The takeover of Europe

Looks like the takeover of Europe has begun. Here are some snippets of an article by CNBC:

EU Officials Meet In Desperate Bid to Save Euro

The euro zone’s 17 finance ministers converged on EU headquarters Tuesday in a desperate bid to save their currency — and to protect Europe, the United States, Asia and the rest of the global economy from a debt-induced financial tsunami.

The ministers were discussing ideas that only weeks ago would have been taboo: countries ceding fiscal sovereignty to a central authority, an elite group of euro nations that would guarantee one another’s loans but require strong fiscal discipline from members.

Changes to existing rules are being touted as one way the eurozone can get out of its debt crisis, which has already forced Greece, Ireland and Portugal into international bailouts and is threatening to engulf bigger economies such as Italy, the eurozone’s third-largest.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated her support for changes to Europe’s current treaties in order to create a fiscal union with binding commitments by all euro countries.

“Our priority is to have the whole of the eurozone to be placed on a stronger treaty basis,” Merkel said Tuesday in Berlin. “This is what we have devoted all of our efforts to; this is what I’m concentrating on in all of the talks with my counterparts.”

Merkel acknowledged that changing the treaties — usually a lengthy procedure — won’t be easy because not all of the European Union’s 27 member states “are enthusiastic about it.” But she dismissed reports that the eurozone, or some groups of nations, might go ahead with a swifter treaty between their governments.


President Barack Obama said Europe’s failure to resolve its debt crisis would complicate his own efforts to create American jobs. And even Poland, a non-eurozone nation historically wary of German dominance, appealed for help.

“I will probably be the first Polish foreign minister in history to say so, but here it is,” Radek Sikorski said in Berlin. “I fear German power less than I am beginning to fear German inactivity.”

“The biggest threat to the security and prosperity of Poland would be the collapse of the eurozone,” Sikorski added. “And I demand of Germany that, for your own sake and for ours, you help it survive and prosper.”


He said more money might come from the International Monetary Fund — but more money in itself would not fix Europe’s basic problem.

“The fundamental problem is that the reforms have been insufficient, notably in southern European nations,” De Jager said.


At the top of Tuesday’s agenda is finding a means to more fully integrate the eurozone’s disparate nations — ranging from powerful Germany to tiny Malta — both politically and financially. And the ministers must do it fast, without the delays caused by democratic niceties like referendums.


Iron mixed with clay indeed! And now we only need a strong leader to bring unity to this plan. How quickly the world changed in a years time.


5 thoughts on “The takeover of Europe

  1. How long before they force the 3rd largest economy and one with the highest GDP per capita into the eurozone – the UK. They are ratcheting up on my list of expected uprootings.


  2. it is all coming to a head–wow–but really we are not surprised because the Bible has been lighting this path for us for a while. Jesus is blazing the trail for us to follow after Him. honestly wickus it would be a real surprise to me if solana does not come out of hiding in 2012. all the current players are going to get very bloodied in this effort to save their precious union and a (the) leader will have to emerge soon just as you are saying. he seems to stay out of political danger from his lofty vantage point as retired (?) elder statesman. he is still the only one that really fits the biblical portrait of ac. he will turn 70 years of age next summer-7 multiplied-just seems very timely to me…….where there is smoke there is fire and the economic disaster has heated up incredibly to global proportions-coupled with all the political hot zones aflame right now so i believe the time is ripe for the “man of sin” to appear. just a feeling that i have–and i do not trust my feeling–but perhaps (?) there will be something huge to happen next spring around the time of sacrifice-during or not long after-that could produce what the Bible calls the abomination of desolation. the time is ripe for the prophecies to go into full swing in my estimation. God knows for certain and i do not but i read the Word and it says to the believer-do not fear—Jesus Christ the Rock will hold.



    Businesses plan for possible end of euro
    By Tony Barber in London and Daniel Dombey in Istanbul

    International companies are preparing contingency plans for a possible break-up of the eurozone, according to interviews with dozens of multinational executives.
    Concerned that Europe’s political leaders are failing to control the spreading sovereign debt crisis, business executives say they feel compelled to protect their companies against a crash that can no longer be wished away. When German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president Nicolas Sarkozy raised the prospect of a Greek exit from the eurozone earlier this month, it marked the first time that senior European officials had dared to question the permanence of their 13-year-old experiment with monetary union

    more at link….


  4. Looks like it. Reports that I have been reading says that Europe has got 10 days to 4 months to get their debt refinanced or it all goes down. The markets are rising on “hope” that the EU can sort out the mess.

    I see CNBC is reporting the same as in the comment by Roma Lynn:


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