US withdraws ambassador from Syria reports:

Ambassador Robert Ford withdrawn after attacks on embassy, residence. His contacts with pro-democracy movement angered Syrian leader

The United States has pulled its ambassador out of Bashar Assad, Western diplomats said on Monday. Robert Ford left Syria over the weekend, the Western diplomats told Reuters, following a series of incidents that resulted in physical damage but no casualties.


How long is the fuse still going to burn that will lead to the Middle East blowing up? It is just a matter of time. It is only the Lord who is keeping it from exploding.


3 thoughts on “US withdraws ambassador from Syria

  1. amen wickus. i believe it is now a very short fuse. amazing isn’t it? (God’s Word is breath-taking to watch as it unfolds) that almost every month and now seems every week-steadily continually-something more of scripture is coming to light. we are about to feel much impact in these current events as they keep increasing in intensity and frequency……my eyes are on the sky…


  2. Not a lot of detail in this story – but it appears King Abdullah in Jordan is supporting Israel’s demand for security considerations in a Palestinian state- one I’ve heard no other Middle Eastern leader make. Given that his country could ostensibly be re-named “Palestine” I don’t see how he’d take that risk. I wonder how long before the “Arab Spring” makes its way to Amman.


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