I love this man’s boldness.

Thanks to Justasheep for posting this in the comment section. I have almost missed it, but you need to watch it.


11 thoughts on “I love this man’s boldness.

  1. Outstanding! Wow we need to pray for him…he is talking to the beast kingdom in a fashion that will not lend to his longevity. But he got it said ! Nkosazana


  2. Not that anyone here is seeking credit for posts- but thanks should go to passerby for that one. Good spot- pray for that man, the hyenas who have devoured Greek and Italian Sovereignty will be after him.


  3. Maybe, this is spoken in spirit like Churchill, when England was alone for a time (ie no help from America) and Hitler was ready to take England in his grasp. History is repeating itself again so it seems..however the English viewed Churchill as the Savior of England, but the world will believe the anti-christ will be their savior.


  4. Oh I just love the aristocratic nobility …sorry couldn’t resist 🙂 The clip made my day!

    Yet there is a greater blessing I read here tonight and that was to witness the beauty of justasheep and passerby’s beautiful humility, that was priceless!

    You guys make me all warm and fuzzy with love fer ya! hheee


  5. Bravo! When, and if, the time comes may I — may we — speak with such boldness and straightforwardness on behalf of our Jesus Christ!


  6. The post today, 11-19, in the Economic Collapse blog, as listed on the side is food for thought. It is easy to be a Christian now in the US..but things are quickly changing.


  7. have heard this man before. very candid and forthright for those people he is addressing who are neither………….ahhh the truth–how refreshing!


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