More Signs Indicate Israel Preparing to Launch Attack Against Iran, Some US Analysts Believe Attack May Be ‘Imminent’

“A U.S. intelligence source has told G2Bulletin there are more indicators Israel is preparing to launch an attack – possibly against Iran. And if it does, it may be looking at how to undertake a multi-front strategy that would include an assault against Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in the Gaza Strip or even Syria, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Separate sources suggest that Syria would welcome such an attack to divert attention from its own internal violent demonstrations against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The latest indications and warnings, or I&W, come two weeks following G2Bulletin’s initial report that the Pentagon was watching for a long-anticipated Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

That came after revelations of an alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States. At that time, a U.S. intelligence source who monitors Israeli I&W said the U.S. was watching ‘an indicator and warning matrix’ in which the U.S. can ‘go so far as to plot the illumination tables to pick out what nights would be best’ for such an attack.

He said that U.S. analysts were concerned that an attack could be ‘imminent.’” Read more.

Netanyahu: A nuclear Iran poses a serious, direct threat to Israel – “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Monday that a nuclear Iran would be a serious and direct threat to Israel. “A nuclear Iran poses a heavy threat to the entire world – and to Israel in particular,” Netanyahu said during the opening of the Knesset’s winter session, warning that the regime Tehran is continuing its efforts to obtain nuclear weapons. Netanyahu also spoke about the recent escalation with Palestinian militants along the Gaza border, saying Israel will position more Iron Dome anti-missile defense system batteries throughout Israeli cities in hope to intercept more missiles from Gaza. “We will continue to act against those who try to harm us,” he said.” Source – Haaretz.

Report: Israel seeking to upgrade its nuclear weapons capabilities – “Israel is working on improving its nuclear weapons capabilities, according to a report by the independent Trident commission in the United Kingdom that was published in the Guardian newspaper on Monday. According to the report in the Guardian, Israel is extending the range of its Jericho 3 land-to-land missiles so they will have the capabilities of transcontinental missiles. Transcontinental missiles are generally thought of as missiles with ranges of about 5,000 miles. The Guardian also reported that Israel is also striving to improve and expand the capabilities of its cruise missiles, designed to be launched from submarines.” Read more.


This report is from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin, so unfortunately there there is no link as it is a paid site. We will just have to take his word for it. 8) I found this post on another blog.

PS. Please pray for Hisown. She is going through a sad time and need the Lord to comfort her.



9 thoughts on “More Signs Indicate Israel Preparing to Launch Attack Against Iran, Some US Analysts Believe Attack May Be ‘Imminent’

  1. Brother Wickus,
    Is this the Book of Revelations opening before our eyes ? In my view, it is very clear to me who represents the beast. A nuclear armed Iran is a threat to every God fearing person in this world. This potential conflict has been brewing for some time now and it’s nature is one of grave concern. I was thinking this would not occur until after the first of the new year but now, the course of the escalation might be in full flow by that time after reading this report. We must hope and pray for a peaceful resolution or a thorough defeat of this enemy of Israel and all Christian nations under God.

    “And from His mouth goes forth a sharp sword with which to smite the nations. And He will rule them with a rod of iron, and He threads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God Almighty. And He has on his garment and on His thigh a name written, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.:”
    ‘The Apocalypse of St. John the Divine’ Chapter 19, verses 15 – 16


  2. Hi Brother Muller

    Yes, the prophecies of Daniel and Revelations is opening before our eyes. What an awesome time to live in.

    Personally I don’t think Israel will attack Iran. I can not proof it out of the Bible, but all the Israeli wars is not documented in the Bible. The real thread from Iran is their alliance with the nations in the Eze 38/39 war. But from that account we know that the Lord Himself will protect Israel and destroy the nations attacking her.

    Israel will never be destroyed. The Jews will be persecuted one more time during the 42 month reign of the antichrist and the nations will divide Israel and Jerusalem, but in the end Jesus will return to Jerusalem and the rest is future history.


  3. Praying for Hisown in her trying times. Love you dear sister. As well wickus, I am not sure myself on this one. If Israel will attack Iran, but that will depend on how far they feel Iran has gotten on their nuclear goals

    however, we may remember this from Israel:

    Operation Babylon[1] (Codeword: Opera, Hebrew: אופרה‎)[2] was a surprise Israeli air strike carried out on June 7, 1981, that destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) southeast of Baghdad, Iraq.[3][4][5]
    In 1976, Iraq purchased an “Osiris”-class nuclear reactor from France.[6][7] Iraq and France maintained that the reactor, named Osirak by the French, was intended for peaceful scientific research.[8] The Israelis viewed the reactor with suspicion, saying that it was designed to make nuclear weapons.[3] On June 7, 1981, a flight of Israeli Air Force F-16A fighter aircraft, with an escort of F-15As, bombed and heavily damaged the Osirak reactor.[9] Israel claimed it acted in self-defense, and that the reactor had “less than a month to go” before “it might have become critical.”[10] Ten Iraqi soldiers and one French civilian were killed.[11] The attack took place about three weeks before the elections for the Knesset.[12]
    The attack was strongly criticized around the world and Israel was rebuked by the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly in two separate resolutions.[13][14] The destruction of Osirak has become cited as an example of a preventive strike in contemporary scholarship on international law.[15][16][17]

    and one reason they may not attack as well, is that they may not be able to get the US to go along with them in doing so, but we will pray for the peace of Jerusalem , as we know this will truly come when Jesus returns


  4. Thank-you Roma for your prayers they are much appreciated sis.

    Loosing a unsaved loved one to death is difficult to deal with as I try to come to terms with the torment they will suffer eternally…but I wonder how many will stand before the Lord saying ” Lord , Lord did we not”….

    We will know them by their fruits….how can a good tree bring forth bad fruit right ? we will be known by the LOVE we have for one another amen!!


  5. The US administration is now bent on exercising more pressure on Tehran in order to dissuade Israel from this path, the source said.

    Washington is therefore pressing China and Russia who are currently opposed to the publication of the IAEA report. The report may cause embarrassment to both countries who are strongly against harsher sanctions on Iran.

    According to the US official, it is possible that the report, coupled with the exposure of the US evaluation of Israeli potential to strike Iran, will encourage Russia and China to support the US initiative to aggravate penal measures against Tehran.

    thanks gregster, and we know that most think Iran is supplying the terrorists and hamas and all of them


  6. Dear HisOwn Colly, Praying for you today that the promise of Jesus in Matt 5, that is written, “Blessed are those, who mourn, for they shall be comforted” will dwell inside, bringing comfort your heart in this time of pain and sorrow.


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