning is clear enough: “Spain has to do everything possible so that what is emerging not take us to improvise.” Who has to make a move, the outgoing government or the government in pectore? Zapatero or Rajoy ¿? “I hope that in the meetings I have held I have spoken of it.”

In his tweet, Solana referred to “Italy-Monti is already on the move ….” The image of the top three who held on Friday, Mario Monti, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday was reinforced by the words spoken by the French Minister of Budget, Valérie Pécresse: “Germany, France and Italy want to be the engine of a much more integrated Europe. ” Rome wants to be able to influence is beyond doubt. It will see what Spain to be part of the “motor”.

These are some thoughts of a man who was the head of the 10 nation WEU when the 7 year European Neighborhood Policy was confirmed on 1 Jan 2007. This is the man who said at his retirement “Before Europe was, I am”. This is the man who is currently hidden, but very vocal about all the world events via Twitter. Is he the man? 

We will know soon.

PS. Please read Bro Brian’s latest update “A changing world”.


8 thoughts on “What is Solana Tweeting about?

  1. his (js) finger is on the pulse of everything! i wonder if it will be spain that will call on their “homeboy” to come in on a rescue….(and open a door that will provide opportunity for his (re) entry into his former powerful position with new powers custom designed for him???)……….ashton-so to speak-might be “bound and gagged in a straight jacket” somewhere………….


  2. Soon the EU will look for a strong leader to lead a United Europe as they are currently without a leader and not speaking with one voice.

    See my latest post.


  3. Even more intruiging is another piece of the Spanish press:
    Under the title “Change is coming” the author compares Solanas Twittering with a bird’s song of hope, like Sam Cooke’s song of change or Obama and pointing to the fact that Cooke was murdered after the song’s release!

    “In January 2009, in the midst of economic meltdown, a song playing on the speakers distributed around the center of Washington: “There were times I thought I could not last long / But now I think I can go / It is about time to happen / But now I know that a change will come. ”

    Those were the days before the inauguration of Obama and the beautiful song by Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come served as a soundtrack to a long-cherished feeling and finally come true. Investors appeared yesterday also hum the tune, buoyed by speculation that Merkel could budge and allow the ECB to buy more government debt in secondary markets, in return, of course, a hardening of the European treaties.

    With the markets at least, and reported values ​​were cheap, so the buyer encamped mood everywhere. The Ibex-35 rose sharply, a 4.59% rise in its fourth major of the year and the risk premium fell to 430 points.

    But beware, that nothing is confirmed yet and the European front is the less voluble. And, as Javier Solana said yesterday, “something is falling” in the EU and Spain is falling apart, not Italy. You should not go off track when the commissioner Joaquin Almunia yesterday urged Spain to have an “active participation” in decision-making. Cooke was murdered shortly after releasing their hopeful song, by the way.”



  4. I was singing that song just yesterday. It’s been a long long time coming, but a change is gonna come. It reminds me of us watching for Jesus all these years and it finally looks like it is really really about to happen. Great song. I didn’t know someone murdered Sam Cooke after the songs release.


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