The nature of the EU and the subduing of nations

Well, it looks like the Russian media is catching up with the subduing of nations/horns. Interesting video to watch and it confirms what we are discussing. Thanks to Passerby for the link.


18 thoughts on “The nature of the EU and the subduing of nations

  1. oh europe—–oh world!! you should have been careful what you asked for—for now you are getting it…………(just as God reigning from His Throne has said all along).


  2. hi Wickus, so .. if these are indeed the nations who are subdued.. give us (me) your thougts witch country possible could be next? how does JS play a role in this? Does anyone has any info about him and what he’s doing at the moment?

    still wondering where the invisible Ashton is.. what in the world will happen to her when the Middle East crisis escalates… The EU clearly needs a strong leader who knows what he is doing. Sounds perfect for JS.. that is: IF he is indeed the man who we think he is.


  3. @Mathieu

    Some of your questions are discussed quite a bit here:

    I shared my thoughts there about the UK, France, Spain and Belgium as possible third horns (if these two are in fact the first two horns).

    I don’t know what JS is doing right now- other than tweeting like crazy. That guy posts more tweets than anyone I know. I just wish I had payed more attention in Spanish class so I could translate them more easily.

    As to how he is involved – it is not clear, he may not be involved at this point in any official capacity. He seems very pleased with putting as he calls it “technocrats” in charge of Italy and Greece. Even though I point to Greece and Italy as the nations subdued, I don’t know that it is complete yet. I see in Daniel 7:24 – the three kings are put down by the little horn.

    As usual it is speculation at this point – that I can see no additional prophecy has been fulfilled with any certainty thus far. Oh for the day that we could point to events and say this is certainly prophecy fulfilled – the bridegroom is drawing near!


  4. This is an absolutely facinating video!

    This speaker brings up some interesting facts that we have been discussing, as you have mentioned Wickus.

    Now, more and more, I really believe that the 1st beast mentioned in Revelation 13 is none other than a “Beast System”, that has risen out of a sea made of of people, and nations in the for of the EU – and not an individual man, as traditional bible prophecy teaches. This video actually confirms this.

    This guy specifically mentions that the EU is a “Dictatorship”; and that it is showing it’s “true nature” as being a “Dictatorship”; in that a Democratic Mandate has not been enforced, by the ousting the leaders of Greece and Spain. They have been replace by Officials who have not been elected – and have had to step down, not only because they couldn’t run a balanced budget; but more importantly, because they didn’t conform to the EU Beast System.

    Folks, these two countries have literally been “hamstrung” by the EU Beast. Because they no longer have their own sovereign currency to allow to fail; because of their debt or economic situation – then later re-build. Neither of these two Countries have the option of allowing their currencies to be devalued, as they are now totally dependent on the EU Beast.

    If this isn’t Bible Prophecy being fulfilled, then I don’t know what is. The rising of the Antichrist can’t be far away.


  5. And may I say that believe that you are on to something with the beast system. It gets clearer by the day as things unfold.

    Mr B, just for interest sake, what is your thoughts on the 2 witnesses? We will have to see something soon pointing towards them.
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  6. Agreed – It makes perfect sense to me as well. Now when I hear someone talk about “the false prophet” I cringe a little. I think, wow prophecy could be fulfilled right before their eyes and their expectation is so narrow they’d miss it (as the Pharisees and others did with Jesus first coming).

    A truth we should have learned from the Bible by now: God fulfills every prophecy perfectly, specifically and literally – but not always in the way that we’ve anticipated.


  7. I’m in agreement with Mr. Baldy on the EU being the First Beast. Either way… looks like we will see who the next subduing is by an appointment of a “European personality” from the EU to the next country that decides that they can do better without the Euro.

    I really like what justasheep pointed out the other day with Belgium possibly being the next. Belgium has the 3rd largest debt-to-GDP ratio after Greece and Italy: almost 100 percent!!! Belgium was reprimanded by the EU just recently by not providing a budget for the 2012 year. They have been running without a government for over 517 days. I think you might see the Standard & Poor’s cut the country’s credit rating which will bring them into the light and international attention. This attention will cause the EU to look at the political stalemate, and the countries public debt of 96 percent of annual economic output and call for an international mediator… followed possibly by (subduing) the appointment of a “European personality”. Watch for Belgium to be in the spotlight come early/mid December. The drum beats are getting louder… both economically and with various rumors of war… and also not to mention the strange weather as of late.


