Were are we in the prophetic timeline?

I want share some thoughts on how I see the current prophetic timeline. Here are some facts:

1)      In 1948 the state of Israel was born after an absence of almost 2000 years.

2)      We are currently in the midst of the only 7 year agreement ever between the EU and Israel, a possible fulfilment of Dan 9:27. This agreement, the ENP(I), is a confirmation and strengthening of the 1995 Euromed.

3)      The ENP ends 31 December 2013. If this is the covenant with many for 7 years, we will have to see at least the Abomination of Desolation happening and with that the dividing of Jerusalem and Israel.

4)      The man behind this agreement is currently hidden as an elderly retired gentleman.

5)      Daniel states that the final kingdom will be made up of iron and clay, some weak and some strong countries. This can clearly be seen in the current makeup of the EU. The strong countries are pulling the strings and the weak countries are forced to fall in line.

6)      Daniel talks about Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia (Modern Sudan) being subdued by the rise of the EU beast (NATO). Is that what happened during the course of 2011? It looks suspicious and time will tell.

7)      Revelation talks of three of the 10 horns being subdued before the little horn rise to power. In a very short time we had three government changes in the WEU 10. Two were not democratically voted into power (Greece and Italy) and one was voted in by the people (Spain). Are this possibly at least two of the horns being subdued?

8)      Revelation also speaks of a day’s wages being enough to only buy food. Those points to a possible economic collapse were a job and money will be a great luxury. Currently the world is on the edge of a financial meltdown with Europe leading the way. This will also lead to the 666 system were total control will be forced on the people to control buying and selling.

9)      Revelation speaks of one of the heads of the beast getting struck by a seemingly deadly wound. The wound will heal and the world will wonder after the beast. Currently everybody is giving up on the EU and sees it with the Euro as failed and dead. Reports are saying that there are months and some even say days left before the EU will collapse and die. If we see the miraculous recovering of the EU, will it serve as a deadly wound that got healed? Time will tell.

Friends, this is just a short summery of what is happening currently. I did not even touch on the natural disasters, the falling away of the Church, signs in the heavens and many other signs that happens on a regular basis. I did not touch on Iran, Turkey and the coalition between them and Russia that seems to unfold currently. I did not touch on the USA and its possible connection to Babylon. And I did not touch on Syria, Isa. 17 and the destruction of Damascus that may happen in the very near future.

The pieces are falling into place. Never has there been a time when everything happening around us looks like its jumping out of the Bible. Surely we are getting very close to the actual fulfilment of the rise of the man of sin. The EU needs a strong leader, and very soon they will get one.

Some intriguing headlines from the weekend:

The eurozone really has only days to avoid collapse

Bank of France’s Noyer Speaks, Says Europe Is In A “True Financial Crisis”


Bill Buckler Presents The Four Horsemen Of The (Financial) Apocalypse


14 thoughts on “Were are we in the prophetic timeline?

  1. Hi Wickus,

    Great summary!

    As I was reading your comments, I began to wonder: what if the Prophet Daniel wasn’t given when the exact timing of the animal sacrifices ceasing in Daniel 9:27 – hence we have a later explanation in Daniel 12:11 of the timing; AND the A0D coming to 1,290 days?

    I believe someone has mentioned it before that the “midst” can be anywhere within the week that the Antichrist confirms the Covenant with Many ceasing the animal sacrifices. Think about it…… Daniel had to be given the explanation of most of the prophecy, and he was instructed to seal the book until the “End of Time”. So he may not have known.

    If Daniel was given a broad view of the entire week that the Antichrist will confirm the Covenant with Many – and in his viewing this End Time event, he saw that sometime during this week the daily sacrifices will be stopped, and he knew, or was given, that the total number of days – to include the A0D would be 1,290 days; however he wasn’t given the exact start point.

    Now this definately goes beyond what most of us have been taught; in that most have drawn the “assumption” that the week that the Antichrist confirms the Covenant with Many is the beginning of the 70th week. Scripture never mentions this.

    This is something that you, Scott, and I have discussed before. I just wanted to put out on the table for others to view as well.


  2. Keep watching and praying and be thankful. We meet Jesus in the air soon as all these things are fulfilled. Our blessed hope.


  3. Mr. B, I like reading your comments. Is there a site we can follow your thoughts too? …I like this site too…very very much 🙂


  4. again I’ve been totally blown away by both comments of mr baldy and Wickus!
    I cannot believe that nobody in the Netherlands have heard about all this.. and many simply seem to refuse tho consider any of this!


  5. The 10 Kingdoms will rise before the AntiChrist comes to power! I firmly believe that these 10 kingdoms will consist of the globe being divided into 10 regions with distinct economic and political powers. The Prophet Daniel also identifies that they will not cleave together. The confirmation of a covenant with many for seven years I believe will be a nuclear disarmament treaty in an attempt by the AntiChrist to fulfill a specific Messianic prophecy related to “turning their weapons into plowshares”! I also do not believe that the 10 Kings nor the AntiChrist will arrive prior to a Global Economic Collapse and the Gog/Magog Battle of Ezekiel 38-39! The Rapture of the Church will occur in the aftermath of this battle to soon come as Ezekiel 39:29 identifies with the Holy Spirit being poured out upon the House of Israel in preparation for the sealing of the 144,000 as they prepare for the Kingdom Age and the arrival of the Great King, Jesus Christ our Lord!


