In Search of a United Europe

Comment by Jackie (and I could not agree more):

So, it looks like the EU is about to breath it’s last breath, OR is it about to breath new life?  Is this the beasts in Revelation that seems to receive a fatal wound, only to recover stronger and more ominous?  Solana seems to have an opinion (copied and pasted below).  Time tells all, but I don’t think it will be long before we know something either way…everything seems to be on life support and full crisis mode…we continue to watch!

Excerpt from article:

Only very few citizens in Europe can comprehend what is happening to them. The Euro Group, the German-French crisis meetings, the G-20, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the troika are making decisions about peace, freedom and prosperity, but who exactly voted for them? Who can even understand the reasoning behind the latest attempts to cope with the crisis?

There is growing support on the continent for González’s view that only a united Europe, with politicians in Brussels with the power to get things done, can avert the next crisis, offset the economic and social imbalances within the EU and counter speculators on the financial markets. And it will only be possible to implement policies set by Brussels in the nations of the EU if it has a common, sustainable, democratic basis on the entire continent.

Many see the crisis as an opportunity. For Europe veteran Javier Solana, 69, it represents “the chance to make a great leap forward” — the venture of bringing more democracy to Europe. This, says Solana, a former NATO secretary general and subsequent EU foreign policy chief, is the only way to achieve “true political integration.”

Solana describes how this can happen in his classes at Esade Geo, a private Madrid and Barcelona business school, and in lectures around the world. In the opinion of the man known worldwide for his three-day beard, this great leap can even work without massive restructuring. Instead of erecting new buildings and installing new governments, Solana believes the EU should take a simpler approach, which he calls “legitimacy through action.”

Another excerpt from article:

According to Solana, those who don’t keep up will lose out. “If we are not intelligent enough to complete this integration, there will be a privileged economic relationship between the United States and China, and we’ll be out,” he warns.

Read the article HERE.


6 thoughts on “In Search of a United Europe

  1. Wow what a statement from Sunnyspot, the globetrotter it seems. Amazing how this man gets around into everywhere and everything. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving Day to all who celebrate.


  2. Oh sorry meant to say also, this page looks much easier for me to read now, not sure what happened, but it works. Thanks wickus


  3. Love the new page yes thanks Vic 🙂
    Man, Solana is so smooth. Is there a behavioral name for that? never mind 🙂
    Don’t shoot me but as I read the article my PC clock was 11;11;11…LOL!!


  4. Looks as though the markets will hold up till sometime after Christmas. Then its on.
    There is no possible way the US and EU are going to be able to fix the financial crisis and debt levels. No chance.
    They need a new system fast which will happen but in the mean time so so many people will lose everything including superannuation, Savings, Jobs and Houses due to job losses and not being able to pay banks their loans and it will go on and on and on.
    We have been discussing this for years and now its at the point of no return.
    People need to rely on the Lord to provide and not the system anymore or ever really.
    SO many people will need people like us to show them the way. Jesus will calm people down and help them if they want his help. Hopefully all these years watching is finally coming to fruition.
    Praise the lord and hope he returns soon. Although i know we need to go through approx 3.5 years of tribulation but then again if that happens soon at least we know 100% where we stand and whats to come.. 🙂


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