What is happening in Iran?

Satellite Image Confirms Iranian Missile Base Was Destroyed

Zerohedge reports:

Today’s curious news report posted by Iran’s semi-official news agency Fars, which was promptly muted, only to be republished by Israel’s Haaretz, of a major explosion near the Iranian city of Isfahan, has left many scratching their heads. As Haaretz reports: “Speaking with Fars news agency, Isfahan’s deputy mayor confirmed the reports and said the authorities are investigating the matter. However, after the incident was reported in Israel, the report was taken off the Fars website.” Which led many to wonder: is this a real event or merely a provocation designed to make Iranians believe they were attacked? Further complicating matters is the just released news from Washington Post which shows satellite images of the aftermath of another explosion in Iran, this time from two weeks ago at an Iranian missile base. “The image of the compound, near the city of Malard, doesn’t provide any clues as to what caused the Nov. 12 explosion, which Iranian authorities described as an “accident” involving the transport of ammunition. But it does make clear that the facility has been effectively destroyed. Paul Brannan, a senior analyst for the Institute for Science and International Security, which specializes in the study of nuclear weapons programs, said it’s impossible to tell from the image whether the blast was caused by sabotage, as has has been speculated in this explosion and others at transport facilities, oil refineries and military bases in Iran. Brannan said ISIS had recently learned from “knowledgable officials” that the blast had occurred just as Iran had achieved a milestone in the development of a new missile and may have been performing a “volatile procedure involving a missile engine at the site.” So the question stands: is Iran being systematically attacked with the news being covered up for fear that it can not retaliate and thus seem week; is it being sabbotaged on a weekly basis, or is everything just one big media disinformation campaign designed to provoke Iran to lash out? We will probably know very soon, today’s “oversold” and now completely disconnected from reality rally notwithstanding.

Read the original and see the photos HERE.


Two explosions in such a short time is very strange. The first thing that popped into my mind is that it may sabotage. It is easier to conceal than a full scale military attack. It will be interesting to see this unfold in the future.


2 thoughts on “What is happening in Iran?

  1. Nice satellite photos- it looks like the Iranian rocket scientists had a very bad day between the before and after photos. Since I know very well what they are pursuing – I can’t say I really feel bad for them. I’m very curious about what is causing these mishaps, whether they are Israeli covert action, internal sabotage, incompetence, just dumb luck, or some supernatural resistance. I’ll be interested to see if any photos surface of today’s blast.

    I find it interesting that the media in the US is hardly mentioning it, that there are these major explosions occuring at missile and nuclear sites of a nation sworn to destroy us should really be more a front page item. Oh well – such foolishness all around me.


  2. Yes highly unusual. Cannot imagine what would be going on if that happened in the USA or another European country? We keep watching for sure, for we know all the deceit that goes on as well. This world runs on it. Smoke and mirrors.


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