  8. Hi Wickus and Mathieu,

    Guys you know this is just my very humble opinion on how I view Scripture with the way things are going in our World today. I don’t want to be deemed as someone who has “insight”, or has any direct answers to what is going on. It’s just an opinion, and I could be very very wrong. All I attempt to do it offer some information on how I interpret Scripture. I hope that we all can pray and ask God for wisdom, and understanding in order that we all may be edified.

    Wickus, I’m not so sure that we will even know that the Two Witnesses are even testifying – at least we may have some clue when they are killed. From what I read in Scripture, we are not told that they will be immediately recognizable – only that they will prophesy for 1,260 days. For all we know, they may be on Earth today, just not given the authority to begin their testimony as of yet.

    Mathieu, as far as the so-called “False Prophet” is concerned. Well, I see this being none other than the coming Antichrist himself. I believe that the 1st beast that is mentioned in Revelation 13, is a “Beast Empire” – and not a man. As we read further in Revelation 13 we see a person identified as the Beast from the Earth who “exercises all the authority of the 1st Beast”. I find this very interesting; in that this “person” is later identified as a “False Prophet” in Revelation 16:13. Why is he not mentioned as such in Revelation 13:11? Also, why does John, who wrote the Book of Revelation mention the coming Antichrist, but he never mentions a False Prophet? Why doesn’t the Prophet Daniel ever mention a False Prophet?

    I believe Scripture deems the coming Antichrist a “False Prophet” because he comes in using “flatteries”; and he deceives those who dwell on the earth, with signs and lying wonders.

    In closing, I can’t help but wonder how much damage that the pre-tribulation rapture theory, and the “Left Behind” series has done in the name of making money – to well meaning Christians.

    We all need to have the ability to read and interpret Scripture for ourselves, and compare it with what these so-called teachers, preachers, and modern day prophets are saying.


  9. Mr B, we all share our “wisdom” over here. Like you I also post ideas that can be flawed as I do not have all the answers. I learn daily. That is why it is great to have your insights as we all learn from it and your ideas is based on the Word. (That counts for all of you posting here) If your ideas is proven wrong, then we move on and discover new truths together. Your humble opinion fits the current prophetic trend, so expect more questions. 8) Thanks for sharing!
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  10. Thanks Wickus….

    I don’t know who is responsible for finding this video – I believe you mentioned that it was “Passerby” , but I must say that I was absolutely floored when I viewed it. It was almost like God Himself has sent confirmation into what we all are currently watching. Trust me, I don’t mention confirmation concerning anything easily. To be very clear, it’s not that this particular guy is confirming anything…it just that the message that he is delievering absolutely has to be considered. Especially in light of what we know has been recored in Scripture.

    Scripture speaks of 3 kings falling after the beast system is in place, and how ironic is it, that the horn that arose to power after the 10 kings were established, is now hidden, and the beast system is crying out for “one voice?” Additionally, and I am certainly no History major – but when has it ever been recorded that any particular country, that has formed out of a 10 Nation Confederacy has totally given up it’s economic sovereignty to an un-elected governmental enity?

    Facinating stuff!


  11. Israel is really getting isolated. Thanks for this and the video Passerby.

    As far as I know Greece is/was most aligned to Israel, but for now I am not sure at all.


  12. mr baldy, I would verry much like to use your thoughts and comments on my site for a new article about what is going on right now in the EU. Is that okay with you?
    thanks, bro Wickus, for all of these posts!


  13. The beast system seems like it might be what Paul writes about re: principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age (Ephesians 6:12);
    Then there are the ‘blind leaders of the blind’, which Jesus referred to the Pharisees in Matthew 15:14.
    Finally, ‘Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not be partakers with them. For you were once darkness but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as chldren of light for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness and truth, finding out what is acceptable to the Lord.’ Eph 5:6-10
    Grace and peace to you all.


  14. Hi Mathieu,

    Please feel free to use anything I post that may edify the Body of Christ. May God continue to bless you and your Ministry!


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