Dictatorship is coming to the EU

I have found this on Market-Ticker. Are they seeing what we are seeing? I realize that this guy is a politician. I do not know him at all, so I do not know if he is good or bad. His analysis of the OWS movent and the subduing of 2 EU countries makes sense to me.

Still Report SR31: “World Revolution”

Financial dictatorship is going to come across the (European) continent. – Bill Still

Some interesting commentary on OWS; if, in fact there is a co-opting in process in this regard, well……

If you remember, my friends, I said originally that this movement could turn into one of two things — one good, the other very bad:

A legitimate political movement that ultimately restores the rule of law.

A removal of we the people, perhaps through violence and anarchy, ultimately leading to dictatorship.
Which will it be folks?

OWS: The time for choosing has come; you either stand for the right things or you will wind up being used as puppets exactly as was The Tea Party.


2 thoughts on “Dictatorship is coming to the EU

  1. Thanks to all of you, Hisown, Mr Baldy, Wickus, Lafreak, Andre, etc etc etc, sorry if I missed anyone here, and so included are all who read here that I do not see.

    Your prayers have so much been appreciated. My daughter talked to me this afternoon, she was able to get the IV and catheter out and be strong enough to be wheeled down to ICU to see her baby, Abby for the very first time. She was elated, and got to hold her she says Abby quit crying when she held her. Then they let her take the little blanket that had been wrapped around her back to her room for her tonite. She will get to see her in the morning again. Now please pray her body begin to heal from all this trauma, there is still some danger to her in postpartum due to preeclampsia. They say baby’s heart is good, a brain scan will be done on Monday. Now if I understand correctly when they were inducing labor, a month early due to preeclampsia, the umbilical cord became stuck around the baby and she was not breathing.
    Not sure if she will get to go home or how soon she gets to go home or baby as yet.
    Prior to this water had gotten onto the bathroom floor from an ice bucket to hold 24 hour urine collection, and the nurses did not put towels under it. It had sweated and so water had seeped onto floor. When Jessica went into bathroom Friday morning she slipped on water and fell. She had been in hospital since Weds night for problems and to be on bedrest.
    God was good, and she did not get blod clots from the fall. So many things it seems the angels have been watching over my little Jessica, and now my even littler Abby. They are both my miracle babies.
    Abby weighed 4lbs 9 ozs, was 17 inches long. Will send a picture to wickus on email, and see if he can post her for all the globe to see. LOL, at least the ones who come here. God bless you all, all of you have been in my prayers as well. Mr. Baldy, Hisown, Lafreak, Andre and all of you who post or read here. Again thanks


  2. well all i can think of is thank You Lord for incredible Mercy shown to this family. Lord hold this baby extra close since her mother can’t hold her right now and hold jessica even tighter too to feel Your nearness while unable to hold her baby. pour out from Your abundant Grace the healing for mother and baby to completely recover from all they have endured. Your comfort and strength and the Peace of Your Presence upholding them. also comfort roma while far away at this time. grant strength and help in this familys’ time of need. use abby’s little life as testimony of how amazing Your Grace really is. thank You for the Miracles You have done and will continue to do in this entire family. in the Mighty Name of Jesus.


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