  6. The current European Union will collapse yet be revived as one of the regional powers, the North America Union will be another of the 10 Kings, the Meditteranean Union another, and so on!! The AntiChrist will not restore a Roman Empire but the Babylonian Empire, thus his title King of Babylon, the deadly head wound will be healed!!


  7. Syria now in the headlines will be the assembly point for the Gog/Magog alliance being gathered by the hand of the Lord God, as the hooks are being firmly planted! The ancient Plain of Bashan in Southern Syria south of Damascus and adjacent to the Israeli held Golan Heights will be the area in which they assemble an perish. Russia is already present with warships and a Carrier Strike Group, Turkey will soon project it’s naval power in the area as a representative of N.A.T.O., Iran will follow suit soon after. The destruction of Damascus will coincide with the earthquake recorded in Ezekiel 38:19,20 that will also violently shake the land of Israel.


  8. @Rodney
    I’m not meaning to be difficult, but can you provide any textual evidence for the things you emphatically “believe” in your first two posts to be the only option for prophectic fulfillment? I’d suggest that the events identified in Wickus’ original post could very well be fulfillment, which we will know if other prophecies continue to be fulfilled and nothing happens that would make it impossible for the events that have transpired so far to continue to be 100% consistent with the text.

    As an Example: As for the ten horns, out of this kingdom ten kings shall arise, and another shall arise after them; he shall be different from the former ones, and shall put down three kings.
    10 horns, 10 kings, 10 nations of the weu
    another shall arise after – the man we are watching rose to his post once the 10 were established
    he shall be different from the former ones – i have no idea (well I have ideas but nothing thats very certain)
    shall put down three kings – 2 possibilities – either 3 sr leaders are swept out of the way for him to assume command (barroso, Von rompuy and ashton) or leaders of 3 nations are taken out and replaced by his organization, or at his direction(2 so far Greece and Italy)

    I don’t mean to take this verse out of context – because in the prior verse it says the kingdom will devour the whole earth, and trample it down and break it into pieces. That could have a lot of meanings, that are related to other text but I also think the fulfillment of that is yet in the future.


  9. I believe that one of the hardest things to do concerning bible prophecy is to let go of all preconceived ideas that we’ve either been self -taught, or someone else has planted seeds in our heads to believe a certain way.

    Letting go of my previous belief’s concerning the Rapture of the Church was pretty difficult. I had such a passion for learning the Word of God, as a believer in Christ, that I wanted to consume as much literature about the bible as I could. My passion was in the area of End Time prophecy. So much so that I’ve had several dreams concerning the Rapture. Honestly, sometimes I was “caught up” to meet the Lord in the air – and other times I just simply missed it. I was aware however, that the Rapture had occurred, but I just didn’t make it.

    My dreams however, is not what led me to discover Christ, and have the passion about End Time events, such as I have today. I’ve been saved since I was 10 years old. It was, and still remains Christ who has led me to this passion.

    Concerning End Time events – well, I guess we can have whatever preconceived ideas that we want, even as it relates to the Rapture of the Church. What I appreciate on this site, is the fact that we have a group of people who are “thinking outside” of the box, as it relates to the evidence of that in which we have seen. To just dismiss what we have both seen, and learned is not what Christ has commanded us to do, and that is to Watch.

    We have as a collective group of Believers come together and have presented what we have seen, heard, and/or learned about what is happening in our World today, and applied it to what is written in Scripture. So right, wrong, or indifferent, we are doing exactly what the Lord has commanded us to do. There are others who have already dismissed clear evidence that we are right at the threshold of Christ’s return – just because things aren’t happening the way that they expect to see them develop, thus having those preconceived ideas that I have mentioned.

    I want to thank you all for providing input to this site, by way of prayer, encourgement, or evidence that may be revelant to building up the Body of Christ. This site has truly been a blessing to me, as it has allowed me to have a more watchful eye, keener view, and have the ability to apply some common sense type thinking to the very events that are happening today as it relates to Bible Prophecy,

    In closing, for those of you who have been taught to view prophecy, the rapture of the Church, or any other event as it relates to Scripture – all I can say is please read Scripture for yourselves. Don’t believe things just because some scholar, teacher, or even a preacher has said it it so. Doing this just may open up your eyes, so that you may see things with a more clearer view.


  10. Thank-you Mr B 🙂

    Not to derail the discussion and to take away from the serious need for many to lay aside their man taught doctrines and to heed the ” he who has ears”…… but by now this is ” old news” – http://youtu.be/jktCpSKOJlM

    ……yet my concern is to witness the warning from the Lord come to pass on the ” raising up of the spirit of the Medes” . Many seem to refuse to see that we are about to enter into this devastating blow that I humbly believe will trigger the ” Peace -peace global chant” as well as Israel being surrounded by ” armies”

    The peace of the Lord is overwhelming and it His love is that keeps me going…His love here!

    Love you guys… 🙂


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